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July 18

Daughter to Erinn (Calhoun) and Brad Brandau, Wilton

July 19

Son to Michelle (Fellenz) and Chad Powell, La Crosse

Daughter to Heidi Burks and Brandon Parker, Mindoro

Daughter to Jennifer (Jansky) and Tyler Hougom, Onalaska

Son to Morgan (Rogich) and Matthew Yeager, Caledonia

July 20

Son to Amber (Lampert) and Matthew Foster, Caledonia

Daughter to Nikki and Marcus Stabe, Winona

Daughter to Rachel and Ryan Swetkovich, Holmen

Daughter to Carly (Chenoweth) and Robert Sebion, Galesville

July 21

Daughter to Shana (Zenke) Wieser, Winona

Son to EmmyLou (Howard) and Jairus Houston, Tomah

Daughter to Shelby Oliver and Robert Vian, Rockland

Daughter to Kelly (Lamb) and Don Watters, Cashton

Son to Annalyn and Karl Evenstad, La Crosse

Daughter to Mika Becker and Jason Taylor, Winona

July 22

Son to Reginia Meyer and Jacob Crail, Houston

Daughter to Nicole (Lindberg) and Christopher Rommel, Melrose

Daughter to Anastasia (Deters) and Eric Wold, Decorah

July 23

Daughter to Susan Lemke and Chad Tostenson, Caledonia

July 24

Daughter to Erica (Nevin) and Brian Hemmersbach, Sparta

Son to Carol and Steven Pelischek, La Crosse

Daughter to Lucy Downing and Chris Holst, Winona

Son to Erica Klinski (Akins) and Scott Roberts, Spring Grove

Son to Jamie (Hellenbrand) and Brian Skiles, La Crosse

Daughter to Rachel (Howard) and Jason Whitmore, Caledonia

July 25

Daughter to Ashley (Kirkeng) and David Bauer, Hokah

Daughter to Jennifer (Giam) and Nathan Smith, La Crosse

Daughter to Tammy (Greenwaldt) and Eric Nelson, Caledonia

July 26

Daughter to Abby Pronschinske and Michael Lee, Blair

Son to Shiloh Sobotta and Tyler Marthaler, Blair

Son to Anne (Erickson) and Brian Carlson, La Crosse

Daughter to Melinda (Krueck) and Benjamin Towne, Onalaska

July 27

Son to Mindy (Barton) and Devin Marquardt, Holmen

Son to Nicole (Fischer) and Ryan Hennessy, La Crosse

Daughter to Andrea and Ty Babinski, West Salem

Daughter to Christani (Doud) and Sean Moore, La Crosse

Twin son and daughter to Rachel (Tadt) and David LaValley, La Crosse

July 28

Son to Marissa Vesperman and Nick Midtlien, Chaseburg

Son to Courtney Vick and Nicholas Tarvin, Calmar, Iowa

Son to Kathrine (Sutton) and Adam Boehlke, La Crosse

Son to Melissa (Guza) and Jesse Lutz, Winona

July 30

Daughter to Sam (Payne) and Lucas Fritsch, Rockland

Daughter to Meghan Whelan and Laval Robinson, La Crosse

Son to Kelly Knudtson, Holmen

July 31

Daughter to Courtney (Geier) and Jonathon Genske, Cashton

Son to Sarah (Delventhal) and Justin Rebarchek, Black River Falls

Daughter to Cassandra Schmitt and Dayton Lahren, Independence

Daughter to Candice (Rehfeldt) and Timothy Stoltz, Caledonia

Aug. 1

Son to Jamie (Foellmi) and Derek Freisinger, Brownsville

Son to Lierin Carrier and Zachary Lechner, Brownsville

Aug. 2

Son to Samantha (Decker) and Tyler Healy, Onalaska

Daughter to Katherine (Aronoff) and Billy Hestand, La Crosse

Daughter to Arriah Grimslid and Michael Jameson, La Crosse

Aug. 3

Daughter to Trena (Hultquist) and Adam Anderson, Winona

Daughter to Ashley (Zamot) and Jeff Rohloff, La Crosse

Daughter to Keahna Bester and Alexander Erdman, La Crosse

Daughter to Heidi Boorn and Nicole Nederloe, La Crosse

Aug. 4

Daughter to Jalane (Michalke) and Mike Schramm, La Crescent

Daughter to Toni (Wentz) and Brandon Weigel, Onalaska

Son to Holly (Thompson) and Tucker Anderson, Westby

Daughter to Ashley and Lee Apfel, La Crosse

Aug. 5

Daughter to Bridgette (Kelley) and Paul Mahlum III, Black River Falls

Son to Angela (Tegen) and Ahren Von Uhl, La Crosse

Daughter to Clara (Silva) and Eric Wight, West Salem

Daughter to Katti (Wuensch) and Alex Bode, Holmen

Son to Jamie (Schoolcraft) and Michael Niedfeldt, Holmen

Aug. 6

Daughter to Amy (Adkins) and Daniel Swinger, La Crosse

Son to Kelsey (Bloom) and Cory Kemnitz, Trempealeau

Daughter to Courtnee Barnett and Dakota Alexander, La Crosse

Aug. 7

Daughter to Winter Manning and Randy Merten II, De Soto

Son to Lindsey (Eddy) and James Heuer, Sparta


Memorial Hospital

Aug. 3

Son to Amanda Myers and Ethan Sullivan, Tomah

Aug. 4

Daughter to Bryanna and David Miller, New Lisbon

Aug. 5

Daughter to Brittany and Fredrick Sanwald, Tomah

Aug. 6

Son to Codi and Tony Bradley, Necedah


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