The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


DL Stryker Inc., to Darrell Gosa, 936 and 938 Redfield St.

City of La Crosse to CouleeCap, 926, 928 and 930 Fifth Ave. S.

Sheriff La Crosse County and Lynn and Richard Tully to LSF Master Participation Trust, 819 Division St.

Viner Family Ltd. Partnership to Ellefson Properties LLC, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 101 and 103 Buchner Place, $254,100.

Ashley Nau to Mark Ferrier Estate, 4930 Hwy. B.

Mark Ferrier Estate to Tyler Petit, 4930 Hwy. B, $164,900.

Gerald Rendler to Matthew Stroh, 2118 19th St. S., $95,000.

Warm and Cozy LLC to Barbara Engelhart, 608 22nd St. N.

William Vanatta Sr. Estate to Corey and Susan Rindner, 4205 Elm Drive, $208,000.

Burton Hanson Jr. Estate to Amanda Sanders, 1627 Green Bay St., $105,000.

Vonter and Xia V Moua to PE Rentals LLC, 2224 and 2226 Kane St., $105,000.

River Group LLC to Fowler & Hammer Inc., 3215 George St., $277,800.

Fowler & Hammer Inc. to Susan Christopherson and James Flowler, 3215 George St.

Susan Christopherson and James Flowler to Spock Enterprises LLC, 3215 George St.

Debra and Gary Lorenz to Marissa Miller and Benjamin Olson, 2215 Weston St., $114,000.

Scott Rowe to Brianne Erickson and Jesse Sorenson, 1627 Salem Road, $220,000.

Joshua and Katie Maug to Jami Thompson, 3011 Robin Hood Drive, $150,000.

Eugene and Sherry Lundak to JC Property Investments LLC, 1342 and 1344 Charles St., $119,000.

Heidi Alberts to Joshua Maug, 353 22nd St. S., $134,900.

Sheriff La Crosse County, Change, Pang C and Xai Y Xiong to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 1402 Charles St.

Ashley and Ryan Oliphant to Laura Dischler, 2309 Sunrise Drive, $146,900.

Matthew and Michelle Wagner to Sara Nokken and Kelvin Silva, 1409 Green Bay St., $101,900.

Brock, Dayna and Paul Steger to Taylor Cochran, 339 23rd St. S., $127,000.

Jesse Steinhoff to Molly Haugen, 527 23rd St. S.

Matthew and Terea Eid, to Jill Johnson, 1211 13th St. S., $129,000.

Rustic River Rentals LLC to Jacob Lien, 1714 Johnson St., $118,000.

Altra Federal Credit Union to Coulee Region Developers LLC, 1728 Market St., $51,500.

Scott Perket and Sheriff La Crosse County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, 330 and 332 Liberty St.

Elizabeth and Eric Ipsen to Leah Turk, 2036 Prospect St., $59,000.

Mazzola Construction Consulting LLC to Frank and Joanne Zimmerman, 4669 Millatti Lane, $217,871.

Tamara Nowland Estate to Tippetts Rentals LLC, 1307 Hyde Ave., $95,000.

Amanda and Brandon Quillman to Renee Stetzer, 2437 Prospect St.

Renee Stetzer to Caitlyn and Steven Erhardt, 2437 Prospect St., $127,000.

David Moe to Angela Scharff, 911 Badger St., $80,000.

Donnie and Thomas Doerre to Fred Giese and Christine White, 1233 Farnam St., $150,000.

Caryn and Jason Lukasek to Aaron and Ellen Moon, 1727 Johnson St., $139,900.

Sharon Candahl, Emily, Michael and Thomas McConaghy to Sara Meyer, 1916 Winnebago St., $83,000.

Brian and Norma Arneson to Clifford and MacKenzie Atkinson, 2514 Hackberry Lane, $178,000.

James and Kathy Arntson and Sheriff La Crosse County to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 632 Kane St.

Elizabeth Valley Estate to Mabelle and Walter Thom, 3009 31st St. S., $99,900.


Amanda Fehr to Jordan Hansen and Erika Larson, 713 Madison St., $141,000.

Jamie, Jeffery, Jesse and Rick Scholl to Nils and Raena Housker, 923 Fourth Ave. N., $157.900.

Waldner Home Construction LLC to Daniel Suchorski, 809 Rolling Oaks Drive, $359,000.

Mary and Norman Greene to Raquel Ebli and Rebecca Simpson, 1089 Fair Meadow Way.

Anthony and Janet Hoslet to Kyle and Sandra Fischer, 2021 Maplewood Drive, $293,000.

Thomas Docklan and Michelle McKivergan to Jonathon Schweikl, 1278 Red Cedar Court, $245,000.

FKKS Enterprises LLC to Sage Realty LLC, 925 13th Ave. S., $495,000.

Adam Franck to Donald and Dorothy Hitchins, 1399 Hwy. SS, $118,000.

Neucraft LLC to Traditional Trades Inc., 750 Oak Timber Drive, lot 18, $60,000.

Alex and Tiffany Dolesy to Nathan Janney, 943 Streblow St., $223,400.


David Olson to Julie and Samuel Drake, $150,650.


Thorud Development LLC to Todd and Tonia Wright, $47,900.

North Country Contractors of West Salem Inc. to Joseph and Pamela Kushava, $65,900.

Mai and Ngiaku Moua to May Ching and Xiong Moua.

YWCA La Crosse Inc. to WI Development LLC, $83,000.

Earl and Susan Sanders to Jennifer and Tobias Wolf, $250,000.

Elmwood Partners Ltd. Partnership to Clint Meyer, $162,700.


Village of Rockland to Towner Construction LLC.


Laura and Scott Schulz to Scott Holey, $190,000.


Kaylee and Tyler Harreld to Jaleesa Burdick and Corey Halverson, $133,000.

Mark Miller to Eric and Megan Kirking, $154,500.


Schlifer Development LLC to Debra and Rickey Blankenship, $246,600.

Edward Burgess and Annette Valeo to Crystal and Micah Komp, $351,000.


Karen Grennell to Catherine Ryan, $135,000. Kathryn and Paul Schwartz to Nathaniel, Stephanie Schwarta and Carrie and Michael Wadel, $99,200.


David and Maureen Miller to David Miller.


Kayla and Tyler Jones to Michael and Wren Kollars, $250,000.

Darin and Natalie Grinsteinner to Jacob Melby, $257,000.

Russell Lee Jr. to B & B Land Development I LLC, $245,700.

Ann Bricker to B & B Land Development I LLC, $122,800.

Carol Knudson to B & B Land Development I LLC, $122,800.

Karen Johnson to B & B Land Development I LLC, $122,900.

Solveig Bockenhauer to B & B Land Development I LLC, $122,900.

Susan Gerdes to Cassandra Hopp, $225,000.

Alice Oehler to Andrea and Todd Trocinski, $140,000.

Mary and William Ward to Amy and Shannon Deters, $269,000.

Darwin Grosz to Alex and Tiffany Dolesy, $290,000.


Anthony and Sadie Gelder to Anthony Gelder.

Nancy Olson to Mark and Olson and Jill Terpstra.


US Bank to Mayank and Michelle Sharma, $309,000.

Robert and Carole Edland Living Trust to Beth and John Roof, $250,000.

Edward Morrison to Sheila Morrison.

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