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Jan. 16

Daughter to Maria and Samuel Sargeant of Winona, Minn.

Jan. 17

Daughter to Kal (Habbagger) and Andy Marx of Sparta

Daughter to Brenda Reynua Sanchez and Gustavo Sanchez of Independence, Wis.

Daughter to Katie (Johnson) and Aaron Schmidt of Holmen

Son to Lyndsay Pfankuch and Jacob Jankowski of La Crosse

Son to Amanda Butterfiled and Mark Parins III of La Crosse

Jan. 18

Son to Emily and Jeremy Erickson of La Crosse

Daughter to Amanda (Kohlmeier) and Kyle Flottmeier of West Salem

Son to Miranda Hammon and Cordaro Jones of Onalaska

Jan. 19

Daughter to Lindsey Johnson and Joshua Hamble of Blair

Daughter to Jessi Norby and Dane Saxon of Harmony, Minn.

Son to Hannah Arenz and Neil Bjorkman of La Crosse

Jan. 20

Son to Jade (Mahlum) and Zach Brueggeman of West Salem

Daughter to Jenna (Gilbertson) and Craig Sonsalla of Independence, Wis.

Twin daughters to Shannen Brantner of La Crosse

Son to Kelly and Lorenzo Nickelotti of Coon Valley

Jan. 21

Daughter to Sarah (Ragner) and Matt Degenhardt of Holmen

Daughter to Emily (Andre) and Luke Zei of La Crosse

Son to Danielle Richards and Stephen Hicks of La Crosse

Jan. 22

Daughter to Julie (Kneifl) and Eric Arroyo of La Crescent, Minn.

Jan. 23

Daughter to Jenna Bright and Michael Nissalke of La Crosse

Jan. 24

Daughter to Sadie (Kamrowski) and Kyle Anderson of Melrose

Jan. 25

Daughter to Lauren (Luecke) and Gordon Yates of La Crescent, Minn.

Daughter to Marie Gosda and Sidney Thayer of Wilton, Wis.

Jan. 26

Son was Mindy (Landwehr) and Luke Binder of Holmen

Son was Casi (Jones) and Ryan Rochester of La Crosse

Daughter to Ahna (Rapraeger) Bazan and Hector Bazan Gonzalez of Onalaska

Jan. 27

Daughter to Bree Bushman Lee and Jason Lee of Stoddard

Daughter to Miranda Speicher and Anthony Sanders of Sparta

Daughter to Lindsay (Clark) and Tony Drinkwine of Onalaska

Jan. 28

Son to Adrianne Olson of Arcadia, Wis.

Son to Miranda Mc Cormick and Dustin Thorstenson of New Albin, Iowa

Daughter to Veronica Quijano and Steven Neurohr of Onalaska

Jan. 29

Son to Victoria Flatten and Ryan Woodard of La Crescent, Minn.

Son to MacKenzie Tahtinen and Jordan Amunrud of Spring Grove, Minn.

Jan. 30

Daughter to Tara (Strangfeld) and Brandon Parrott of Black River Falls

Jan. 31

Daughter to Elizabeth (Scherr) and Scott Rohde of Trempealeau

Daughter to Jennifer (Hoyt) and Ryan Lietzau of Hokah, Minn.

Feb. 1

Daughter to Jennifer Gratz and Keegan Erickson of West Salem

Daughter to Kristen (Johnson) and Joseph Fiegen of Onalaska

Feb. 2

Daughter to Brittany (Lee) and Kenneth Schaefer of Galesville

Mayo Clinic Health Systems-La Crosse

Jan. 31

Twin sons to Dirk Holder and Anna Boyko, Tomah

Feb. 1

Daughter to Ben and Nicole Wizner, Onalaska

Son to Emily Lodoen and Jacob Starkey, La Crosse

Daughter to Michael and Sarah Klug, Caledonia, Minn.

Son to Maria and Phil Johnson, Holmen

Feb. 2

Son to Luke Berckman and Sarah E. Robertson, Sparta

Feb. 3

Daughter to Aaron and Angela Sisson, La Crosse

Feb. 4

Son to Jon Graff and Tiffany Moe, Blair

Feb. 5

Son to Bradly and Lora Burke, La Crosse

Son to Cary and Tamara Brommerich, Trempealeau

Feb. 6

Son to Magen Duffy and Tony Schniepp, West Salem

Daughter to Henry Hibbler and Kelly Gilmer, Sparta


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