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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Oct. 10

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Olson Opportunities LLC to Derrick Olson, 702 Livingston St., $113,500.

Karen and Mark Kohlwey to Vyrna Canino-Corelli, 2818 Harvey St., $172,500.

Adam and Austin Kennedy to Seven Properties LLC, 153 and 155 Copeland Ave., $120,000.

James and Julia Mannion to Beverly Rojas, 1615 King St., $379,900.

Susan Hanhardt to Brian Hanhardt, 4824 Nottingham Ave.

Paul and Suzanne Weibel Revocable Trust to Vincent Weibel, 2024 Redfield St., $60,000.

Kathryn Fults, James and William Johnson, Susan Lay to Daniel and Lori Meyer, 2303 Weston St., $116,900.

Anna Johnson to Daniel and Lori Meyer, 2303 Weston St., $49,100.

Jordan Fremstad to Amy Todd, 1544 Park Ave.

Thomas Brewer to HNTPRK LLC, 609 13th St. S., $225,000.

City of La Crosse to Spies Construction LLC, 1332 Caledonia St.

Jennifer and Thomas Ostrem to Phillip and Taylor Keene, 2319 La Crosse St., $239,900.

James and Megan Bisson to OSLR Group LLC, 411 13th St. S., $210,000.

JMS Property Management LLC to John Sheppard, 2534 and 2536 15th St. S., $365,650.

Patricia Suhr Residual Trust to Larry Beck, 2551 Barlow St., $153,000.

Mary and Clement Wachuta Jr. to Nice Home USA LLC, 1502 and 1506 10th St. S., 1007-1011 Seventh St. S.

Abraham and Christina Wengel to Abeegail Rapaido, 2535 Redwing Road, $220,000.

Johnathon Manke to Amber and Jaron Thompson, 1923 Adams St., $185,000.

Richard and Yamei Yang to Michael and Regina Ojelabi, 2018 and 2020 Adams St., $200,000.

John and Joyce Deal to Michael and Susan Rosenau, 4102 Old Town Hall Road, $180,000.

Spies Construction LLC to Barbara Klos, 1719 Wisconsin Court, $312,315.

RLMG Properties LLC to Goliath Companies LLC, 1028 Badger St., $130,000.

James and Kathleen Sanford to Matthew Sanford, 1412 Ferry St., $145,000.

Clarice Smieja to Sherry Bailey, 4630 Juniper St., $205,000.

Kurt and Kelly Strutz Revocable Trust to Kurt Strutz, 2803 Denton St.

Capstone LLC to Wayfare Group LLC, 1601, 1629, 1701, 1703 and 1720 Caledonia St., 605, 607, 709 and 700 Gillette St., 1750 and 1552 Rose St., 700 Gohres St., $12,608,000.

Cody Kenyon and Amber Wood to Brett Strand, 1218 Losey Blvd. S., $185,000.

Cody Kenyon and Amber Wood to Brett Strand, 1218 Losey Blvd. S., $185,000.

Lavonne and Patti Grabinski, Polly Mihalovic and Peggy Solano to FSC RE II LLC, 1919 State Road, $125,000.

Keren and Saul Prombaum to Christine Lothen-Kline, 2154 Winnebago St., $230,500.

Teresa Brown, Patrick and Timothy Lucey to Joshua Lucey, 2922 21st Terrace S., $93,600.

Amy and Sean Green to Beverly and Darrell Dvorak, 3314 Kenton St., $229,000.


Julie and Stephen Wissink to Stephen and Julie Wissink Joint Revocable Trust, 2257 Evenson Drive.

Joseph and Roberta Lang Joint Revocable Trust to Brock Anderson and Krysti McCandless, 706 Shelly Lane, $293,500.

Joyce Murphy and Thomas Brewer, 1303 Rosewood Trail, $295,000.

Christopher and Robyn Bernett to Eric Robertson, 362 Fourth Ave. N., $315,000.

Andrew Goehner to Naomi Stevens, 1040 and 1042 Main St., $258,000.


Bernard and Theresa Clements Irrevocable Living Trust to Michael and Michelle Piske, $225,000.

B&B Land Development II LLC to Goehner Investments LLC, $210,000.


Gregory and Sheila Grant to David and Lauren Niles, $362,000.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to Westpfahl Construction LLC, $46,000.

Buck 47 Ventures LLC to Westpfahl Construction LLC, $110,000.

McCathie Investments LLC to Anna and Taylor Hauser, $411,900.

MB Real Estate Investment LLC to Casey and Trevor Jorgenson, $365,650.

HBSIX Properties LLC to KEL Investments LLC, 110 and 112 Holmen Drive S., $350,000.

Mathy Construction Co. to the Village of Holmen, $755,150.

Amanda and Edward Egloff to Spencer Vrieze, $161,000.

Mark Smith to Susan Doughty-Smith and William Smith, $379,500.


Ryan Walters to Walters Investments LLC.

Christopher Jandt to Amy and Christopher Jandt.

Abby O'Connell to Abby and Keith O'Connell, 1435 Waterloo Ave.

Ryan Walters to Katherine and Ryan Walters.

Daniel and Elizabeth Foor to Katelyn Jensen and Devin Schiltz, $245,000.

Austin and Olivia Jones to Miranda Elliott, $175,000.

Robert Mock to Kathleen Hudzinski, $164,950.


Jan Johnston, Ann Kopp and Dan Schwier to Dean and Nancy Wetzel, $270,000.


Clair Bissen Revocable Trust to Kathleen Hudzinski, $164,950.

Bradley Martin to Bradley and Trisha Martin.

Campbell Family LTD Partnership to Elizabeth Campbell Trust, Roy Campbell Revocable Trust.


Debra Flury to Morgan Flury, $222,500.


Jack and Leslie Atkinson to Courtney Billings and James Siber, $386,000.

Timothy Adamson to Maureen Mooney, $56,000.

Roslyn Lemoine and Kelly Wehrs to Roslyn Lemoine and Kelly Wehrs.

Abigail Althoff and Trevor Jones to Andrew and Jessica Tomten, $30,000.


KST LLC to Mathew Batzel and Lanae Nickelotti, $42,000.

Martin Kirchner to Jessica Kirchner.

Amy and Bradley Schaack to Marilyn Jones, Casi and Ryan Rochester, $336,000.

Keith and Marilyn Herlitzke to Keith and Marilyn Herlitzke.

James Poehling to Double D&J LLC, $650,000.

Patricia Richards to Thomas and Victoria Roesler.

Thomas and Victoria Roesler to Kimberly and William Roesler.


Clint and Kimberly West to Amy and Bradley Schaack, $690,000.


Jennifer Jackson, Robert and Richard Richardson Jr. to Mai and Xao Vue, $395,000.

Beaver Properties LLC to Danielle and Richard Johnson, $54,000.

Craig Frinack to Christopher and Gretchen Reetz, $475,000.

Sherry Bailey to Austin Kass and Julia Murphy, $160,000.

Eric and Heidi Giese to Dorothy Casper-Knueppel and Kevin Knueppel, $89,900.

Hidden Prairie LLC to James and Rosemary Kronfeldt, $79,000.

Jamie and Michael Niedfeldt to Connor and Laura Birkel, $440,000.


McCormick Family Enterprises to RJ 35 LLC, $179,000.


Marina An and Vladimir Tsoy to Irina and Donnie Owens Jr., $86,300.

Danielle and Nicholas Shear to Jennifer and Thomas Ostrem, $300,500.

Amber and Rory Turner to Daniel and Patricia Hougom, $72,500.

Joseph Sobkowiak to Kerri Nygaard, $151,000.

Greg and Roseann Jones to Jeremy and Krystal McCormick, $482,000.


Henry and Elizabeth Wish Revocable Trust to Henry and Elizabeth Wish Family Trust.

Alissa Minten-Vanwassenhoven and James Vanwassenhoven to Diane Becker and Robert Dressler, $321,500.

ALT Investments LLC to Amy Brunkow, $110,000.

Frudy Hills LLC to Colton and Maggie Wilbur, $230,000.

Ru Di Chen to Fei Mei Yang.


Jody and Keith Boraas to Boraas Family Trust.


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