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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 21
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 21


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Michael Ender to Bridget Britson, 1720 Cass St.

Charles and Sharon Guenther to Robert Parker III, 303 Alexander St., $120,000.

Sylvia Firary Revocable Trust to Sylvia Moser Revocable Trust, 210 N. 24th St.

Jason Thompson to Jason and Rebecca Thomspon, 4829 Nottingham Ave.

Gerald and Joyce Soffa Joint Revocable Trust to Bluffview Corp., 2103 and 2105 Sunset Lane, $159,500.

Goehner Investments LLC to Dianna Vincent, 717 S. 15th St., $150,500.

Luke Pralle to Sheriff La Crosse County to Firefighters Credit Union, 2730 Ray Place.

Victor Rieber to Diane Hogovy, Alan Marie and Michael Rieber and Rose Zielke, 723 Avon St.

127 11th Street LLC to Shane Ilstrup, 127 S. 11th St.

2030 Market LLC to Shane Ilstrup, 2030 Market St.

740 Hillview LLC to Shane Ilstrup, 740 and 742 Hillview Ave.

AG Investment Properties LLC and Goehner Investments LLC to Swing Enterprises LLC, 1811 and 1813 George St., 1725 and 1727 Mississippi St., 1923 and 1925 Fanell Drive, $557,175.

Andrew Goehner to Sarah Mckenzie and Nicholas Sammet, 1407 Jackson St., $149,900.

Gundersen/City of La Crosse Neighborhood Development to Farnam Flats LLC, 708 Hood St. and 1305 S. 7th St., $205,000.

Mark and Mary Bushek to Kelli Hundt, 1919 Mississippi St., $153,900.

Moonstone Meadow LLC to Josiah Lecleir, 1216 Livingston St., $89,900.

Austin and Richard Siewert to Higher House Properties LLC, 1416 and 1418 Travis St.

Jody and Nicholas Haefs to Haefs Homes LLC, 3324 and 3326 Kenton St., 1008 and 1010 Monroe St., 2401 and 2403 Thomas Court, 1519 Sand Lake Road, 134 and 136 Rhyme St. and 757 N. 24th St.

Michele Larson to Mathew Eshelman, 135 S. 23rd St., $160,000.

Jason Kartman to Steve Glunz and Dayton Holen, 3048 S. 23rd St., $175,000.

Divna and Dragan Miljkovic to NRE Properties LLC, 1428 Rose St., $360,000.

Karen Vick to Bernadine Woyczik, 3003 Ward Ave., $146,500.

Jill Gorell to Anne and Steven Young, 1222 S. 22nd Drive, $315,000.

Pamperin Real Estate LLC to Nothern Wisconsin General Real Estate LLC, 2150 Enterprise Ave., $225,000.

Waterford Valley LLC to Caroline and Scott Flatten, $40,000.

Gregory Wendling to City of La Crosse, 2631 South Ave.

Lisa Ruddock to Nicholas Colburn and Alexa Roubik, 218 N. 20th St., $163,000.

David and Paulette Richling to Michael Tamboli, 1502 Jackson St., $149,900.

Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Medical Center to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse Inc., 508 S. 5th Ave., $150,000.

Christine Kakuska to Tyler Henry and Mercedes Reber, 1806 Redfield St., $155,000.

Robertia Hecht Estate to Anneliese and Richard Wilhelm, 3061 S. 29th Court, $138,000.

Marcie Berger, Michael and Richard Johnson and Mary Koblitz to Mary and Scott Koblitz, 2502 Harvey St., $100,000.

Wisco Property Group LLC to Sara Harding, 2124 Liberty St., $115,000.


Bradley and Britni Walz to Jesse and Tony Benson, 4086 Pineview St., $338,000.

Fred Ahlstrom to Fred Ahlstrom Revocable Trust, 539 Sand Lake Road.

Pamela Barge to DNC Holdings LLC, $129,000.

Brooke and Jason Hoff to Corey Andel, 2000 Evenson Drive, $359,900.


ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Alan and Elizabeth Bires, $59,900.

Tonya Krug to Alyssa Lamer, 2810 S. Cedar Ave., $252,000.

Carrie and Michael Ewing to Jacob Ludwig, $193,000.

Rhianna Arentz to Jarred Arentz.

JKC Construction LLC to Kaleb Fitzsimmons and Kaitlynn Woloszyk, $318,900.

River Valley Ventures LLC to Lori and Michael Averbeck, $325,000.

JR Sand Lake LLC to Angela and Keith Togerud, $79,400.

Carlson Holdings LLC to Epic Holdings LLC, $70,000.

Journey Lutheran Church-Village of Holmen Inc. to La Crosse County.

Emily and Lee Keim to La Crosse County.

Anne and Steven Young to Andrew and Morgan Brown, $260,000.

Benjamin and Rebecca Vahle to Ryan Brohmer, $194,000.

Cindy and Robert Klar to Noah and Rhiannon Wells, 4467 El Camino Real Drive, $305,000.

HG Holdings Group LLC to HG Group LLC, $264,900.

HG Group LLC to Benjamin and Rebecca Vahle, $264,900.


Donna and Michael Fisher, Sheriff La Crosse County to Nicholas Krause, $108,100.

Kimberly and Timothy Victora to Keith Mueller, $190,000.

Davita and Rob Molling to EJH LLC, $70,000.


C&K Cvikota Trust to Curtis and Kristine Cvikota.

Curtis and Kristine Cvikota to Kristine Cvikota.


Brian and Carmen Mashak to Brian and Carmen Mashak Revocable Living Trust.


Amanda and Travis Seman to Katherine and Richard Cooney, $240,000.


Christopher and Terra Steuerwald to Tanner Dunn, $157,100.


Cheryl Komisarek to Cheryl Komisarek Revocable Trust.

Joan and Wilbur Schultz to Aben Properties LLC, $325,000.

Samuel Morris and Jennifer Schmaltz to Michael and Paul Schwarz, $408,000.


Lori and Michael Averbeck to Carrie and Michael Ewing, $348,000.


Tammy and Timothy Aspeslet to Kimberly and Timothy Victora, $380,000.

Anthony and Carol Lee to Ericka and Jacob Johnson, $327,000.


Jason Lindvig and Todd Thompson, $185,000.

Eric King to Kenneth and Leah Kosirowski, $274,900.

Gale and Sandra Ross to Gary and Dawn Hougom Revocable Trust, $315,000.

HP River Rock LLC to Thomas Krajewski Sr., $101,000.


Beth and John Roof to John and Beth Roof Revocable Trust.

Ericka and Jacob Johnson to Jaimie Vix, $225,000.

Valley Storage LLC to Fidei Enterprises LLC, $1,850,000.

Randy Krainock and Kristie Shappell to Randy Krainock Joint Revocable Trust and Kristie Shappell Joint Revocable Trust.

Joyce and John Erickson Jr. to John Jr. and Joyce Erickson Joint Revocable Living Trust.


Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center Inc. to La Crosse County.


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