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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Aug. 16

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


3909 Mormon LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 38 DST, 3909 Mormon Coulee Road, $6,096,317.

Michael and Tara Mihalek to Madelyn and Peter Adam, 942 Johnson St., $235,000.

Danielle and Jakob Jensen to Sara Martin, 1564 Horton St., $125,000.

2nd & Main LLC to City of La Crosse, 3305 Mormon Coulee Road.

Jess and Stephanie Hutzler to Anita Davelos, 3906 S. 33rd St., $223,500.

Amy Elliott-Stevens and Gregory Stevens to Nancy and Scott Swanson, 205 Caledonia St., $34,900.

John Bender to City of La Crosse, 1034, 1036 and 1038 Denton St., $135,000.

Kurt Smith to Danielle and Owen Yenter, 521 Winnebago St., $139,000.

Moore & Moore Renovating & Construction Inc. to Kurt Smith, 1110 S. 10th St., $163,000.

Martin and Mary Baldwin to Sue Vang, 2608 S. 26th St., $118,000.

Kelly Frauenkron and Debra Mann to River Potaracke, 1802 Kane St., $104,000.

Khrystyne Lindgren to Edward Wollack, 3455 Woodbridge Court, $159,900.

Cynthia Turner to Hannah Olevson, 1723 S. East Ave., $180,000.

Walter Freehill to City of La Crosse, 2924 South Ave.

Bauer Estates LLc to NRE Properties LLC, 1403 Charles St., $75,000.

Harley and Judson Beck to Judson and Harley Beck Revocable Trust, 119 and 126 S. 17th St.

Louis Johnson Estate to Ellen Johnson, 1711 Johnson St., $61,250.

Carla and Chuck Callies to Scarlet Property LLC, 3012 Scarlet Drive.

Scarlet Property LLC to Andrea and Jesse Poukey, 2012 Scarlet Drive, $233,000.

Kristin and Jeffers Knopp Jr. to John and Kimberly Mayhew, 2806 Evergreen Place, $209,000.

Heather and Radoslaw Mista to Cameron Houin, 1527 Park Ave., $159,900.

Thomas Elmer and Beth Herrick to Lucas Eber and Abigail Schmidt, 703 S. 23rd St., $166,500.

Courtney Pfingsten to Allen and Linda Acker, 1833 Liberty St., $119,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Dennis and Jaynne Blihovde Living Trust, 6106 River Run Road, $307,000.

Joshua and Melindy Court to Karl and Natalie Solverson, 608 Cliffwood Lane, $295,100.

Kaylin and Kenneth Kalk to Benjamin Ross, 927 St. Andrew St., $116,300.

Jeffrey and Roberta Cragun to Abigail and Cody Krueger, 2530 Wood St., $163,000.


Tamara Nelsen to Kristin Krug, 1101 Wilson St., $152,000.

Marce Holthaus to Shana Dewitt and Marce Holthaus, 2218 Krause Road, $149,100.

Barbara Kasmiski to Leah Schwarz, 413 Hickory St., $175,000.

Gerald Strittmater to Thomas Neumeister, 632 Victoria Lane, $182,000.

Brian Schuldt to Clarence Hill Jr. and Eva Lanczos, 1201 Oriole Lane, $349,900.

Luci Johnson to Tyler Nack, 730 N. 10th Ave., $142,500.

Alexander and Cherish Kent to Morgan Nehring and Joseph Vehrenkamp, 312 S. 12th AVe., $195,000.

Dennis and Jeanne Tesnow to Parker Alsteens, 1014 Whispering Winds Place, $185,000.

Pamela Semb to Robert Tollefson Jr. Estate, 305 Poplar St.

Stace and Stacy Spencer to Kristin and Jeffers Knopp Jr., 1041 Valley Vue Drive, $375,000

Charles Hockenbery to Karen Ambort, 308 Spruce St., $223,000.

Fred and Thomas Baures, Ruth Butterbrodt, Nancy Godden and Susan Greenwood to Daniel Waldner, 511 N. 11th Ave., $190,000.

Sandra Yarolimek to Christopher, Eric and Troy Yarolimek, 1529 Franklin St.

Andria and Kristopher Roppe to Kaylin and Kenneth Kalk, 1216 Wilson St., $238,000.


McBride Living Trust to Debra and James Welander, $315,000.

Gretchen and Thomas Coleman to Audrey and Jay Hanson, $309,000.

Amy and Kermit Murray to Richard Goode Jr. and Joanna Ness, $214,500.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Matthew Dutton and Isabelle Loy, $52,900.

Thorud Development LLC to MB Real Estate Investment LLC, $48,900.

Thorud DEvelopment LLC to Elizabeth and Michael Hillger, $96,300.

Darwin Grosz to Paul and Paula Gregg, $339,900.

519 McHugh Road LLC to WI Ventures LLC, $171,000.

Deen Layland, Elaine, Jill and Nelson to McBride Living Trust, $189,900.


Catherine Pedretti-Johnson to Brittany Witte, $115,000.

Cameron and Carrie Wells to Dustin Mendez, $199,900.


Paula Harvatine and Michael Huston to Paula Harvatine Revocable Living Trust and Michael Huston Revocable Living Trust.

Cynthia Gran to Cynthia Gran Revocable Trust.

Colleen Mulder to Your Hometown Property Management LLC, $40,000.


Jerome and Nicki Barnes to Debbie and Rainey Walters, $25,000.

Linda Reedy to Debbie and Rainey Walters.


Ronald Lazarescu to Genell and Todd Johnson, $135,000.


Rodger Lee Revocable Trust to Kenz Brook Properties LLc, $179,000.


Maple Grove Country Club Inc. to Maple Grove Estates Sanitary District.


David Johnson Estate to Robert and Ronald Johnson.

Debra and James Welander to Joshua Wooden, $259,000.

Richard Richardson Estate to Jennifer Jackson and Richard Richardson Jr.

Beaver Properties LLC to Shannon Carey, $96,000.

Brandon and Brittany Amundson to Bethany and Matthew Bornheimer, $274,000.


Wolf & Daughters Properties to Satish Jeejula and Pratima Kamada, $52,500.

Brandon and Christina Erickson to Steven and Patricia Mohr Revocable Trust, $200,000.


Amy and Gregory Clark to Teng Vang and Ka Vue, $210,000.

PCG Living Trust to Corrinne and Patrick Gore.

Corrinne and Patrick Gore to PCG Living Trust.

John and Melanie Murphy to John and Melanie Murphy Joint Revocable Trust.

HP River Rock LLC to Mary and Scott Koblitz, $110,280.


Lawrence and Lori Terry to Brian McDonald, $318,500.

Allison Held and Jason Mullenix to Alexander and Cherish Kent, $285,000.

Melissa Winter to Brian Winter.

Steven and Sue Fisher to Joseph and Sharon Arentz, $37,000.

Philip Hess to Jodi and John Vandenberg-Daves, $277,000.

Michele and Richard Trietley Jr. to Jessica and Tai-shan Zen, $352,500.


Meghan Arentz to Andrew and Rachel Persson, $210,000.


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