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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 28
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, June 28


The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Great River Road Investments LLC to Sarah Hemker, 1608 and 1610 George St.

Robert and Trudy Christenson Irrevocable Trust to Lisa Scheel, 3062 Linden Drive.

Clair and Beverly Valentine Revocable Trust to Terry Valentine, 2812 S. 29th Court.

Marcia Allen and David Klein to Beth Richard Trust, 1102 S. 17th St.

Great River Homes LLC to William and Frances O’Leary Joint Revocable Trust and Survivor Trust, 6026 and 6028 River Run Road, $357,748.

Jerry and Patricia Tollackson to Jericho Parcher, 1326 Liberty St., $107,800.

Beth and John Sanders to John and Beth Sanders Revocable Trust, 2607 Sunrise Drive.

Lopez V. Inc to James Satterwhite, 1708 S. 30th St., $170,000.

Daniel Bukowski to Coulee Holdings LLC, 415 N. Sixth St., $294,900.

Joseph Liegel to Rachel White, 2003 Mississippi St., $171,500.

Dana Harvey to Erin Avila and Samuel Branson, 1227 Johnson St., $132,500.

Lori Gjertzen and Richard Kastenschmidt to Jacob Wagner, 1532 Adams St., $183,500.

Tod Hauser to GEO St. Properties LLC, 2412 and 2414 George St.

Anne Aldrich to Matthew and Megan Bauer, 1904 Winnebago St., $205,000.

Darcy Greenwood Estate to Higher House Properties LLC, 2218 Denton St., $67,000.

Christopher and Danyel Zielke to Andrew and Stephanie Pagano, 2147 Market St., $235,000.

Northern Wisconsin General Real Estate LLC to Great Lakes Cheese of La Crosse Wisconsin Inc., 2150 Enterprise Ave., $225,000.

Joshua and Megan Bonnell to Kalla Burke, 2043 Prospect St., $133,000.

Brey Trust to Stephani Brey, 3484 Woodbridge Court, $265,000.

Niall Kader and Ashley Patros-Kader to TGS LLC, 1249 S. 11th St., $84,500.

Kathleen and Phillip Marquart to Bridget and Kale Manuel, 4760 Meadow Pond Lane, $465,000.

Roy Hendrickson Estate to Riverland Rentals LLC, 1516 Kane St., $100,000.

Ellyn Ash Revocable Trust to Colleen and Jeffrey Bonsack, 1913 Cherokee Ave., $490,000.

Doreen and Peter Thompson to Riverland Rentals, 817 Sill St., $80,000.

Clare Lewandowski to Jordan and Maggie Hanson, 1033 Rose St., $153,500.

Dylan and Halley Davis to Leng Thao and Kou Xiong, 2410 George St., $152,000.


Anna and James Driscoll to Michael Anthony and Anna Schuld, 1109 N. Oak Ave., $263,000.

Coulee Holdings LLC to Deboer Family Living Trust, 3307 and 3251 Augusta Lane, $144,000.

Lucille Pohl and Carol Selhorn to Lorri Simpson, 1067 Terrace Drive, $139,000.

Jennifer Reedy-Taylor and Samuel Taylor to Renee and Rick Holzer, 2214 W. Craig Lane, $240,000.

Mary Sanders to Kaitlin Inglett and Ciara Kolman, 293 Walnut Drive, $175,000.

Ashley Hove and Brittany Matti to Mary Brummond, 543 N. 10th Place, $185,000.

John and Karen Kaminski to Linh Nguyen and Samuel Schmidt, 645 N. 13th Ave., $210,000.

John and Kristine Sanchez to Patrick and Suzette Reilley, 2209 Krause Road, $340,000.

Mary and Terry Hass to Hass Family Revocable Trust, 712 Country Club Lane.

Corina and Steven Turriff to Amanda and Daniel Young, $688,000.

Donna Piette to Dana Meyer, 409 Michael Court, $152,000.

Bobette and Steven Tuomie to Marjorie and Thomas Larson, 333 French Road, $325,000.

Elizabeth Davenport to Gerard and Karen Thuli, 217 S. Ninth Ave., $186,500.

Coulee Holdings LLC to Amanda and Daniel Young, 3322 Emerald Valley Drive, $80,000.

Jan and Thomas Brock to Amy and Edward Jaekel, 2949 Wild Rose Lane, $650,000.


Evenson & Co Inc. to Lauren Cody-Moore and Kyle Moore, $304,900.

Mathison Construction LLC to Cassondra Firari and Cody Key Jr., $350,000.

Joel and Paula Dorn to Justin and Kiri Dorn, $135,000.

Diane and Douglas Jorstad to Jeff Ascher, $392,900.

Aaron and Alison Bright to Christian and Sierra Hallingstad, $325,000.

James and Janelle Loss to Aaron and Elizabeth Christians, $387,000.

Town of Holland to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.

Thorud Development LLC to North Country Contractors of West Salem Inc., $51,900.

Non-Typical Properties LLC to SHUBH LAXMI LLC, $803,200.

Kevin Higgins to Kevin and Krysta Higgins.

Gail Haag to Jerrod Haag and Jana Hagen.

Evenson & Co. Inc. to Kyle Holzhausen, $304,119.

Tesh Partnership to Running Properties LLC, $108,222.

Ashley and Scott Stalter to Scott Bramwell, $238,000.


Small Town Investments LLC to Small Town Rentals LLC, $19,600.

Small Town Investments LLC to Bradley and Kelly Zimmerman, $225,000.


Kurt and Margaret Pfuhl to Cord and Jennifer Brundage, $400,000.


Kilo Properties LLC to FI Rental Properties LLC, $27,500.


Schlifer Development LLC to Amanda and Travis Zeman, $25,000.

Amanda and Jeffrey Riley to Matthew and Nikki Rhodes, $489,900.


Gary and Janelle Berg to Grants Peters, $301,000.

Schams Family Irrevocable Trust to Aaron and Jennifer Wuebben, $315,000.


Thomas Pesik to Tina Pesik.

Robb and Sara Zittlow to Aaron and Alison Bright, $402,000.


Dolly Ozburn to Amber and Dirk Dezeeuw Jr., $230,000.


Ronnie and Vickie Wing to Michelle and Timothy Holzer, $199,000.

Michael Rochester to Deanne and Michael Rochester.

Kurt and Stacy Chapman to Austin and Lauren Hegenbarth, $319,000.

Alex and Lindsey Goyette to Matthew Cook, $184,000.


Marcia Allen and David Klein to Beth Richard Trust.

Emily Millen to Emily and Timothy Millen.


John Clements to Alex and Lindsey Goyette, $295,000.

Carrie and James Schmitt to William Leve and Kyle Rouby-Leve, $728,000.


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