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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 10
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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 10

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriages, births and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Marsha Juran to Jeffrey Sipe, 432 Losey Blvd. S., $139,000.

Kyle and Megan Seubert to Yevgeniy Foster, 1516 Hyde Ave., $196,500.

Alexander and Olivia Gaethke to Clark Lundquist, 1814 S. 21st Place, $185,000.

Jennifer and Robert Seberg to Alexander Houlihan, 415 Ferry St., $102,500.

Kerrie Salm to Aaron and Emily Clements, 2915 S. 23rd St., $155,000.

Robert Daugherty Jr. and Sally Wittenberg to CMKJ Properties LLC, 1411 and 1413 Kane St., 1623 and 1625 South Ave. and 323 S. 22nd St., $315,000.

Heidi Schroeder-Tumerman and Marc Tumerman to Laura Vose, 2365 Sablewood Road, $659,900.

Mary Larkin to Jacob and Kristy Honaker, 2146 S. 23rd St., $179,000.

Robert Netzer to Bauer Estates LLC, 1403 Charles St., $21,605.

Daisy Toft to Ohana Project Revocable Trust, 1421 Farnam St., $150,000.

Front Street Properties to Ironside Properties LLC, 2401 Hauser St., $500,000.

ALP Holdings 1 LLC and Bluff View Properties LLC to ALP Holdings 1 LLC, 1409 Madison St., $150,500.

Joshua Rank to Joshua and Samantha Rank, 2108 S. 20th St.

Debra and William Storey to Chloe and Zachary Gosse, 1701 Winnebago St., $87,500.

Hannah Dickinson to Louis Estacio II, 2301 Loomis St., $135,000.

Jeff and Kristen Slade to Corry and Joe Vanaelstyn, 3152 S. 33rd St., $121,000.

Harold and Kristy Garzee to Kyle and Mykala Isensee, 3320 Robinsdale Ave., $185,000.

David and Kathryn Holstrom to RRJ Holdings LLC, 411 and 601 La Crosse St., $258,000.

Rosemary Hefti to Barbara, Hudson and Lawrence Schamberger, 771 N. 22nd St., $180,000.

CB Property Management LLC to Bradley Baerwaldt, 2810 and 2812 Onalaska Ave.

Patrick Salter to William Klein and Molly Sygulla, 428 N. 23rd St., $270,000.

Myra and Randy Burkhardt to Jody Erickson and Puamomi Fernandez, 1305 Moorings Drive, $390,000.

Gerald Murphy to Beth and John Sanders, 2607 Sunrise Drive, $201,000.

Water Place One LLC to Eric Bashaw and Deborah Neitzel, 639 Pettibone Point Way, $520,000.

Jean Novack and Philip Sandberg to Alyssa and Michael Grinde, 2838 N. Richard Drive, $240,000.


Joyce Rugen to Booker Bredlau and Krisana Zoromski, 706 N. Fourth Ave., $185,000.

Danny and Patsy Carr to Glenda and Roy Kanis, 465 Coronado Circle, $289,900.

Nathan Hill Estates LLC to Danny and Patsy Carr, 234 Crestwood Lane, $305,000.

Benjamin and Christine Delong to Gary and Shanna Collins, 626 Gail Ave., $245,000.

Elizabeth and Victor Hill to Benjamin and Christine Delong, 1001 Streblow St., $330,000.

Elizabeth and Paul Wichmann to Rita and Timothy Miller, 623 Hanson Court, $265,000.

Rosalind Evans Family Trust to Joseph and Sandra Carroll, 724 Sand Lake Road, $250,000.

Douglas and Laurie Schmidt to Sierra Bahr, 121 N. Fourth Ave., $167,500.

Barbara Baertsch to Richard Sweeney II, 906 S. 12th Ave., $90,000.


Gary and Karen Althoff to Gary and Karen Althoff Irrevocable Trust.

Cheryl Gilster to Mikkel Dunnum and Jerri Johnson.


Tesh Partnership to Hope Stay Holdings LLC, $165,000.

Brandon and Kelli Schlegel to Hannah Dickinson, $223,000.

Christal and Jake Vogel to John Pudowski, $279,500.


Michael and Morgan Schmidt to Amber and Nathan Swan, $245,000.

Quinnvestment LLP to APD Holdings LLC, $564,000.


Manke Farms LLC to Troy Strittmater, $228,000.


Jody and Steven Low to Brian and Carmen Mashak, $150,000.

John Olson to John Olson Revocable Living Trust.


Tracy and Troy Littlejohn to Powell Littlejohn, $160,000.

Marlene Howard to Benton and Cassandra Krupicka, $175,000.

Richard and Sandra McKenzie to Emily and Justin Schueller, $230,000.


Arthur Wolover to Kathy Craig, $40,000.


Beverly Kettler and Dean Sorenson to Amanda Hayden and Tyler Kastenschmidt, $359,000.

Schams Family Irrevocable Trust to SCL Cottage LLC, $184,200.

Lance and Tricia Aleckson to Michelle and Robert Hanson, $145,000.


Caley Cavadini to William Griswold.

Ryan Pelowski to Barbara and Boyce Puryear, $199,900.

Kelly Samuels to Timothy Schneider, $200,000.


Stonehill Development LLC to Terrance Herbst Revocable Trust and Marie Strupp, $10,000.

Stonehill Development LLC to Terrance Herbst Revocable Trust and Marie Strupp, $20,000.

J/D Manske Family Land Holdings LLC to TN Thompson Enterprises, $25,600.


Ricky Laseure to Ricky Laseure and Mary Waddington, $77,300.

Lifetime Design Homes and NTM Enterprises LLC to Hunter Scott, $371,000.

Leslie Kolbo to Jason and Kathryn Yanke, $100,000.

Robert Sobkowiak to Dennis and Linda Sobkowiak, $239,900.

Dawn and Joseph Radsek to Jeffrey and Katelyn Patten, $180,000.


Barbara Wahlen to Barbara Wahlen Revocable Trust.

Allan Schilling III and Amy Schmidt-Schilling to Dawn and John Mazzola, $472,000.

Audrey and Joseph Uker to Audrey Uker.

Minnetta Jansky to Bradley Frahm, $308,000.

Diane and Michael Ray, Ray Joint Revocable Trust, David and Linda Werner, David and Linda Werner Family Trust, Gary and Linda Werner Revocable Trust to Three Farms LLC, $471,300.

Ray Joint Revocable Trust, David and Linda Werner Family Trust, Gary and Linda Werner Revocable Trust and Roger and Deborah Werner Revocable Trust to La Crosse Rifle Club Inc., $77,900.


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