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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 27

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Shelter Development Inc to Alisha and Kenneth Hummel Jr., 1619 10th St. S., $87,000.

John and Susan Schmidt to Jacob and Kelsey Bentley, 1206 20th St. S., $210,000.

Heather Gerleman to Higher House Properties LLC, 2737 Hamilton St., $110,500.

MPL Holdings LLC to Higher House Properties LLC, 2038 Avon St., $73,500.

Faye Ellis to Troy Ellis, 720 21st St. S.

Norbert Hegenbarth Estate to Thomas Beitlich, 1905 13th Place S., $195,000.

Caitlin and David Foster to Amy and Robert Jarecki, 726 Cameron Ave., $308,000.

Jennifer Anderson-Meger and Steven Meger to Lauren and Mackenzie Baker, 120 17th St. S., $431,000.

Breanna Vaughn to ABJ Investments LLC, 925 16th St. S., $180,000.

Marietta Buchner and Robert Seaquist to Curt and Keely Rees, 202 Zephyr Circle, $326,000.

Ellen and Zachary Fritz to Lindsay Hoffman, 1126 Grandad Terrace, $235,000.

Lopez V Inc to Ashley Stussy, 3631 Mormon Coulee Road, $135,000.

JDKT LLC to Lillian Vega, 1412 and 1414 20th St. S., $239,000.

City of La Crosse to Redevelopment Authority of the City of La Crosse, 100 and 104 Causeway Blvd., 1, 11, 25, 29 and 35 Copeland Ave.

David and Cecily Sample Joint Revocable Trust to Ashley Gilbertson, 2820 22nd St. S., $143,500.

Carrie Smith to Goliath Companies LLC, 1417 State St., $110,000.

Deanna and Nicholas Gordon to Jacob Obert, 1113 11th St. S., $147,000.

Heather and Tony Reyerson to Brianna Allen and Christian Volzka, 1425 Loomis St., $200,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Thomas Biermann, 6206 River Run Road, $317,900.

Steven Schlicht to Leah Genz and Brett Nievinski, 2143 Jackson St., $220,000.

Boua and Yer Yang to Alec Brown, 1519 and 1521 Johnson St., $150,000.

Craig and Kathryn Oleson to Tessa Erickson and Tanner Oleson, 4420 El Camino Real Drive, $294,900.

Thomas Larkin to Thomas Larkin Family Irrevocable Trust, 740 24th St. N.

Evemarie and Josh Landsinger to Leeland McGreck, 2005 Loomis St., $193,000.

Linda Johnson to Elissa Nicks, 2111 Travis St., $176,180.

Larry and Linda Gloede to Clarke Enterprises LLC, 1915 Wood St., $81,000.

Water Place One LLC to Kelly and Robert Brooke Jr., 321 River Point, $569,400.

Melanie Johnson Estate to Stacey and Thaddeus Sloggy II, 1550 Denton St., $137,000.

Leah Eulberg to Ryan Kime, 1513 Hyde Ave., $187,500.

David Weise to Bluffview Development Group LLC, 926 Sixth St. S., $85,000.

Scannell Properties #424 LLC to Norman La Crosse-WI LLC, 3251 Berlin Drive.

HNT Properties LLC to Wendy Holtz-Leith and Garson Leith, 928 Hagar St. and 635 Charles St., $110,000.

Elissa Nicks to Danny Littlejohn, 1823 21st St. S., $135,000.

Carl Rausch and Kelly Voegele to Gloria Pavlinec, 1632 Market St., $235,000.


Jennifer and Kevin Werlein to Jennifer and Kevin Werlein, 1455 Cliffview Ave.

Christa and Joseph Weber to Catherine and William Beatty, 1201 Red Cedar Court, $370,000.

Tanya Hall to Evemarie and Joshua Landsinger, 645 12th Ave. N., $299,900.

Mindy and Troy Norman to Brooke and Clinton Rihn, 606 Ninth Ave. S., $210,000.

Svetlana Rodionova to Brandon and Julie Olson, 812 and 814 Robert Place, $290,000.

Alyssa Lewin to Donna Lewin, 3801 and 3803 Emerald Drive E., $154,400.

Dawn and William Veley to Katharine and Robert Papke, 717 Hanson Court, $261,000.

Susan Hughes and Grant White to Brian and Martha Theiler, 2415 Cedar Creek Lane, $439,900.

Barbara Mader to Ashley Newman-Mclendon, 1103 Schafer Drive.

Ashley Newman-Mclendon to Darrin Mclendon and Ashley Newman-Mclendon, 1103 Schafer Drive.

Alex and Elizabeth Westhoff to Kelsie and Kyle Prins, 1547 Young Drive W., $251,400.


Boon and Lee Xiong to Chelsea and Mitchel Lakowske, $180,050.

Patricia Haas to Chong Krueger, $256,000.

Birdd Land Investments Inc to Craig and Vicki Sorensen, $42,900.

Adam and Robyn Foye to Caitlyn and Sean Leary, $388,700.

Kevin and Marilyn Caulum to Katrina and Robert Becker, $275,000.

Allie and Brian Cossette to Mindy and Troy Norman, $360,000.

Sue Prinsen to Jeffrey and John Dikeman.

Nou Xiong to Jony Xiong.

Jerod Smith to Amy and Jerod Smith.

David Bentzen to Jolene Bentzen.

Donna Johnson Trust to Carl Rausch and Kelly Voegele, $249,000.

Buck 47 Ventures LLC to Casey and Olivia Dingfelder, $57,900.

Buck 47 Ventures LLC to Westpfahl Construction LLC, $43,000.

Westpfahl Construction LLC to Casey and Olivia Dingfelder, $410,000.

Mathison Construction LLC to Dawn and William Veley, $379,900.


Gayle and Jason Lassen to James and Jilayne Karr, $290,900.

Clay and Katie Kalember to Mason Hardy, $425,000.

James and Laura Drake to Hailee and Jessie Glahn, $375,000.

Richard Bahr to Lysette and Richard Bahr.

Eileen Carns to Michael Dinos and Sara Steien, $400,000.


Richard Nuttelman to Anne Kohlmeier, $6,772.

Anne Kohlmeier to Richard Nuttelman.


Joan and Lester Bjorkman to Michael and Susan Bjorkman.


Brian Elder to Brian Elder Revocable Living Trust.


Cindy and Jeffrey Conger to Jeffrey and Cindy Conger Revocable Trust.

Derek Christopherson to Jacob Butenhoff and Page Christopherson, $260,000.

Randy and Sheri Breidel to Amber and Jeremy Breidel, $130,000.

Mark Conrad to Judy and Randy Stumlin, $28,000.


Angela and Kevin Albert to Liesl and Nathan Jordan, $284,000.


Daniel Blumer and Susan Herzog-Blumer to Caitlin and Eric Wilson, $190,000.

Julie and Phillip Vircks to Stephen Bloechl, $400,000.


Duane and Mary Schlender to Jacob Maland and Tara Rodger, $355,000.

Adam and Jennifer Fleis to Adam and Jennifer Fleis Joint Revocable Trust.

Thaddeus Anderson and Lacey Haar to Thaddeus Anderson, $151,200.

Carl and Jean Swenson to Chad Arbeen, $120,000.

Carl and Jean Swenson to Charles and Merle Arbeen, $497,500.

Michael and William Hansen to Jonathan Hansen, $180,000.

Stephen Halvorson to Sherrie and Stephen Halvorson.

Pinnacle Gold Co. LLC to Town of Holland.

Kimberly Hasz and Jacob Stoll to Tim Smethurst, $62,000.

Cynthia and James Hanson to Zachary Denzin and Kasey Erdman, $200,000.


Grant Smith to Grant Smith Living Trust.

Richard Schneider and Gretchen Taeger to Jodi and Kristof Gehrke, $555,000.


Lonnie Holland Estate to Michael Dvorak, $25,000.

Philip Barrow and Shelly Lindner to Patrick Cannon, $94,500.

Cathy and Douglas Burge to Douglas and Cathy Burge Living Trust.


Barbara and Donna Miller Revocable Trust to Barbara Miller, Karola and Ross Wellert, $4,000.

Nicole and Ryan Roesch to Ellen and Zachary Fritz, $242,000.

David and Jo Hartman to Nathan and Tabitha Kemp, $419,500.

Paul and Arlene Zei Revocable Trust to Donald Jorgensen, $285,000.


Carol and Steven Weber to Steven and Carol Weber Irrevocable Trust.


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