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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 2

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 2

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Bruce Nuttall to Kyle and Natalie Terhark, 1328 26th St. S., $229,000.

Donna Gunnarson to Donna Christianson and Daniel Ritter, 1504 Winnebago St.

St. Joseph Rental Properties LLC to Derek Peterson, 1017 and 1019 Adams St., $167,000.

Joan Clarkin to Higher House Properties LLC, 1715 and 1717 Wood St., $112,200.

Jennifer Wolk to Aaron and Kristin Koepke, 422 21st St. S., $315,000.

Pamela Thomas-Williams to Jason Goslinga, 426 Ninth St. S., 829 and 831 Division St., $215,000.

Edward and Margaret Boraz to Christopher Nokken and Brittany Thomas, 1715 Adams St., $169,000.

Suay Keoaen, Ker Vang and Phoumee Xayaleuth to Suay Keoaen and Sompheth Xayaleuth, 2332 Prospect St., $80,000.

Anna and Clayton O’Ehrle to Naomi Hoffmaster and Dylan Stoffregen, 2153 Redfield St., $211,500.

Aaron and Kristin Koepke to Austin and Rebecca Zajkowski, 363 21st St. S., $222,000.

Susan Zielke to Timothy Buehler and Rebecca Radke, 2615 17th St. S., $139,500.

Clinton Grabhorn to Cassandra and Clinton Grabhorn, 2109 Farnam St.

PE Rentals LLC to AMNB LLC, 2917 and 2919 Marion Road S., $215,000.

Double AW Enterprise LLC to Addie and Alex Wuensch, 3175 Cliffside Drive.

A&S Holdings LLC to Driftless Estates LLC, 707, 709 and 711 West Ave. S., $220,000.

Judith Hipsak to Anton and Judith Hipsak, 3119 29th St. S.

Glendenning Family LLC to City of La Crosse, 2117, 2113, 2109, 2103, 2105, 2119, 2100 and 2104 13th St. S., 1219 and 1217 Weston St., 2009 West Ave S., 2413, 2425 and 2405 South Ave.

Jennifer Burchell to Breana Kulp, 306 Caledonia St., $136,500.

Amber and Jason Timm to Caidlena Krohn, 2123 Kane St., $155,000.

Jay Crandall to Ironside Properties LLC, 630 Fishermans Road, $117,000.

Babb Real Estate LLC to Robin Babb and Mary Murphy-Babb, 1905 State St.

Robin Babb and Mary Murphy-Babb to Grace Babb, 1905 State St.

James Malzacher to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $18,657.

Michael Malzacher to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $18,658.

Dennis Malzacher Jr. to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $18,658.

Patricia Malzacher to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $18,657.

Norman Malzacher to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $36,712.

Sheryl Benish to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 230 23rd St. S., $18,658.

Daniel and Lori Meyer to Joyce and Thomas Faber, T&J Farnam St. LLC, 1303 26th St. S. and 2608 Farnam St.

T&J Farnam St. LLC to Joyce and Thomas Faber, 1030 26th St. S. and 2608 Farnam St.

Mary Melvin Estate to Alexandra Larsen and Andrew Leinss, 402 22nd St. S., $143,000.


Lavarda LLC to Strifex LLC, 3210 Kinney Coulee Road N., $1,500,000.

Christopher and Kelly Autry to Amber and Jason Timm, 1033 Windhill St., $375,000.

Hegenbarth Revocable Trust to Lynda Nimtz, 2400 Cedar Creek Lane, $565,000.

Philip Bice to Seven Properties LLC, 1307 Lauderdale Place, $230,000.

Megan and Ryan Sprague to Alexandra Emerson and Dakota Turner, 642 Meier Lane, $199,900.

Alex and Karli Chandler to Megan and Ryan Sprague, 527 Sand Lake Road, $247,500.

Kevin and Lisa Mack, Curtis Storey to Axez Development LLC, 467 Second Ave. N., $306,000.


Andrew Manke to Andrew and Megan Manke.


Kristin and Zachary Rueckheim to India and Travis Rostad, $274,000.

Aaron Garms and Tanya Sullivan to Kristin and Zachary Rueckheim, $360,000.

HG Holdings Group LLC to HG Group LLC, $250,000.

HG Group LLC to Brant Hill, $250,000.

JMQ Properties LLC to KBE Homes LLC.

Debra and Keith Frye to Michael Mello, $271,000.

Thorud Development LLC to MB Real Estate Investment LLC, $48,900.

Thorud Development LLC to Gretchen and Tom Coleman, $49,900.


Becky and Jon Nommensen to Jared Jansen and Taj Kattapuram, $920,000.

David and Laurie Noelke to Angela Boutin and Scott Schulz, $275,000.


Daniel Lewis to Katrina Millner, $42,000.


Mark and Tatiana Wolf to Jeremy Hasz and Arielle Konze, $168,000.

Cindy and Duane Brownell to Duane and Cindy Brownell Trust.

Louise Schlintz Revocable Trust to Jessica and Joseph Austin.

Jacob Gasper to Sarah and Wayne Reynolds, $1,800.


Mississippi Valley Conservancy Inc. to Jackie and Raymond Henke.


Kyle Kirchner to Jorey and Madeline Dobbs, $189,900.

Vickie Kelsall to Jessica and Tyler Straate.


Dennis O’Brien and Priscilla Shih to Richard and Robert Schliewe, $175,000.


Diane and Edward Eisermann Jr. to Michael and Brenda Lichucki Revocable Trust.

Curtis Wenzel to Good Boy Inc., $80,500.

Thelma Barth to Aaron Wessel, $1,040,000.


Ian Collins to Joseph Burge and Callie Horstman, $268,000.

Michael and Sally Rusak to Michael and Sally Rusak Joint Revocable Trust.

Kyle Micek to Julia and Kyle Micek.

Elizabeth and Ryan Allen to Ryan and Elizabeth Allen Living Trust.

Sue Chong to Camgan Properties LLC, $180,000.


Randy Starkey to Ashley and Randy Starkey.

Wyatt Sagehorn to Carley and Jacob Buisman, $439,000.


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