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Center Stage: A very special Thanksgiving political podcast

In this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands talk turkey about good things happening in Wisconsin politics that voters should be thankful for. Read more

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Commentary: Court should end excessive fines on kids

When Shyara Hill of Philadelphia was 16 years old, she was arrested in school after defending her little brother from a bully. Three years later, she still couldn't close her juvenile justice case because, having just started her very first job the previous week, she didn't have the $420 in fees that the court required. For that reason only, she remained on probation for another year. In ... Read more

Tom Still: Wisconsin needs to better tell its story

MADISON, Wis. – If you know the name Aaron Kennedy, it’s most likely because he earned a graduate degree at UW-Madison in the late 1980s an… Read more

Noah Smith: Boost research at smaller universities

All across America, university towns are thriving. Their skilled workforces and research activities draw in business investment, while thei… Read more

Michael Gerson: Our awful political moment's historical forgetfulness

WASHINGTON — One of the worst things about our awful political moment is its historical forgetfulness. Read more

Editorial: Facing Facebook and Google: Without a fairer market, quality news can't thrive

We often deliver frank advice to members of Congress. Today we deliver a frank alert: If companies that provide high-quality reporting and commentary can't freely bargain with the likes of Google and Facebook for a fair marketplace, then the news industry's downward financial spiral will only intensify. News staffs will continue to shrink, Americans will get less high-caliber journalism - and ... Read more

Hands on Wisconsin: The gobbler in chief will pardon himself

President Donald Trump could soon be in trouble when Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller releases his finding from his probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. But the president has already suggested that he has the power to pardon himself.  Read more