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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 13

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


B&D Korth Trust to Nitika Arora and Ishan Shah, 2360 Sablewood Road, $68,000.

Marian Schnell Revocable Trust to Jonathan Clark, 2202 30th St. S., $186,100.

Dale and Tina Wirth to HG Equity LLC, 1003 Eighth St. S., $150,000.

Christine and Frank Thornton to Rebecca and Tyler Woodke, 4229 Riverview Drive, $240,000.

Susan Wyland to the City of La Crosse, 919 Fifth Ave. S., $74,000.

Larry Durfey to SB Edifice LLC, 1420 and 1422 Gillette St., $125,000.

Aerosat Acquisitions LLC to William Hatfield and Audra Storm, 1900 Sunset Lane, $298,000.

Robert and Shelley Kellogg to Kellogg Revocable Trust, 527 Kane St.

CIM Trust 2017-3 Mortgage-backed notes to NRE Properties LLC, 1442 George St., $92,200.

May Yang to Salena, Sandra and Simon Lee, 3322 29th St. S., $105,000.

Adam Vanliere to Samuel Morris and Adam Vanliere, 2123 Cass St.

Delano Hubing to Daniel and Jared Becker, 2932 Robinsdale Ave., $144,900.

Joshua and Kearstin Hyttinen to Megan Preston, 1626 Onalaska Ave., $165,000.

James and Lynn Hobart Living Trust to Eric Johnson and Magdalen Kellogg, 2812 Bliss Road, $352,000.

Donald and Jeneane Mahr Joint Revocable Trust to Steven Kopp, 2616 Lincoln Ave., $200,000.

Mark and Mary Kerrigan to Kyle and Rebecca Huth, 902 Seventh St. S., $149,900.

Kristina Olson to Kristina Olson, 2528 17th St. S.

PE Rentals LLC to the City of La Crosse, 1113 Fourth St. S., $550,000.

Paul Dawson to Tanner Farnsworth and Jamie Lee, 1502 George St., $283,500.

Laurie and Richard Roberts to Tyler Prokes, 1547, 1549 and 1551 Avon St., $245,000.

Conway Property Investments LLC to the City of La Crosse, 2349 South Ave. and 2000 West Ave. S.

Bradley and Kim Butterfield to Anthony Ayala, Madeline and Steven Etrheim, and Denise Joachim-Etrheim, 1933 State St., $270,000.

Michael and Rachel Margulis to Tiffany and Tylor Fischer, 1303 Main St., $275,000.

James Thompson to KWS Partners LLC, 1336 Wood St., $72,000.

Andrew Huegel to Andrew and April Huegel, 2827 South Ave.

Heather and Michael Lyman to Larry and Tammi Winters, 3639 Mormon Coulee Road, $122,000.

Barbara and Arne Thomsen Jr. to Thipphaphone Fleckenstein and Erik Thomsen, 216 23rd St. S., $89,400.

Carole and Robert Gibb to Kim and Tod Sorensen, 338 Losey Blvd. S., $221,500.

Joshua Marler to Jason Jones, 3205 and 3207 Losey Blvd. S., $170,000.

Kara and Kellen Burgos to Alexandra Henderson and Steven Linberg, 1109 West Ave. S., $192,500.

Pauline Wendling Estate to Roger and Steven Wendling, 607 10th St. N.

Joseph and Stacy Freybler to Nick and Reegan Shafer, 2418 Wood St., $213,000.


Wisco Property Group LLC to HDMHolley LLC, 829 Madison St., $155,000.

Elizabeth Elicerio-Nelson and Steven Nelson to Elizabeth Elicerio-Nelson Revocable Trust, 1055 Lauderdale N.

Gale and Sally Grimslid Trust to Sharon Stalsberg, 1710 Pine Ridge Drive, $315,000.

Michael Schoen to Michael and Tamara Tooke, 960 Oak Ave. N.

Tamara Tooke to Michael Tooke, 960 Oak Ave. N.

Katherine and Lee Eckstein to April and Ryan McClish, 2475 Spring Hill Way, $625,000.

Charles and Diane Bertram to Barry Blomquist Revocable Trust and Eva Dahl Revocable Trust, 434 Country Club Lane, $650,000.

Bruce and Jacqueline Kaiser to Jonathan Cadwell, 406 15th Ave. N., $228,000.

Greg and Ramona Malsyzcki to Kadie Koepke, Joshua Malsyzcki and Marcie Rainbolt, 2417 Krause Road.


Magnum Opus Investments LLC to Drew Kreibich and Beth McGowan, $350,355.

B&B Land Development II LLC to Austin and Pauline Leigh, $54,900.


McCathie Investments LLC to Jennifer Pyrczak and Jacob Salsman, $394,900.

Carey and Chris Wucherer to George Galfo III, $173,700.

Mason and Susan Hardy to Keith and Susan Robbins, $264,900.

Joel and Kelsie Whited to Kristin Demers and Samuel Leinfelder, $275,000.

Darwin Grosz to Brody and Melissa Meier, $426,000.


Agnes and Thomas Neumeister to Time Enterprise Inc., $400,000.

Donald Pedretti to Zachariah Her and Mee Thao-Her, $300,000.


Dale Hesselberg to Heidi and Jasen Anhalt, $480,000.

Jean and Michael Stengel to Andrew Doyle and Andrea Pierson, $310,100.


Jason Hauser Revocable Trust to Debra and Joseph Gerke Jr., $179,000.


Claudia and Kelvin Hilliard to Tracy Sheley and Richard Wertz, $265,000.

Willa and Norman Thingvold Trust to ITZ Properties LaFond LLC, $301,000.


Jean and Richard Mades to Melissa Kaatz and Marc Mades.

Frances Merrell to Joshua and Michael Merrell.


Kenneth and Mary Nofftz to Christopher and Sadie Whalen, $630,000.


Darby McIntyre to Darby McIntyre Revocable Trust.

Holter Brothers Irrevocable Trust to Andrew and Kimberly Olson, $1,891,768.

Dorothy and Jeff McClintock to Carolyn Lindeman, $436,000.


Karla Walker to Maria Halvorson, $250,000.

William Thomas to Dotseth/Hall Family Revocable Trust, $369,900.

Cordells Properties LLC to Cordell and Marlene Adamson.

Jane Brockway to Jane Brockway and Paul Sobkowiak, $102,550.


Diane and Jeff Gray to Jordan Donley and Bridget Wagner, $320,000.

Frances Kaplan Revocable Trust to Bret Benson, $260,000.


Harold and Judy Smith to Linda and Reid Stoeckly, $250,000.

Bruce and Connie Pulkkila to Adrian and Lisa Swenson, $240,000.

Jacob and Rachel Benson to Alicia and Nicholas Wolfert, $275,000.


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