As fall approaches and La Crescent begins to celebrate its most famous export, the La Crescent Health Services hosts one of the first Applefest-related events of the season with the Golden Apple Royalty Party.

The annual party ended with the crowning of two residents or “Golden Apples” to represent the center throughout the year. The event has been going on for over two decades and involves a crown and cape.

This year’s winners were 91-year-old Edwin Masewicz and 91-year-old Lillian M. Faas.

La Crescent Health Services, previously known as Golden Living Center, is a nursing facility.

“I’m not a singer,” Faas said. “Normally, I am usually shy. I like to stay in the background but now I have no choice. I’m in the front.”

Last year’s winners — Martha Bazis and Carole Ready — watched the Sept. 5 ceremony from the sidelines as they passed their royal gear to the newest crowned.

“I love to keep the residents and the community integrated. It’s nice especially in a small town like La Crescent to keep the residents a part of the community,” La Crescent Health Services Activity Director John Rock said.

The residents’ regional council president presented two donations—$50 for each organization—at the Gold Apple Royalty Party. One went to the Apple Annies and the other went to the Applefest Board.

“I’ve been here for the past three years. This event is just one more testament to how great the community is. It reflects the building as well,” La Crescent Health Services Center Executive Director Abby Rand said.

One of the perks of the event is the first Apple Annie performance with its newest member. Every year the singing group adds a new lifetime member — the Apple Annie 2017. Lisa Urban had to perform her first solo performance since joining the group in August.

The group performed classics like “Meet Me in St. Louis,” “Lollipop,” and “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” for half an hour to the center’s residents.

“The Apple Annies are always wonderful,” Rock said.