Cephalopods like squid have the ability to release a dark and diffuse cloud of melanin and mucus as a defense mechanism.

This dark red California blend pays homage to the squid and to the world of tattoos. There is no ink sac coloring in this blend of syrah, merlot, malbec and zinfandel, although squid ink is used in cooking.

If you’re looking for a very fruit-forward wine that borders on sweet, this wine will make an indelible mark on your taste buds and is certainly light on the wallet.

Sherry: “Rich dark color with a medium body and fruity strawberry, cherry and clove on the finish.” (3.25 stars out of 5)

Chris: “Very fruity bouquet with jammy raspberry and cherry and red licorice.” (3.25 stars out of 5)

Available for $7 to $10.

Coming next week: St. Francis Claret