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Game days are as much about the appetizers as they are about football. These snacks will always be winners, even if your team doesn't make it to the Super Bowl.

It can be very easy to overeat, whether it be out of hunger, boredom or just for comfort. But thankfully, Jamie Nadaeu, a registered dietitian from the US, has suggested some treats to stop you from overeating.

The U.S. is short nearly 4 million housing units based on the country’s population and housing needs. One reason for this shortage is significant underinvestment in new housing since the bubble burst in the mid-2000s, and much of the country has yet to catch up. Researchers ranked metros and…

Hurricane Ian has swamped a four-story Florida hospital from both above and below, according to a doctor who works there. The storm surge flooded its lower level emergency room on Wednesday, while fierce winds tore away part of the roof from the fourth-floor intensive care unit. Dr. Birgit Bodine spent the night at HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital in Port Charlotte, anticipating the storm would make things busy. But, she says, she didn’t anticipate that the roof would blow off on the fourth floor. The damage forced patients into just two of the floors. Bodine plans to spend another night at the hospital, when incoming storm injuries could make things worse.

Friend or foe? On the streets of Tokyo and Beijing, the ties between Japan and China remain complicated and often contradictory. Chinese urbanites slurp “ramen” soup noodles in a two-story restaurant row made to look like Tokyo’s narrow alleyways. Japanese flock to a festival in Tokyo to try Chinese dumplings. But critical views are on the rise 50 years after the two Asian countries normalized relations as part of the process that brought Communist China into the international fold. The two are marking the anniversary Thursday of the agreement to establish diplomatic relations in 1972.

A GOP candidate for the Washington Legislature says a post he put on social media in 2020 was antisemitic. The Bellingham Herald reports Dan Johnson of Laurel, who is running to represent part of northwest Washington in the House, released a statement about the post after the newspaper published a Sunday story examining his social media going back 10 years. Johnson's 2020 Facebook post showed a yellow Star of David along with text about coronavirus restrictions. Johnson said Tuesday he inappropriately compared pandemic mandates to the Nazis’ treatment of Jewish people. Johnson is facing Democrat Joe Timmons of Bellingham in the November general election.

Shares of Biogen and other drugmakers researching Alzheimer’s disease have soared after Japan’s Eisai Co. said its potential treatment appeared to slow the fatal disease in a late-stage study. Eisai announced results late Tuesday from a global study of nearly 1,800 people with early-stage Alzheimer’s. The drugmaker said early results showed that its treatment, lecanemab, reduced patient clinical decline by 27% when compared to a placebo or fake drug after 18 months of the infused treatment. Patients were monitored using a scale that measures how they do in areas like memory, judgement, problem solving and personal care.


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