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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Aug. 30
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Aug. 30


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Anthony and Jennifer Sobolewski to Zachary Parshall, 2512 Loomis St., $168,000.

Caitlin and Nathan Delarwelle to Brittany Stuttgen, 1545 Barlow St., $141,000.

Kelsey and Nicholas Schmidt to Anna Hillary, 341 S. 20th St., $235,000.

Matthew Magnuson to Joseph Johnson, 3133 and 3135 Scarlett Drive, $185,500.

City of La Crosse to Scannell Properties #424 LLC, 3251 Berlin Drive, $1,529,300.

John Sheppard to John Sheppard Properties LLC, 928 and 930 Jackson St.

John Sheppard Properties LLC to John Sheppard, 720 Mississippi St.

JMS Property Management LLC to John Sheppard, 902 S. Eighth St. and 728 Mississippi St.

Barbara, Hudson and Lawrence Schamberger to LBH LLC, 771 N. 22nd St.

Jennifer Hientz and Brenda Mendell to Maurice Johnson and Stacy Palm, 1006 Rose St., $60,000.

Russell and Victoria Kendle to Paige Miracola and Logan Schatzke, 2907 S. 23rd St., $117,500.

Water Place One LLC to Debra and Todd Delagrave, 631 Pettibone Pointe Way, $529,900.

Cassidy and Karson Groth to Jonathan McKenzie, 1706 Jackson St., $199,900.

Badger Corrugating Co Inc. to Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of La Crosse, 1802 S. West Ave., $515,000.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of La Crosse to Badger Corrugating Co, 1800 S. West Ave., $515,000.

Donna Jendersee Living Trust to Arvind and Dipika Garg, 5245 E. Grandwood Place, $530,000.

Megan and Troy Harcey to Jedadiah and Melanie Schaller Revocable Trust, 5235 E. Grandwood Place, $685,000.

Julianne and Kyle Delap to Abigail and Garrett Seeley, 1435 Green Bay St., $154,500.

Cheryl Vieth to Zachary Pierce, 1015 Division St., $177,500.

Karen and Timothy Grosskopf to Zakery Schmidt, 720 N. 23rd St., $136,000.

Torey Properties LLC to Anita and Stephen Dickman, 2009 Charles St., $80,855.

Amy Harter and Justin Peterson to Janelle and Philip Francksen, 2627 Hackberry Lane, $265,000.

Hanson Living Trust to Jandt Family Revocable Trust, 3461 Woodbridge Court, $160,000.

OTS Holdings LLC to Steven Eide, 1302 S. Fourth St.

Vickie Lauermann to John Wettstein, 920 Jackson St., $99,900.


Julianne Mace to Julianne and Steven Mace Jr., 518 Johnson St.

Michael and Rebekah Zinnecker to David Hansen and Valerie Mumm-Jansen, 904 Tahoe Drive, $420,000.

Geraldine and John Guy to Craig Kohlmeier and Ashly Ruegg, 707 Johnson Drive, $212,000.

Donald Pedretti to Danielle and Derek Hunter Jr., 708 Hanson Court, $257,600.

Paul Bagniefski, Gregory Marso and William Schmitz to Broham Investments LLC, 927, 929 and 933 W. Park Ave, 928, 930 and 932 West Ave., $610,000.

Jerod and Melissa Quinter to Benjamin Levendoski, 933 Bethanne Place, $206,000.

Gann and Peter Boese to Scott Alo and Jesse McKinney, 918 Charles Court, $505,000.

Sue Prinsen to Barbara Dahlstrom, 911 Northern Sands Place, $192,000.

Scott Alo to Christine Capaul and Tonya Swanson, 528 Riders Club Road, $289,900.

Clara Anderson to Allecia Kruser, 829 N. Sixth Ave., $200,000.

Dennis and Lauri Ford Trust to Joel and Kelsie Whited, 685 Marcou Road, $99,900.

Cynthia Bluske, Lori and Mark Sage to Stephanie and William Thomas, 1238 Wilson St., $242,900.

Marcia Camden to Darrel Wuensch, 940 Charles Court, $310,000.

Robert Tollefson Jr. Estate to Angela Berkley, 305 Poplar St., $129,000.


Jack Torgerud to Jack Torgerud Irrevocable Living Trust.

Jesse McKinney to Jerod and Melissa Quinter, $299,900.


Adam and Alison Wershofen to Theresa Mikulas, $251,000.

JR Sand Lake LLC to Waldner Home Construction LLC, $124,000.

Hilary and Tyler Conn to Brett and Lindsey Gullicksrud, $386,000.

Thorud Development LLC to North Country Contractors of West Salem Inc., $51,900.

Thorud Development LLC to Darwin Grosz, $48,900.

JL Gantzer to Kenneth Drury and Ronald Henderson, $31,000.

ALT Investments LLC to Midwest Natural Gas Inc., $566,900.

Evenson & Co Inc. to Thomas Wessel, $58,000.

Carey and Christopher Wucherer to Anthony Kropelin, $205,000.


David Hundt and David and Jolene Hundt Revocable Trust to Brady Hundt, $34,800.


Sarah and Scott Paulson to Barbara Hassler, $29,000.

Jennifer and Scott Brunk to Amy Harter and Justin Peterson, $415,000.


Kathy and Steven Jerome to Cory Jerome.


Debra and Jon Shimshak to Gregory and Linda Smith, $261,000.

Anna and John Dawson to Kelsey and Nicholas Schmidt, $285,000.

Debra and Todd Delagrave to Megan and Troy Harcey, $830,000.

Elroy Winson to Betty Winson, $78,800.


Kristine Geiwitz to Denise and Douglas Geiwitz, $51,600.


Daniel Brown to Daniel Brown and Michelle Larson, $58,650.

Marvin Trinkes to David Brown, $45,533.


Stan Danner to Danner Irrevocable Trust.

D&J Wall Trust to Chelsea and Steven Carpenter, $360,000.

James and Donna Dummer Family Trust to LIG Properties LLC, $150,000.

William Olson Estate to Gail Olson.


Donald and Penelope Oines to Anna and Nicholas Goldbeck, $180,000.

Edward and Karen Pretasky to Jeffrey and Jennifer Tolzmann, $270,000.

Kathleen and Peter Schank to Marcia Camden, $565,000.


Damian and Dawn Levandoski to Daniel and Elizabeth Przywojski, $105,000.

Princess Properties II LLC to Pamela Ruetten, $359,900.

Todd and Linda Trautmann Revocable Trust to Heather Burke, $80,000.

Harry Albers Jr. to Sheila Albers and Harry Albers Jr.


Jenny and John Schroeder to Marlon and Nancy Ledvina, $232,000.

Zachary Lasee to John Lochner, $155,000.

Mary Hovel to Mary Hovel Trust.


Dennis and Gerald Kneifl Trust to Barbara and Terry Dickman, $2,500.


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