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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 16

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Stratus Investments LLC to MMAP Land LLC, 1800, 1802, 1804, 1806 and 1808 State Road 16, $2,150,000.

Sierra Myers to Alex Scott, 1016 22nd St. S., $156,000.

Angela and Stephen Walker to Mallory Hemmersbach, 1616 10th St. S.

Mallory Hemmersbach to Mallory Hemmersbach and Michael Myers, 1616 10th St. S., $130,000.

James Jones to Ran Ikeyama and James Jones, 2153 and 2158 Diagonal Road.

Ethel Corbett Estate to Claire Craig, 1623 Cunningham St., $133,600.

James Adducci to Cheerie and Henry Lossen, 1127 Cliffwood Lane, $240,000.

HDMHolley LLC to Donna and Keith Schafer, 1316 27th St. S., $195,000.

Brianne and Jesse Sorenson to Catherine Phillippi and Jacob Zabinski, 1627 Salem Road, $290,000.

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB4 to Property Logic LLC, 4314 Meadowlark Lane, $146,000.

Cassie Hammon and Katie Johnson to Ronnie Bell II, 804 19th St. S., $185,000.

Heather Linville to Heather Linville and Todd Mandel, 225 15th St. S.

Donna and Keith Schafer to Aben Properties LLC, 1205 and 1207 Sixth St. S., $220,000.

Robert and Susan Voves to Riverland Investments LLC, 1127 Liberty St., $72,500.

Anne Nott to Joni Bott, 2022 Kane St., $155,000.

Richard Rudie Trust to Mom Trust, 2916 Mesa Grande Place.

Path Investments LLC to Brody Cochlin, 816 Caledonia St., $144,000.

Diane Keller to Austin Court, 1114 Nancy Court, $184,000.

Beth and Troy Limberg to T&B Real Estate Holdings LLC, 2021 and 2023 21st St. S., 1320 and 1322 Market St., 816 and 818 Adams St.

Meraki Properties LLC to Riverland Rentals LLC, 709 and 711 Ferry St., $220,000.

Daniel Bashaw to Geremy Phillips, 1413 Avon St., $157,000.

Gary and Vicki Clements Trust Agreement, Gerald and Terry Clements, Paula Speropulos to Mary and Rudolph Clements, 2136 Mississippi St.

Brian Manske to Amy Brunkow, 2125 Madison St., $183,000.

Chia and Khou Yang to Debra and Ricky Kellicutt, 1447 and 1449 Avon St., $146,200.

Ran Ikeyama to Ran Ikeyama and James Jones, 324 19th St. S.

Lopez V Inc to Nancy and Scott Swanson, 1217 and 1219 Livingston St., $155,000.

Wingshooter Properties LLC to Brandon Clark and Kevin Stanton, 613 and 615 Market St., $65,000.

Jeremy Olson to Jeremy and Jillian Olson, 2514 State St.


Dennis Aspenson Estate to Victoria Meyer, 1628 Pine Ridge Drive, $105,063.

David Aspenson to Victoria Meyer, 1628 Pine Ridge Drive, $105,063.

Linda and Reid Stoeckly to Sophie Kube and Jonah Waite, 611 Third Ave. S., $195,700.

Onalaska Rentals LLC to Goliath Management LLC, 724 and 726 Vilas St., $320,000.

Eugene and Lana Smithart to Nicole Sheehan and Benjamin Simonson, 625 Herman Court, $300,000.

Nell Espe to Anthony and Mary Espe, 2417 East Ave. N., $175,000.

La Crosse County to Kelsey and Nicholas Most, 912 Green St.

Nicole Haase to Nathan and Nicole Haase, 1064 Green Bay St.

Murphree Living Trust to Darcy Christian, 613 Oak Ave. N.

Lorraine Wilson to Kennedy Eastman, 926 Fourth Ave. N., $228,000.

Kou Vang and Ka Xiong to Daniel Bashaw, 749 Troy St., $268,000.

Candace and Jason Pratt to Christian Strauss and Kayla Zimmerman, 604 Monica Court, $228,000.


Dawn and Eric Faas to Matthew Meyer and Katelin Weise, $194,900.

Brandon and Carrie Risch to Gilbert and Lois Munson, $220,000.


Seven Properties LLC to Michael Kidd, $260,000.

Thorud Development LLC to WHP Construction LLC, $49,900.

Kristine and Nicholas Schellenger to Sheena Lor and Long Thao, $265,500.

Westpfahl Construction LLC to Holly and Jared Showers, $335,000.

Kathy Willhite to Kristine and Nicholas Schellenger, $330,000.

Thomas Nettell to Michael Puls, $364,000.

Byron Anderson Jr. Estate to Rick and Sherry Lenser, $119,900.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Prestige Custom Builders LLC, $64,900.

Holly and Michael Smith to KSJ Solutions LLC, $400,000.


Janette Vance to Jacob and Lisa Luehmann, $255,000.

Katharine and Robert Papke to Kasie Danielson, $242,000.

Charles Hemker Revocable Trust to Catherine Laroque, $224,900.

Kyle and Molly Peters to Alyssa and Isidro Balboa, $235,000.

Brooke Middleton and Jerrod Ramos to Claire and Phillip Mitchel, $280,000.


Susan and Thomas Jandt to La Crosse County.

Schomberg Rolling Acres LLC to La Crosse County.

Elizabeth and Fred Schomberg to La Crosse County.


John Kneifl to Robert and Susan Kneifl, $178,255.


Edna and Levi Miller to Esther and Samuel Gingerich, $30,000.

Amber Robinson to James Allen, $149,900.

Marlin and Margaret Foellmi Revocable Trust to Benjamin Olson, $253,000.


Alton Manske to Barry Cross, $190,000.

Amanda and Travis Zeman to Jacob and Kaylin Hillestad, $315,900.

Dawn and Paul Hoff to Jason Hoff and Jennifer Jenkinson.

Aben Farms LLC to Heath Weissenberger, $220,000.

Aben Farms LLC to Leon and Lucy Kamrowski, $267,350.


KST LLC to Thomas Vanburen, $31,000.


Eugene Linse to Property Logic LLC, $215,000.

Elaine and Michael Colvin to Robert and Paula Martell Revocable Trust, $200,000.


Julie and Timothy Smith to Julie and Timothy Smith Revocable Living Trust.

Hidden Prairie LLC to Ellen and Kirk Dettman, $78,000.

Hidden Prairie LLC to Dustin and Laura Williams, $154,000.


Miles and Sarah Harter to Elisabeth and Jeffrey Chapman, $531,000.

Alyssa and Dustin Hanson to Brianne and Jesse Sorenson, $545,000.


Dawn Burg to David and Dawn Burg.

Christopher and Heidi Petree to Anna and Daniel Kitzmann, $397,500.

Chong Krueger to Bee Vang and Marly Xiong, $215,000.

Aben Farms LLC to Christopher and Elizabeth Ryan, $320,000.

Aben Farms LLC to Benjamin and Michaela Modlin, $363,000.


Donald and Norma Vinger to Donald and Norma Vinger Living Trust.

Donald and Norma Vinger Living Trust to Survivors Trust.

Marian Roesler Estate to Mark Roesler.

Marie Agren to Meraki Properties LLC, $315,000.

Jamie and Jason Larsen to William Cockriel, $275,000.


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