Renee Christensen, 1225 26th St. S., fence, $1,500.

Barbara Wright, 1509 28th St. S., fence, $700.

Jody Weise, 2611 14th St. S., fence, $2,500.

Claire Vanwormer, 1474 Redfield St., fence, $6,200.

Heather Jacobson, 2550 15th St. S., shed, $800.

Jason Wellert, 2205 Weston St., deck, $5,000.

Dawn Comeau, 1621 Gohres St., fence, $300.

Stephen Harm, 330 Pearl St., alteration, $3,000.

City of La Crosse, 120 Clinton St., foundation.

Jeremy Novak, 801 West Ave. S., roof, $20,000.

Paige Wandling, 1107 Losey Blvd. S., roof, $812.

Momentum Properties LLC, 1312 Kane St., roof.

Laredo Enterprises LLC, 1302 Interchange Place, roof, $13,000.

Shea Ealey Rentals LLC, 816 14th St. S., roof, $5,200.

Shea Ealey Rentals LLC, 1012 Seventh St. S., roof, $5,650.

Randy Jarvis, 1229 13th St. S., roof, $2,500.

Moonstone Meadow LLC, 1810 Wood St., roof, $5,000.

Moonstone Meadow LLC, 1810 Wood St., alteration, $5,100.

David Kish, 2116 Winnebago St., alteration, $8,000.

Diane Forster, 1355 Hyde Ave., alteration, $1,500.


Mike Berget, 543 13th Ave. N., roof, $10,000.

Douglas Colman, 308 Eighth Ave. N., open deck, $4,500.

Debbie Morrissey, 1639 Keller Court, roof, $7,000.

La Verne Jonas, 109 Gertie Lane, open deck, $1,500.

Jacob Lincoln, 706 11th Ave. S., roof, $11,258.

Ron and Dayna Schultz, 1407 William Drive, window replacement, $600.

Dorothy Will, 1030 Oak Ave. S., roof, $10,250.

Raymond and Charlotte Guden, 262 Crestwood Lane, accessory building, $2,227.

Frank and Janet Abnet, 509 12th Ave. N., garage roof, $2,265.

Victoria Rahn, 833 Sixth Ave. N., egress window and sump pump, $10,470.

Raju Ailiani, 322 West Larkspur Lane, replace deck, $12,000.

Menards, 1301 Sand Lake Road, addition, $15,000.

Ben Phillips, 9550 East 16 Frontage Road, commercial footing and foundation, $300,000.


  • Kurt and Renee Knutson, 2231 Hiawatha Ave., new solar panel, $54,000.
  • Thomas and Maxine Jacobs, W3809 County Road M, detached accessory building, $4,700.
  • Neil Canar and Cara Jostad, N7781 Amsterdam Prairie Road, attached garage, $19,000.
  • Alan and Sara Cagle, W8068 Prairie Meadows St., accessory building, $6,000.
  • Mark and Janell Goyette, W7152 Heram Road, accessory building, $15,000.
  • Ronald Nedland, W6681 Reef Road, accessory building, $15,000.
  • Thomas and Vickie Ciokiewicz, N8691 Hanson Drive, airplane hangar, $7,000.
  • Town and Country Homes LLC, N6845 Sand Prairie Court, new single-family home, $330,000.

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