Brian Sampson, 2613 Hoeschler Drive, fence, $4,816.

Andrew Thomes, 3420 Birch St., fence, $3,724.

Christopher Hansen, 2122 Wood St., fence, $400.

Clara Gelatt, 450 Losey Court Lane, deck, $2,000.

Raymond Johnson, 3016 29th Court S., deck, $3,500.

Fredrick Monk, 2926 Robinsdale Ave., fence, $3,200.

Western Technical College, 111 Seventh St. N., alteration, $68,000.

St. Rose Deviterbos Convent, 912 Market St., addition, $26,000,000.

Jay Merfeld, 1627 Adams St., demolition.

Pine Street Properties LLC, 316 West Ave. N., demolition.

South Properties LLC, 505 11th St. N., demolition.

Pine Street Properties LLC, 312 West Ave. N., demolition.

Barbara Ranger, 1408 Liberty St., demolition.

Water Place One LLC, 325 River Point, foundation, $42,000.

Water Place One LLC, 615 Pettibone Point Way, foundation, $42,000.

City Brewing Company LLC, 1002 Front St. S., foundation, $20,000.

Pine Street Properties LLC, 312 West Ave. N., new multi-family home, $1,750,000.

South Properties LLC, 505 11th St. N., new multi-family home, $350,000.

John Scheevel, 1924 Cass St., roof, $3,600.

JHC Three LLC 1026 Fifth Ave. S., roof, $6,900.

Matt Updike, 911 Charles St., roof, $5,505.

Christine Schroeder, 1011 Johnson St., roof, $15,500.

Allen Werth, 2011 21st St. S., roof, $3,600.

Steve Nicolai, 5317 Sandpiper Lane, roof, $2,000.

Anthony Ambrose, 2608 Mississippi St., roof, $500.

Gary Rudy, 818 Vine St., roof, $2,500.

Robert Massena, 933 Division St., roof, $2,800.

Laurie Simmonds, 1023 Caledonia St., roof, $9,000.

Great River Homes LLC, 5928 River Run Road, alteration, $24,800.

Water Place One LLC, 323 River Point, new single-family home, $35,000.

Emerson Price, 1218 19th St. S., alteration, $5,000.

Great River Homes LLC, 5926 River Run Road, alteration, $27,540.

Jennifer Jones, 3007 26th St. S., addition, $3,000.

Daniel Allen, 1102 17th St. S., alteration, $2,100.

Curtis Blair, 2011 George St., alteration, $1,500.

Timothy Horman, 1102 Charles St., alteration, $5,000.


Kurt and Jeanne Hulse, 1840 Main St. E., demolition.

Service Master, 1426 Main St., fire damage repair, $36,461.

Paul Dzubnar, 9348 Hwy 16, interior remodel, $189,000.

Teresa Perner, 1216 Pine St., egress window, $4,500.

Steven Roberts, 2203 Craig Lane West, roof, $3,416.

Brian and Sherry Nichols, 1316 Cliffview Ave., above ground pool, $1,200.

Mike Linden, 815 East Ave. N., detached garage, $20,000.

WI Development LLC, 570 Lester Ave., commercial addition, $102,000.

Dale Brott, 2137 Sand Lake Road, demolition.

Charles Foust, 1900 Kinney Coulee Road N., accessory building, $100,000.

David and Barbara Skogen, 609 Fairway Creek Drive, interior remodel, $20,000.

Becky Eitland, 2111 Clearwater Drive, detached garage, $48,300.

Ross Hemauer, 609 14th Ave. N., replaced deck and removed shed, $23,400.

Donny and Stacie Hogan, 551 Court Road, build-out and garage roof, $40,000.

Abbey Court Apartments LLC, 2101 Abbey Road, pool house and pergolas, $650,000.

Ryan Wessel, 1112 10th Ave. N., roof, $15,350.

Barbara and David Milne, 1420 East Ave. N., roof, $7,291.


Joseph and Lisa Belling, W3839 Western Hills Drive, deck, $19,500.

Herbert and Linda Miller, W6626 County Road T, detached accessory building, $27,000.

Northern Land Holding LLC, W6760 Abbey Road, sign, $4,700.

Robert and Jule Golde, N2229 Huntington Court, detached accessory building, $11,000.

Dale Grosz, W6640 County Road V, addition, $50,000.

Jessica Schams-Mulholland and Ronald Mulholland, accessory building and pool, $4,200.

Midwest Concrete Professionals LLC, W7468 County Road ZN, industrial building, $50,000.

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