The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Elaine and Patrick Doyle to R&D Doyle Investments LLC, 1523 and 1525 West Ave. S.

R&D Doyle Investments LLC to Tucker Investments LLC, 1523 and 1525 West Ave. S., $205,205.

Mai Vang to Wendy Williamson, 712 St. Paul St., $138,500.

Timothy and Emily Walsh to Peter Walsh, 203 Westview Place, $67,950.

Peter Walsh to Timothy Walsh, 201 Westview Place, $65,250.

Dillian Bean to Paul Bratcher and Melanie Wiggins, 2222 Market St., $245,000.

Nicholas Krause to Susana Baker, 632 Kane St., $141,000.

Brian and Kara Benson to Kristine and Nicholas Bye, 3606 Elm Drive, $160,000.

State of Wisconsin DOT to Eagle Baby Properties LLC, 2552 Rose St.

Water Place One LLC to Brian and Nicole Feils, 635 Pettibone Pointe Way, $671,708.

Deborah Forer, Daniel, Gary, George, Robert and Rodney Kleinertz, and Patricia Meurer to Brian Sowka, 1627 29th St. S., $137,000.

Michael and Mary Bissen Trust to Patricia and Ronald Green, 100 Sixth St. N., $295,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Debbie and Gary Seago, 6006 River Run Road, $284,510.

Marjorie Olson Estate to Gregory Olson, 418 Mississippi St., $88,000.

James Wiffler to KT Real Estate Holdings, 3127 Marian Road N., $179,000.

Sara Sullivan to Naomi morris, 608 16th St. S., $155,000.

Donald McLeod to Ann Best, Michelle Claypool, Bonnie Reese, and Denise Shakelford, 718 Sixth St. S., $55,040.

Bradley and Kelly Reinhart to Timothy Kromke, 1117 28th St. S., $172,000.

Amber Sommerfeldt and Tyler Thomas to Carolyn and Kyle Coleman, 527 23rd St. S., $160,100.

Song Thao and Sher Xiong to Tara Martin, 2211 Kane St., $89,900.

La Crosse County to US Realty 87 La Crosse Associates, 3320 State Road 157.

CTH B Development LLC to Ruth Dover, 5021 County Road B, $189,900.

Richard Pielhop to Paradise Properties Cedarburg LLC, Ryan and Sydney Prom, 213 and 215 16th St. N., $169,000.

Darbi and Michael Jefferies to Kelly and Matthew Ferroni, 2415 Aspen Court, $600,000.

Heath and Holly Hansen to Rachael Bush and Taylor Schmeckpeper, 1515 Travis St., $148,000.

Luella Pederson to Carol Pederson-Waters and Bruce Waters, 517 Kane St., $25,000.

Jarrod and Sheryl Picha to Blake and Coty Hundt, 2645 13th Court, $312,000.

Bryan Haugland and Leia Szwedo to Matthew and Molly Schroeder, 1733 Charles St., $145,000.

Laurie Landry to Kerry Liston, 2015 16th St. S., $124,900.

Cade and Catherine Murphy, 821 14th St. S., $147,500.

Mathias Harter to City of La Crosse, 1332 Caledonia St., $70,000.

Rachel Byers, Mark and Steven Flint to William and Mary Mackie Revocable Trust, 1501 Rose St., $76,000.

Tammy Hastings to Randall Hastings, 2517 Burr Oak W.

Heather Carr to Jamie Beck, 2121 Losey Blvd. S., $160,500.


Beth and Troy Limberg to Sam Sabbagh, 533 21st Ave. S.

Sam Sabbagh to Cecelia and Hugo Guerrero, 533 21st Ave. S., $222,500.

Samuel Thao to Samuel tha and May Veu, 537 Flint St.

Teresa McGuire-Hulse to Maude and Thomas Kettenmann, 2268 Evenson Drive, $365,000.

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Adam Quast and Dawn Wood-Quast to Quynh Dinh and Dung Mai, 937 Sunset Place, $155,000.

Evelyn Pertzsch to Richard Gardner, 841 Second Ave SW., $10,000.

Dayton Pertzsch Estate to Richard Gardner, 841 Second Ave SW., $10,000.

Katherine and Lawrence Psyk to Dayna and Ronald Schultz, 1407 William Drive, $261,000.

Rebecca Baures to Nancy Godden, 511 11th Ave. N., $13,480.

James Edwards to Kathryn Edwards, 616 Eighth Ave. N.

Alexander Abraham and Ann Isacc to Nancy and Thomas Hammill, 3807 Emerald Road E., $245,202.

Allan and Laloni Thompson to Charles and Tracy Hall, 644 Meier Lane.

Charles and Tracy Hall to Taylor Anderson and Bradley Spain, 644 Meier Lane.


Krysta Ruiz-Schnitzler to Krysta Ruiz-Schnitzler and Try Schnitzler.

CM Construction and Development LLC to Camgan Properties LLC, $1,292,000.

Krista and Todd Phillips to Erin Needham, 505 First Ave. E., $164,000.

Dennis and Sharon Aney to Cory and Nora Joas, $280,000.

Nancy and Thomas Hammill to Gerald and Patricia Shepard, $191,000.

Eric Lebakken and Judith Stucky to Alexander Klein, $159,000.


Legacy Holdings LLC to Jeanette Campos and Gabriel Guerrero, $159,000.

Rochester Real Estate CO LLC to J29ELEVEN LLC, $340,000.


Larry Marshall to Larry and Mary Marshall, $157,900.


Jacob and Stephanie Martin to Cindy and Heath Hauser, $235,000.

Jerry Salomonsen to Pamela Runningen, $145.000.


Emma Peterson to Jack and Jaclyn Peterson, $240,000.


Lauralee and Tyler Nolte to Neil Canar and Cara Jostad, $161,500.

Ia Moua and Meng Yang to Anne Koch and Cole Warner, $335,000.

Carla Biehl to Jaimie and Lee Lohrentz, $48,000.

Jeffery and Jessica Loken to Daniel Parr, $259,900.

Robert Gschwind to Melissa Briggs and Robert Gschwind, $16,050.


David and Samantha Bigalke to Samantha Bigalke.

Cindy and Heath Hauser to DAvid and Sonja Neubauer, $249,000.

Mary and Thomas Phillips to Krista and Todd Phillips, $195,000.

Andrew and Kelsey Novak to Bryan Haugland and Leia Szwedo, $250,000.

Steven and Terroll Powell to Kimberly Spangler, $135,500.


Patricia and Ronald Green to Jean Brady and John Gillies, $395,000.

Robert Draka to Travis Brommerich and Anna Schmitz, $115,000.

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