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Hands on Wisconsin: Trump's phony emergency

Unable to secure all the money he wanted from Congress, President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency so he can try to speed up construction of his unnecessary border wall.  Read more

Letters to the editor

Rachel Jenkins: Trades offer career opportunities

The trades industry has been looked down upon for years, but in fact is full of career opportunities. Read more

Steven Nachtigal: Don't change law for racial disparity

Gov. Tony Evers said that decriminalizing pot is "partly about racial disparities (Tuesday's Tribune)." Read more

Donovan Campbell: Protest Trump during 2020 election

The United States has gone through the longest government shutdown in its history, with another possible on the horizon. Read more

Ross Peterson: We need open minds, discussion

Politicians and citizens of the Democratic and Republican parties have become increasingly close-minded to a difference in opinion. Read more

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Other opinions

Dave Skoloda: Aldo Leopold's legacy still guides land use

Bipartisan approval of a major land conservation bill recently cast a ray of of light bright as a prairie sunrise into the gridlock gloom o… Read more

Kathleen Parker: Our political identity needs to be American first

WASHINGTON — There’s identity — and then there’s identity politics. The difference between them may well be the crux of our next presidenti… Read more

Commentary: Sanders won already, so why is he running?

Is there another outsider who yanked an unwilling political party further in his or her ideological direction in a shorter period of time than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? I mean, other than Donald Trump. Back when he was polling in single digits at the outset of the 2016 presidential primary, Sanders and his position of being against every single international trade agreement since World War ... Read more

Commentary: When police use too much Force

What constitutes the use of excessive force by police? Here's a worrisome story about something that apparently doesn't - not, at least, according to a decision earlier this month by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. On the morning of Jan. 1, 2013, a police officer in Mankato, Minnesota, found a man named Andrew Layton asleep on the floor of a supermarket "in the fetal position ... Read more

Commentary: Black people are better dressers than white folks. There's a reason

Black people are better dressers than white folks. At least that's what my Grandma Ada always taught me. As a colored girl growing up in the early '60s in Virginia, I loved eavesdropping on Grandma's conversations as she connected the dots of life. Her outrageous proclamations made huge impressions on my young mind, and some of them have taken me years to untangle. Like this one: "White people ... Read more

Michael Gerson: Forgiving Northam doesn't mean he should stay in office

WASHINGTON — With the continued refusal of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over his racially offensive past, we are presented again w… Read more