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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, March 22
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, March 22

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers and marriages series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Hub on 6th LLC to Kathleen Schluns-Watt and Chris Watt, 415 N. Sixth St., $214,000.

Berry Bright and Mary Sterr to Jessica and Kevin Corkin, 2917 E. Fairchild St., $165,025.

Ann Malin Estate to Virginia Horstman, 3550 S. East Ave., $122,000.

MR Cooper and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Colin and Jill Fleming, 2108 Sunrise Drive, $128,500.

Elizabeth Koenen to Linda Seubert, 3045 Linden Drive.

Joseph and Karen Olson to Colin and Evan Olson, 1126 Maple St., $240,000.

Jeffrey and Kristin Sexton to Cole Koenig, 2128 S. 32nd St., $137,000.

Hoffer LLC to Wisco Property Group LLC, 1452 George St., $207,000.

Cassandra and Cory Krzebietke to Owen Linzmeier, 1405 S. East Ave., $164,000.

Kayla Volk to Ryan Grace, 621 Livingston St., $77,000.

Jennifer and Thomas Miskowski II to Jennifer and Thomas Miskowski II, 2355 Sablewood Road.

Jennifer and Thomas Miskowski II to Jennifer and Thomas Miskowski II Qualified Personal Residence Trust, 2355 Sablewood Road.

Jennifer and Thomas Miskowski II to Jennifer and Jennifer Miskowski Qualified Personal Residence Trust, 2355 Sablewood Road.

Bluffland Properties LLC to Terrance Massman, 2625 and 2627 S. 15th St.

Margaret and Matthew Dubois to Caitlin and David Foster, 726 Cameron Ave., $255,000.

Joshua Zahn to Rebecca Zahn, 1906 S. 19th St.

Christine and Scott Benedict to Maggie Mclaine and Dale Westaby, 2222 Ferry St., $137,000.

Barbara and Jay Englehart to NRE Properties LLC, 205 and 207 Avon St., $95,000.

Jedadiah and Melanie Schaller Joint Revocable Trust to Deanna and Jacob Peschman, 130 S. 13th St., $455,000.

PE Rentals LLC to CMKJ Properties LLC, 807 Liberty St., 1327 Wood St., 1326 and 1407 Charles St., 1817 and 1933 Kanes St., 709 and 711 N. Ninth St., 218 N. Eighth St., 1112, 1114, 1116 and 1120 S. Fourth St., $1,510,000.

Jacob Dobbs and Rose Reinert-Allen to Ariel Ferdock, 428 Mississippi St., $179,000.

Bethany Gohres to Amy Breeser and Samuel Kiefer, 4015 Elm Drive, $215,000.


Richard and Shannon Davidheiser to Richard Davidheiser, 1303 Ridgeway Ave.

Gwendolyn and Odis Mason to Mee, Shoua and Xaisoua Xion and Jeng Yang, 1089 Windsong Lane, $260,000.

Kathleen Schluns-Watt and Chris Watt to Gregory and Rebecca Hatch, 143 Fairway Court, $449,500.

Jaimie and Kevin Sullivan Forever Studios LLC, 116 N. 14th Ave.

Amy Jarret to Luke and Monica Anderson, 424 S. 12th Ave., $156,000.

Bonny and Hugh Young to Humming Bird Trust, 504 Stonebridge Ave.

Monica Rickert to Isaiah and Monica Rickert, 320 S. Ninth Ave.

Stone Point Properties LLC to Darci and Jason Olver, 1912 Franklin St., $169,500.

Robert Jacobson to Tammy and Thomas Kolen, 806 S. 11th Ave., $71,000.

Robert Jacobson to Ashley Erickson, 806 S. 11th Ave., $166,000.

John Campbell to Jeff Theisen, 251 Mason St., $70,000.

Terry Pronschinske to Donald and Loretta Clarkin Trust, 1025 Lincoln St., $230,000.


Laura Nicolai to Mark Nicolai.


Fred and Patricia Lezpona to Kathleen and Richard, $343,000.

Harlow and Sandra Demorest to Amanda and Ethan Pedretti, $275,000.

Barbara and David Hanson to David and Barbara Hanson Trust.

Thorud Development LLC to Clint Meyer Enterprises LLC, $48,900.

Kevin and Susan Engstad to Roseanne Ringleman, $240,000.


Carol Griswold to Carol Griswold Revocable Trust.


Elizabeth White to Cindy and Peter Winnie, $119,000.

Ginger and Thomas Tilson to Tilson Family Trust.


Richard Mades to Melissa Kaatz.


Heath and Kristin Tschumper to Barbara Allard-Bluske and Michael Bluske, $290,000.


Beaver Properties LLC to Caroline and Steve Grovold, $54,000.

Beaver Properties LLC to Greg Carey, $40,000.

Mark and Michelle Neader to David and Kimberly Truchan, $65,000.


B&B Werner Properties LLC to Cara and Paul Balmer, $129,900.

Stonehill Development II LLC to Erik and Tiffani Mills, $26,501.


Karen and Kevin Arnold to Lynn Kay, $400,000.

M&L Kay Properties LLC to Meagan and Ryan Conrad, $340,000.

Ruth Wallace to Elaine and William Petersen, $190,000.

Holly and Kevin Herlitzke to Courtney and Logan Nelson, $300,000.

Kathleen and Robert Hancock Sr. to Hancock Family Trust.

Dean and Marcia Deick to Kathrine and Timothy Johnston, $265,000.

Christine and David Sanger to Timothy Sanger, $35,000.


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