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Retreat, a new line of adaptogenic nut butters, launches

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Retreat Foods’ mission is to help people reduce stress through healthy snacking. They take “food as medicine” a step further by adding a functional dose of healing herbs (adaptogens, including a variety of mushrooms) into nut butters. 

Retreat has four flavors of adaptogenic spreads:

Balance. A classic superfood almond butter with Chaga, Cordyceps,  and Reishi to support immunity, increase antioxidants and blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

Boost. A cinnamon vanilla almond & cashew butter packed with turmeric, black pepper, reishi, ginseng, and cordyceps to support improved immune function.

Focus. A flavorful, smooth sesame seed butter with adaptogens Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail for improved cognition, focus and energy.

Calm. A cacao hazelnut butter with nutmeg, reishi, and ashwaganda to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. 

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