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Gundersen Health System

SEPT. 16

Daughter to Brittany (Lough) and Jameson Rau, Onalaska

Daughter to Jorgina Meyer and Jaron Duitsman, Winona

Daughter to Amber (Svoboda) and Robert Coe, La Crosse

SEPT. 17

Son to Samantha (Sells) and Derrick Amundson, Sparta

SEPT. 18

Son to Kristina (Glodowski) and Peter Becker, Trempealeau

Daughter to Allyson Leppert and Brian Troendle, Lansing

Son to Veronica (Alba) and Jeremy Blount, Bangor

SEPT. 19

Son to Kelley (Peterson) and Michael Schulze, Onalaska

Daughter to Kate Brevik and Ryan Johnson, La Crosse

Daughter to Melissa (Wilson) and Justin Gerdes, Houston

SEPT. 20

Son to Torgie (Johnson) and Andrew Ziegler, Tomah

Son to Marie (Becker) and Samuel Bina, La Crosse

Son to Jodi (Henriksen) and Bob Lee, Onalaska

SEPT. 21

Daughter to Meghan (Churchill) and David Mathis, Alma

SEPT. 22

Son to Nicole (Rudie) and Nick Kannel, La Crosse

SEPT. 23

Son to Azia (Jessesski) and Allen Fawcett, Taylor

Daughter to Destinee (Welsh) and Phillip Vesbach, Viroqua

SEPT. 24

Daughter to Baylee-Ann (Grassnickle) and James Willinger, Independence

Son to Rebecca Dingfelder and Edwin Todey, Winona

Son to Gabrielle (Elliott) and Mathias Mahlum, Bangor

Daughter to Tiffany (Koch) and Phillip Bartz, La Crescent

Daughter to Jessica (Jones) Harz and Mitchell Hunter, Onalaska

SEPT. 25

Son to Megan Chenier, La Crosse

Son to Andrea (Breier) and Shawn Powell, La Crosse

Daughter to Emily (Gillis) and Rick Lewandowski, La Crosse

SEPT. 26

Daughter to Dominique Stussy and Quincy Degenhardt, Westby

Twin sons to Felipa Lopez and Alvaro Ajin Garcia, Ossian, Iowa

Daughter to Amber Naramore and Tyler Marsolek, Independence

Son to Katerina Amundson and Tanner Helgeson, Hayward

Son to Clarissa Guillaume and Nickolas Peterson, Caledonia

Daughter to Erin and Jacob Highum, Houston

Son to Elizabeth (Bennett) and James Gilbertson, Onalaska

Daughter to Lynn (Schultz) and Josh Erickson, La Crosse

Daughter to Leah (Pennekamp) and Patrick Olson, Stoddard

Son to Brooke (Horning) and Daniel Riffey, Onalaska

SEPT. 27

Son to Morgan Gantenbein and Ryan Schultz, La Crosse

Daughter to Bryana (Goodman) and Joshua Alameida, Holmen

Daughter to Libbie Case, Spillville, Iowa

Son to Amber (Elliott) and Corbin Rhodes, West Salem

SEPT. 28

Daughter to Laura (Overson) and Mark Kendhammer, La Crosse

Daughter to Frances Mezera and Nathan Copsey, Bagley

Daughter to Samantha (Schmitz) and Mitchel Scherf, Prairie Du Chien

Son to Brittany (Berg) and Benjamin Henderson, Galesville

SEPT. 29

Daughter to Shelly (Brueggen) and Robb Niedfeldt, Coon Valley

Son to April Hansen and Sean O’Hern, West Salem

SEPT. 30

Daughter to Amanda Smith (Chamberlin), La Crosse

Son to Heather (Kingslien) and Aaron Lind, Westby

Daughter to Kathryn (Kolbo) and Jason Yahnke, Holmen

Daughter to Katelyn Reinsvold and Jacob Dolan, La Crosse

Daughter to April Nelson (Bartelson) and Lucas Horstman, Holmen

Mayo Clinic, La Crosse

SEPT. 21

Son to Leisha and Cullan Lucas, La Crosse

Son to Christian and Mariah Seelig Shaw, Onalaska

SEPT. 22

Son to Vito and Danielle Cinquepalmi, Holmen

SEPT. 24

Daughter to Amy Hang and Phia Yang, La Crosse

Daughter to Jason and Ashley Waege, Tomah

Son to Christofer and Megan Nawrot, Cashton

SEPT. 25

Son to Grant and Stephanie Chapman, Bangor

Son to AJ and Eric Bertrang, La Crosse

SEPT. 28

Daughter to Phil Thaldorf and Kristy Hubert, Houston

SEPT. 29

Son to David Townsend and Retta Eastman, Necedah

Daughter to Dean and Crystal Vesperman, La Crosse

SEPT. 30

Daughter to Jes and Danielle Tenner, Melrose

Son to Jayson and Shawna Merriman, Tomah

OCT. 1

Son to Caleb and Kara (Good) Orebaugh, Onalaska

OCT. 2

Son to Ethan and Paige King, Westby

OCT. 3

Son to Daniel and Tara Tjerstad, Ettrick

OCT. 4

Daughter to Willy and Chelseah Nicksic, Holmen

Daughter to Chelsea and Quinton Pataska, Onalaska

OCT. 7

Daughter to Quentin and Kimberly Moller, Galesville

Son to Neil and Kara Ostlund, Galesville

OCT. 9

Son to Mike and Adri Fisher, Caledonia

Tomah Memorial Hospital

SEPT. 26

Daughter to Michael and Hannah Thorelli, Tomah

SEPT. 28

Daughter to Danen Hemmersbach and James Larson, Spata

SEPT. 30

Son to Aaron and Brayvyn Hammer, Hillsboro

OCT. 1

Son to Mykala Myhre and Ryan Temen, Necedah

OCT. 2

Daughter to Redell and Ashley Allen, Tomah

OCT. 4

Daughter to April and Brad Betthauser, Warrens

OCT. 9

Daughter to Jonelle Stanek and Justin Stanley, Tomah


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