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Doyle McManus: The U.S. has Iran cornered, and that's part of the problem

Almost 800 years ago, the Persian poet Sa’adi offered a useful warning: Read more

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10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

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Commentary: Electoral College encourages candidates to get to know all kinds of Americans

The Electoral College is under fire. Again. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) recently proposed killing it on the grounds that the presidential selection mechanism leads candidates to focus on just a handful of "swing states" that are most likely to determine the election. If presidents were picked via a nationwide popular vote, she implies, candidates would journey more widely, going anywhere ... Read more

Commentary: Why is Trump so desperate to make California's air more polluted?

Well, President Donald Trump huffed and puffed and now, finally, he's getting on with his efforts to blow California's house down. Trump, who has a bizarre desire to increase air pollution in the United States, has for months threatened to withdraw California's authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own limits for auto emissions. And now word comes from Washington that he is indeed ... Read more

Commentary: What LGBTQ people want

The Black Futures Lab, dedicated to building political power for underrepresented groups, recently produced a report entitled "When the Rainbow is Not Enough: LGB+ Voices in the 2019 Black Census. The report is drawn from the same survey of more than 30,000 respondents that also produced a report on what black Americans want to see in terms of political change. It purports to be the largest ... Read more

Vince Gill: A music born out of hard times

I’ve spent the past couple of years working on a new album on my experiences over the last 62 years, from childhood to the trials of adult … Read more

Casey Meehan: What if our wetlands went on strike?

“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” —The Lorax Read more