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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Wayne Siegel Living Trust to Heidi Lyga, Lisa Renk, Jay Siegel and Renee Stolpa, 1615 and 1617 Weston St.

Heidi Lyga, Lisa Renk, Jay Siegel and Renee Stopla to Dean and Lisa Renk, 1615 and 1617 Weston St., $99,900.

Jessica and Thomas Lawrynk and Sheriff La Crosse County to Wells Fargo Bank, 1226 Park Ave.

Jordon Just and Devon Lasko to Allison, Christopher and Dawn Hoins, 2307 Market St., $115,000.

Campus Centre Porperties LLP to Trussoni Investments LLC, 2101 Victory St., 2945 and 2951 21st Place S.

Phillip Berry to Larry and Paula Byrne, 1460 and 1462 Redfield St., $132,500.

Aaron MacPhetridge, Sheriff La Crosse County and Susan Ziemann to Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, 2833 Ward Ave.

Jami and Joseph Mathison to Wisco Property Group LLC, 1017 and 1019 Adams St., $100,000.

Donna and Russell Flower to LAX Holdings LLC, 1224, 1226 and 1228 Ferry St., $235,000.

George Singh to Carrie Bero and Matthew Evenson, 2122 Jackson St., $156,000.

Linda and Mark Hanson and Sheriff La Crosse County to Babb Real Estate LLC, 1546 Charles St., $75,300.

Charles Johnson to City of La Crosse, 1106 11th St. S., $40,000.

Dolores Smikla to Emily and John Coates, 3122 29th Court S., $129,900.

Barbara Wright to Danielle Rachak, 1733 Prospect St.

Lisa Schlifer and Jenny Vue to Lisa Schlifer, 1922 Caledonia St., $26,000.

Lindsay and Ryan McGuan to RLMG Properties LLC, 1110 and 1112 Badger St.

Lindsay and Ryan McGuan to RLMG Properties LLC, 332 11th St. N.

Carmen Boortz to Arial Kann, 944 Redfield St., $81,500.

Gerald Maschka to Collins 2011 Revocable Trust, 2401 La Crosse St., $105,000.

Lorraine McDowell to Jacob Moths, 1308 29th St. S., $103,000.

Kathleen and Maureen McDowell to Brian Zenz, 332 Caledonia St., $130,000.

Mark Larson, Sheriff La Crosse County and Todd Skoien to Wells Fargo Bank, 1302 Eighth St. S.

Gregg and Kay Cleveland to Georgia and Tim Stockman, 2819 29th Court S. $242,000.

Thomas Baumgartner to City of La Crosse, 1003 Island St., $41,000.

City of La Crosse to Joseph Hengel, 1010 and 1612 10th St. S.

Ian and Sydney Halberg to Chih and James Hsu, 2508 26th St. S., $120,000.

Kalvin and Wendy Clemmerson to Jared Herman, 2825 Jackson St., $200,000.

Brian and Emily Przybylski to Cassie Thao, 1525 Hyde Ave., $157,000.

Pauline Wendling to Lopez V Inc., 321, 323 and 325 Caledonia St., $81,000.

Kellie Berg and Marceen Weilandt to Hannah Johnson and Jackson Kistler, 2123 Weston St., $142,000.

James Cauffman to Casey Andrada, 1404 20th St. S., $53,000.

Matthew and Michelle Noben to Michael Goodwin and Hannah Thompson, 510 and 512 Liberty St., $94,000.

Bruce and Carolyn Johnson to Banc Securities LLC, 4791, 4841 and 4815 Mormon Coulee Road.


Aaron and Alison Bright to Brock and Megan Howard, 428 Sixth Ave. N., $205,000.

Alyxandra and Christopher Bushnell to Elizabeth Davenport, 217 Ninth Ave. S., $174,000.

Brian and Bruce Lamprech and Christine McKinzie to Brian and Terri Lamprech, 1217 Lauderdale Place, $180,000.

Leroy and Neta Niedfelt to Traditional Trades Inc., 707 Hanson Court, $175,000.

Carrie Simpson to Carrie Simpson and Kelly and Ryan Thorne, 317 14th Ave. N.

Diane and Thomas Kelbel to Alexandra and Mitchell Peterson, 251 Kevin Court, $283,000.

James Wilde to James and Tara Wilde, 2008 Evenson Drive.

Walter Walden LLC to Kali and Michael Eastway, 528 Flint St., $195,000.

Victor Rivera and Sarah Roberge to Dimitriy and Vladimir Tsoy, 414 Placid Court, $144,000.


Jessica Dammen to Justin Peterson, $145,000.

Jeffrey and Lori Reiter to Jeffrey Reiter.

Jeanie Bell to Tim Bell.

S & J Properties of La Crosse LLC to MMO LLC, $44,900.


Joseph and Ruth Becker Revocable Trust to Small Town Investments LLC, $55,000.

Autumn Pfaff to Darren Pfaff.


Troy Batzel and Bryan Novy to TBN Management LLCM.

Anthony and Kelly Lamore to Angela and Darin Bishop, $304,900.

BCampbell Investments LLC to Brian Campbell.


Debra and Joseph Kaiser to Kasey Campbell and Connor Kaiser, $177,000.

Carol and Rodger Schomberg to Manke Farms Inc., $435,000.


Travis Good to Mara Good.

Letha and Thomas Morfeld to Joel Schiffer, $54,000.

Richard Beckman to Brandon and Tracey Miller, $139,500.

George Jolivett III to Kilo Properties LLC, $41,000.

Patricia Kaufmann and Sondra Catano to Kenneth and Michael Kaufmann.


Carol and Sheldon Taylor to Kari and Thomas Moe, $269,900.

Henry Althoff to Michelle and William Hardy, $372,000.


Linda and Scott Schomberg to Cindy Bowling and Linda and Scott Schomberg, $79,900.

Robin and Steven Bahr to Brian Hein, $400,000.


Gloria Gensch to James Shurson Revocable Trust, $175,000.

Diane and James Stoeckly Jr. to Dennis and Dorothy Baumgartner, $160,000.


Your Dream Home Builder LLC to Bethanne Krueger and Jason Vrbsky, $299,900.

Angela and Dustin Hart to Jaren Aylsworth, $225,000.

Jay Just to Kymberly and Todd DeMaiffe, $308,900.

Steven Schank to Elizabeth Schank.


Debra and John Hayward III to Frank and Janet Servais Trust, $358,000.

MCEE Properties LLC to Trang Nguyen, $290,000.

Circuit Court La Crosse County and James Wang Estate to Daniel and Robert Dagendesh, Kathryn Ellis, Deeanna Erdmann, David Long, Kimberly, Richard Wang and James and Jeffrey Ward.

Deluxe Holdings LLC to Thomas Winkler, $205,000.


2sputzies LLC to David and Sandra Balduzzi.

Gary and Luann Fletcher to Daniel and Natalie Morgan, $180,000.

Kari and Thomas Moe to Stephanie Cormican, $185,000.

Cindy and James Brush to Stephen Carlisle, $85,015.

Matthew Hutchison and Debra Wade to Caroline and Gary Stiff, $487,000.

Laura and William Hoglund to Ryan Smith, $378,000.

Betty Maier to Ian and Sydney Halberg, $189,900.

David Nau to Carole and Douglas Myhre, $189,500.


Andrew and Christine Johnson to Eric Snively, $94,900.

Lee and Lois Sprengelmeyer to Jennifer Loging and Matthew Sprengelmeyer.

Kensey Shaffer to Matthew Magnuson, $162,000.


Patricia and Sylvester Clements to Kayla and Ryan Kyser, $12,600.


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