There’s something refreshing and lively about drinking a white wine in the dead of winter, a fun reminder that soon it will be porch sipping season again.

Whether its pinot gris or pinot grigio (they are the same grape) it’s all a matter of style. This delicious offering from Washington compares to the classic French style that emphasizes the more complex orchard fruit flavors compared with the crisp and citrus Italian version of pinot grigio.

Fermented in cold stainless steel, there’s a splash (5 percent) of pinot blanc added for additional mouthfeel and acidity. Clean, crisp and elegant.

Sherry: “Fragrant bouquet of pear and honeydew with citrus lime flavor.” (3.5 stars out of 5)

Chris: “Fragrant floral and pear bouquet with flavors of pear, apricot and lime.” (3.75 stars out of 5)

Available from $8 to $11.

Coming next week: Love Noir Pinot Noir