6 ways to make your tiny bathroom look bigger
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6 ways to make your tiny bathroom look bigger

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Tiny Bathroom

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No one wants to start the day by getting reading in a claustrophobic bathroom, but you don’t need to knock out a wall to make your tiny bathroom look bigger. Here are 6 ways to create the illusion of more space.

1) Eliminate the clutter.

This step is the simplest and most affordable way to make your tiny bathroom seem larger. Narrow down bathroom products to the essentials, and store extra towels or toilet paper in a separate closet. Make sure the products you do have are neatly arranged or tucked away.

2) Embrace mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more room. Swap that tiny mirror above the sink for a large or full-length mirror.

3) A white-on-white color scheme.

Like mirrors, white reflects light and makes a space feel more open. Choose white fixtures, tiles, and walls, for an airy feel in even the smallest spaces.

4) Find furniture that fits the space.

Large furniture will only make a tiny bathroom look smaller. Restored vintage finds are great for older homes, and tend to run smaller than modern furniture. A pedestal sink or a floating sink won’t weigh down the room like bulky cabinets.

5) Go clear.

A clear shower curtain or glass divider can improve the flow of a tiny bathroom. When you close off the shower or tub with an opaque divider, it can cut a small bathroom in half.

6) Let the light shine in.

The balance between privacy and natural light is difficult to achieve in a bathroom, but letting the light in can transform a gloomy space. Try sheer curtains, frosted glass, or a patterned privacy film over your windows instead of blinds or dark curtains.


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