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Gundersen Health System

OCT. 1

Son to Nicole (Rudie) and Nicholas Kannel, Onalaska

OCT. 2

Daughter to Rachel (Jolivette) and Bryan Sterling, Mindoro

Son to Sara Johnson and Demarius Washington, La Crosse

Son to Lisa Brooks and Austin Hass, Whitehall

Son to Alexis Rogers and Skyler Moore, Onalaska

OCT. 3

Son to Rebecca (Bell) and Doug Hansen, Onalaska

Son to Katelynn Hellerude and Trevon Hutchins, Onalaska

Daughter to Christina (Warren) and Jim Bertelsen, La Crosse

Son to Katie (Lorenz) and Seth Adams, Prairie Du Chien

OCT. 4

Son to Beth (Deeren) and Nathan Rumppe, Blair

OCT. 5

Daughter to Ashley (Stroupe) and Brandon Christensen, Prairie Du Chien

Daughter to Megan (Dobbs) and Shannon Weeth, La Crescent

OCT. 6

Son to Elizabeth (Schreiner) and Zachary Reusch, Winona

OCT. 8

Daughter to Torre (Haugland) and Steve Kramer, Galesville

Daughter to Shae Clark and Brad Loging, New Lisbon

OCT. 9

Son to Whitney (Harter) and LC Graham, La Crosse

Son to Jessyka (Graham) and Mason Kaufmann, La Crosse

OCT. 10

Daughter to Dawn (Pogreba) and Michael Stenberg, Winona

Daughter to Kristina (Johnson) and Ryan Peterson, Holmen

Twin son and daughter to Briana Skroch and Darin Wolfe, Arcadia

Son to Casandra (Cooley) and Anthony Gianoli, La Crosse

Daughter to Megan (Annis) and James Bernett, Cashton

OCT. 11

Daughter to Ashley Wire, La Crosse

Son to Lauren (Hoeft) and Eric Haun, Sparta

OCT. 12

Son to Erin (Luethi) and James Bodoh, Onalaska

Son to Margaret Devine and Dustin Stockowitz, La Crosse

Son to Megan Kwiatkowski and Derick Mortenson, Taylor

Son to Aubrianna Woodhouse, Sparta

Son to Maizoua (Xiong) and Kao Moua, Onalaska

Son to Ashley Bauer and Charles Marshall, La Crosse

OCT. 13

Daughter to Cynthia (Grubbs) and Christopher Riggall, Onalaska

OCT. 14

Daughter to Kimberly Aponte, La Crosse

Son to Kerry (Kaczorowski) and Scott Sauvola, Winona

Daughter to Ashley (Todd) and Sebastian Kingsbury, Winona

OCT. 15

Daughter to Krysten Johnson and John Williams, Sparta

Son to Avery (Thooft) and Jacob Copper, La Crosse

Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse

OCT. 5

Son to Kayla and Kyle Welscher, Caledonia

Daughter to Mark and Bridget (Ammann) Skolos, La Crosse

OCT. 7

Daughter to Coady Brown and Erica Nuttelman, West Salem

Son to Jayson and Natalie Diersen, Caledonia

OCT. 8

Daughter to Sam and Angela Wiste, Spring Grove

OCT. 9

Son to Tyler and Jessica Straate, Mindoro

OCT. 10

Daughter to Michael and Kya Petersen, Spring Grove

Son to Jonah and Shyanne McGinnis, Galesville

Daughter to Brad and Kasey Lundstrom, Holmen

OCT. 13

Son to Sydney Dean and Dallas McKern, Winona

OCT. 15

Son to Nicholas and Sarah Osowski, La Crosse

OCT. 16

Daughter to Craig and Lisa Steger, Cashton

Daughter to Ryan and Kristina Schwertel, Trempealeau

Daughter to Jonathan and Marissa Gottbeheat, Sparta

OCT. 17

Son to Randi Stanford and Kurtis Kahl, Tomah

Tomah Memorial Hospital

OCT. 13

Daughter to Janet and Travis Reeher, Tomah


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