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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Daniel and Jenna Knutson to Monica Zanon, N8565 Hwy. TT, $322,500.

Elaine Addis Revocable Trust to Albert Watson, 806 Rose St.

Oldenburg Investments LLC to Susan Walz, 2156 22nd St. S., $136,500.

Eric and Karla Hansen to Alexander Low, 1415 Loomis St., $93,500.

Deena Athas and Jake Phillips to Mandy Haugstad and Jordan Rudolph, 2220 Losey Blvd. S., $132,300.

Lianne Schmalz to Brandi Patterman and Nicoloas Workman, 2516 Smith Valley Road, $169,000.

Wheat Hollow Investments LLC to Brian Manske, 2125 Madison St., $117,900.

Spies Construction LLC to Bethany and Justin Matsick, 504 Johnson St., $171,000.

Diane Roesler to Elizabeth Wuensch, 5207 33rd St. S., $110,000.

Larry and Rick Blum to Dianna Hudson, 2205 George St., $82,000.

Nancy Sweatt to Coulee Region Apartment Rentals, LLC, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 Seventh St. S., $273.280.

Stanley and Clarice Rank Inter-Vivos Trust to Alex Wehrenberg, 1907 Losey Blvd. S., $117,500.

Kristine Schlicht to Ekim Investment Group LLC, 2101 Green Bay St., $86,000.

Mathias Harter to Brandon Blair, 2808 Hamilton St., $78,000.

Laraine and Ricky Viner to Cole Investment Properties of Wisconsin, 2913 South Ave., $119,500.

Mary Coady and David Holthaus to Goehner Investments LLC, 1101, 1103 and 10015 Caledonia St., $120,000.

Sue Anderson Revocable Trust to John and Pamela Pink, 3485 Peace St., $205,000.

Brock and Megan Howard to Erica Hougen, 510 Car St., $95,000.

Kimberly and Theodore Wichelt to Neil McDonah, 402 and 404 19th St. S. and 203 and 205 Ninth St. S., $390,000.

Gloria and David Adickes Living Trust to Bryan and Vicki Leisso, 1633 and 1535 Prospect St., $132,000.

John Hansen and James and Jane Kowal to Castle Headquarters LLC, 2216 Hwy. 16, $350,000.

Noreen Fish to Jneane Young, 1400 Redfield St., $80,000.

Kayla and Robert Pappin to David, Jennifer and Kathleen Nichols, 1514 West Ave. S., $119,000.

Douglas and Ellen Menezes to Morgan Menezes, 400 Losey Blvd. N., $165,000.


Regan and Timothy Kelemen to Stacie Kohler, 1562 Young Drive W., $217,150.

Luann Call to Stafferd Call, 2017 Clearwater Drive.

Betty Lewiston Estate to Kelsey and Michael Hanson, 1117 Lake St., $145,000.

Kaitlan and Logan Ellman to Paul Vantassel, 517 16th Ave. N., $168,000.

John and Marcia Sarnowski to Richard Haney and Melissa Noren, 313 15th Ave. N., $220,000.

Krista and Mark Topolski to Ann and Patrick Schoenecker, 847 Olympic Drive, $25,000.

Diane Kunde, Karen Mueller, Dale, Daniel and Douglas Robertson to Samantha Robertson, 420 Oak Ave. N., $122,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development USA to Katie Woodliff, 816 Main St.

William Bottger to Amanda and Kenneth Hart, 1056 Green St., $146,500.

I & B of Hudson LLC to Rebecca Danhof and Isaac Mayer, 1005 Summers Day Lane.

Patricia Kline to Katherine Kline, 2531 Sand Lake Road.

Three Amigos Property Management LLC to Tippetts Rentals LLC, 9532, 9534 and 9538 16 Frontage Road E., $1,575,000.

Julie and Thomas Deyo to Alyxandra and Christopher Bushnell, 928 Sunset Place, $266,000.


WB Construction LLC to Adam and Cathy Tegan, $409,900.

Todd and Tonia Wright to Advanced Builder Holmen LLC, $50,000.

River Valley Ventures LLC to Grace and Karl Fegi, $280,000.

Brook and Michael Mashak to Michael Mashak.

Melissa Gutknecht-Placek and Timothy Placek to Joel and Krista Clinton, $247,900.

Birdd Land Investments Inc. to Jason Braund and Mary Mack, $69,900.

Integrity Construction of La Crosse LLC to Jordan and Madeline Ecklund, $349,900.

Chad and Karen McCathie to Alden and Darlene Mehlhoff, $239,900.


Jean and Matt Mathison to Christopher and Jacey Wolff, $200,000.


PLK Investments LLC to Katherine and Stephen Cohen, $235,000.

Karen Kirchner to Steven Carlson, $205,000.

Jane and Michael Decker to alan and Amy Marshall, $155,000.

Terry and William Wagner to Jennifer and Ronald Black, $48,250.

Towner Construction LLC to Joseph Averbeck and Sarah Nuzum, $189,000.

Shon Jordan and Sheriff La Crosse County to Tiny Orchard Studio LLC, $31,000.


Merlin Severson Estate to Kelsey and Matthew Neubauer, $24,900.

Christopher Stumlin to Lee and Linnette Fehr, $130,000.


Jane Hafner to Tasha Martin, $40,300.

Tasha Martin to Gary and Shirley Olson, $60,000.


Robert Lovejoy to Shelly Radde, $165,000.


Eleanor and Todd Sobkowiak to Derek and Kailee Witt, $270,000.

Chad Knutson to Clarence and Paula Knutson.

Matthew Bautch and Donna Konish to Mitchell Rolbiecki, $189,900.

Arlene and Roger Loging to Dardy and Paul Berge, $32,500.

Linda Carlson to Jason and Mellanie Ferguson, $209,900.

Justin and Krisha Diers to Elizabeth and William Poh, $194,000.

Robert and Suzann Balduzzi to Daniel, David, Kimberly and Nichols Balduzzi, $73,550.

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