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Randy, I spotted an inconsistency:

"Slack was born Aug. 7, 1910" and "He died Aug. 10, 1955, three days after his 55th birthday."

I know, math is "not your job", but last I checked, 1955 - 1910 = 45.

Thanks for the heads up on that, Oz, and thanks for reading until the end of the story. It wasn't necessarily a math error, but more like a typing error and then an editing error. He died in 1965. I've corrected it, thanks to your alert. I would have done it sooner but I don't normally look at the comments on stories. A quicker way would be to send me a note by email or give me a call. My email and phone number are listed with every story, I believe. You could still maintain your anonymity (although I think I know who you are -- think I caught a glimpse of you on the bike trail recently, too quick for me to say hi. So if that was you, hi!).

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