Clue No. 2 | Sept. 17

Nathan and Eben found the uninhabited sandy prairie,

Eventually set up post becoming a western Wisconsin colony;

The first site came on the tree-covered island,

Walked the frozen river and made it their new homeland.

Clue No. 1 | Sept. 16

For nearly six decades we’ve sent you north, south east and west,

From the very beginning you’ve learned to Fest with das Beste;

Parks, libraries, trees, bushes and plants,

They’ve held that small medallion amid the cheers and rants.

About the hunt

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• Is always located within the La Crosse city limits .

• Is never buried in the ground.

• Is always on publicly accessible property.

• Is accessible 24 hours, but posted hours should be observed.

• Fits in the palm of a hand.

• May be camouflaged.

Prizes awaiting the person finding the medallion this year are gift certificates, Oktoberfest

merchandise, a cash prize and a miniature replica of the medallion, compliments of Satori Arts. To claim the prize package, the medallion finder must have a 2019 Oktoberfest Admission pass and/or be wearing a 2019 Oktoberfest USA button at the time they present the medallion at the Oktoberfest office. The back side of the medallion includes a contact name and number to report that it has been found.

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(2) comments


"...uninhabited sandy prairie..." ? Seriously? What kind of whitewash is this? There were Native people here long before Europeans came in and stole the land.


So if you're talking about the entire region then yes, Winnebago Decorah indians had encampments here in the area before the people referenced in the clue arrived, but I think it is referring to a particular location that did have a small seasonal settlement of them until the late 1830s and by the time the Europeans showed up at that exact spot in 1841, they had moved on. Hense to the Europeans of the time, it was "unsettled". I doubt that these clues were written under any kind of "whitewashing" pretense.

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