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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, August 2
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, August 2


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Kevin Brickner to Eric Tschumper, 2504 S. 29th St., $189,900.

Great River Homes LLC to Jenny and John Schroeder, 6108 River Run Road, $307,000.

Jesse and Kelcey Mossholder to Andrew and Danielle Nichols, 1727 Avon St., $157,500.

Carol and Edward Jones to Donna Piette, 2162 Redfield St., $167,400.

David Rozmenoski to Ryan Rozmenoski, 2033 Prospect St., $85,000.

Double J Properties Inc. to Goehner Investments LLC, 3030 and 3020 S. East Ave., $1,200,000.

S&A Curtis Trust to Heidi and Jesse Cary, 2011 S. 21st Terrace, $157,000.

Jon Blanchard Estate to Carol and Jerome Fink, 4245 Fairway St., $380,000.

Antonio and Ingri Lombardi to Margaret Maher and Larry Robinson, 112 S. 14th St., $220,000.

Gerald and Pamela Conley to Tyler Vonhaden, 2610 Onalaska Ave., $150,000.

Joann and Terry Schaller to Dominic Antony, 804, 806, 808 and 810 Kane St., $295,000.

Joanne Kjome to NRE Properties LLC, 610, 614 Main St., 523, 525, 527 Division St., 426 Sixth St. S., 628, 630, 622 and 620 Seventh St. S., $900,000.

Patricia Richard to Duane Jeannie Lesky, 5000 S. 33rd St., $170,000.

Adam Bostrack to Higher House Properties LLC, 922 and 924 Caledonia St., $162,000.

Jared and Lori Milliren to Colt and Erin Johnson, 2544 and 2546 Harvey St., $150,000.

Colton Moyer to Michelle Curtis, 2922 S. 29th Court, $149,000.

Lynn Lachecki Estate to Roberta Rathert, 147 S. 21st St., $145,000.

W&H Mackey Trust to Anna and Trevor Sprague, 130 S. 19th St., $187,000.

Gordon and Mary Dreves to Pa Thao and Xaliyas Yang, 2803 Birch St., $219,000.

Kwik Trip Inc. to City of La Crosse, 2506 South Ave.

Ruth Siitari-Jensen Revocable Living Trust to Craig and Robert Zeeb, 3035 Lakota Place, $225,000.

Patricia Ellenz to Patricia Ellenz and Gary Schultz, 1442 Kane St.

Patrick Yeomans to Dan Howe, 717 Rublee St., $107,500.

Anita Baines to Lee Baines, 2210 and 2212 Winnebago St.

Karen Jansky to Wisco Property Group LLC, 1633 Redfield St., $148,000.

Brian Lyle to Derek Dressler, 520 S. 23rd St., $146,000.

Patrick Cavadini to Susan Kinder, 5007 County Road B, $209,900.

Mark and Nancy Misch to Jerad Ellefson, 3615 Bentwood Place, $152,000.

Krystal and Travis Carter to Joseph Atwell, 403 Loomis St., $155,000.

Kendra and Michael Berzinski to Anasthasia and Stuart Samson, 270 Farnam St., $180,000.

Affordable Repair Service LTD and Philip Weissenberger to JAC Affordable Repair LLC, 716 Hood St., $120,000.


Kevin O’Brien to Melissa Mabry and Richard Nash, 1570 E. Young Drive, $227,600.

AB Perkins to David and Kerstin Witkiewicz, 910 Oak Timber Drive, $380,000.

Cody Key Jr. to Suzanne Gawenda and Levi George, 902 West Ave., $229,000.

Rouse Living Trust to Douglas and Judith Rouse, 2416 Cedar Creek Lane.

Douglas and Judith Rouse to Rouse Living Trust, 2416 Cedar Creek Lane.

Jodi Symons to Jared Sorenson, 542 S. 21st Ave., $289,900.

David and Maureen Tostrud Joint Living Trust to Charlene and Mark Glahn, 2802 and 2712 Turnberry Lane, $325,000.

Hedy and Richard Otto to Barbara Kasmiski, 413 Hickory St., $175,000.

Eric and Krista Pearson to 2JJS LLC, 517 S. 11th Ave., $165,000.


Bangor Feed LLC to Village of Bangor.


HG Holdings Group LLC to HG Group LLC, $264,900.

HG Group LLC to Holly and Jared Showers, $264,900.

TN Thompson Enterprises to Jessica and Nathaniel Miller, $385,000.

Dayna and Trygve Norvold to Dorothy Clemment.

JR Sand Lake LLC to Glenn Lussky, $79,900.

Kyle and Lacey Collins to Trussoni Investments LLC, $125,800.

Dahlby Amended and Restated Joint Revocable Trust to Sue Prinsen, $222,000.

Roy Munderloh to James and Leslie Gallagher, $178,000.

Brittany and Jesse Kane to Cory Campbell, $286,000.

Ardis and Dale Thorsbakken to Tabitha Farr and Dustin Manguson, $285,000.


Jordan Heights Condominiums LLC to Wizard Homes LLC, $190,000.

Daniel Koonce to Krista Gorniak and Dylan Landt, $215,000.

Debra and Philip Clements to Sara Wilson, $258,900.

Karla and Kevin Feyen to Karla and Kevin Feyen.


Douglas Knudson Revocable Trust to KS Farm Irrevocable Trust.


Harley and Miriah Hague to Sarah Jaech and Matthew Lennon, $250,000.

Darrel and Suzanne Schroeder to Marty Sobeck, $160,900.

Elaine and Ricky Zimmermann to Matthew Meulemans and Breanna Spears, $175,000.


Lois Young to Darin Young.

Janice McKeag to Tammy and Wayne Petersen, $40,500.

Tina and Todd Seefeldt to Dane Jessie, $102,500.

William Bassett Revocable Living Trust to Gary Butterfield, $49,900.


J&R Roesler Trust to James and Ruth Roesler.

James and Ruth Roesler to Jerar Trust.

Marbeth and Marc Johnson to Charissa and Nick Jakusz, $339,000.


Colene Miller to Jacob and Kelsie Miller, $385,000.

Colene Miller to Jacob and Kelsie Miller, $45,000.

Joseph and Kendal Roraff to Taylor and Gregory King Jr., $270,000.


Bonice Sipley to Kevin Brickner, $354,900.

Del and Joan Schreck to Marbeth and Marc Johnson, $449,900.

Dwayne Page to Michael and Shawn Jenson, $290,000.


Nadia Aneel and Aneel Younis to Satish Jeejula and Pratima Kamada, $55,000.

Kevin Hall to Delores Engel, $215,900.

Paul Dailey to Michael Yang, $465,000.


Caroline and William Stiff to Jessica Engfer and Ryan Stellick, $288,000.

Stephanie Wisen to Anthony and Denise Caauwe, $213,500.

Carol and Paul Hanson to Mark Kunz, $100,000.

Blair Hill to Thomas Krajewski, $100,000.


Barbara and Michael Stanek to Gabriel and Megan Marsh, $602,000.

Carlene and Dennis Ulrich to Dennis and Carlene Ulrich Revocable Trust.

Rudolph and Mary Schmidt Joint Revocable Trust to James Schmidt.

Paisley LLC to Denae and Dustin Schultz, $247,000.

Lauren and John Burchill III to Lauren and John Burchill III.

Janice Drummond to Katelyn Doyle and Justin Garvey, $387,500.


Brian Buckmaster to Briana and Gregory Lejeune, $231,200.


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