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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Oct. 18

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Tabithe Dayton to Thomas Dayton, 1229 Kane St.

Beth and Troy Limber to Nancy and Scott Swanson, 1202 Gillette St. and 1552 George St., $96,000.

Christopher and Eric Berg to Arnold and Barbara Berg, 812 W. Janice Court.

Mississippi Valley Broadcasters LLC to Magnum Communications Inc., 102 Lang Drive, $19,800.

Alexandria Berry to Anmarie Whitelark, 1651 Denton St., $210,000.

Daron, Debrah and Dennis Householder to Vercruysse Ventures LLC, 1308 and 1210 Fifth Ave. S., $175,000.

Emma Madsen to Jacqueline Miller, 2504 King St., $199,900.

Johnson Real Estate LLC to Thomas Franke, 3536 S. East Ave., $109,900.

Nathan Brooks and PE Rentals to Zink Property Management LLC, 1018 Gillette St., 820 Hagar St. and 1613 Caroline St., $270,000.

Beverly and Thomas Marcou to Marie Hanson, 1640 Onalaska Ave., $87,600.

Martin and Karol Smith Joint Revocable Trust to Andrea and Thomas Trane, 1428 Main St., $453,000.

Christopher Larson to Ashlie Cahoon, 2908 Leonard St., $150,000.

Ruby Biering Survivors Trust to Erica and Phillip Buedding, 4230 Cliffside Drive, $290,000.

John Hayek to John and Phyllis Heck, 1540 Farnam St., $150,000.

Marcia Gourley, Jane Hanson and Pamela Kaiser to Patrick Faucher, 1630 Avon St., $127,000.

Timothy Windl and Helen Zahn to Cherryl and Michael Baum, 2009 S. 14th St., $135,000.

Brittany Bendel and Kurtis Swiggum to Kelly Ginther, 2407 S. 13th Place, $154,900.

Elaine Trest to Steven Turtenwald, 1314 S. 9th St., $94,000.

Kristy, Steven and Terry Mach to T & E Mach Trust, 2538 S. 20th St., $114,288.

Haefs Homes LLC to Jody and Nicholas Haefs, 757 N. 24th St., 1519 Sand Lake Road, 2401 and 2403 Thomas Court, 3324 and 3326 Kenton St., 134 and 136 Rhyme St.

Lavonne Sloan Estate to William Ogden, $153,000.

Minh and Anh Thi Ngoc Pham Joint Revocable Trust to Eva and Timothy Ewers, 420 Cameron Ave., $140,000.

Andrew Goehner to Vercruysse Ventures LLC, 1421 S. West Ave., $155,000.

Lisa Lenarz to Hawkeye LLC, 1637 Market St., $127,000.

Rachel Reeck to Chong Lee and Tia Yang, 717 S. Seventh St., $219,900.

Inez Larson Family Trust to Linda Eddy, 1333 Redfield St. and 1520 S. 14th St.

Richard Lehrke to John and Diane Dingman Joint Revocable Trust, 1025 King St., $188,528.

BETA LLC to BETA LLC, Agnes, Bradley, Erica and Thomas Neumeister, 924 and 926 S. 26th St.

Brian and Eric Olson, Lisa Olson-McDonald and Wendy Wooden to Nicholas Olson, 1119 Maple St., $140,000.

Carol and Peter Klitzke to Kathryn Keppel, 2323 King St., $243,000.

Debra and Fred Wakeen to Wakeen Properties LLC, 135 and 137 S. Fourth St.

Debra and Fred Wakeen to Fred and Deb Wakeen Trust, 1512 Nakomis Ave.

Hub on 6th LLC to Marco and Patricia Herrmann Revocable Living Trust, 415 Sixth St. N., $200,000.

Dustin Bowholtz and Sydney Garavalia to Lisa and Todd Bornholdt, 2110 Market St., $190,900.

Coulee Bank to 3003 Airport Road LLC, 3003 Airport Road, $3,000,000.


Eddie and Linda Leach to Derek Leach and Brenda Stuhr, 512 Green Coulee Drive.

Heiden International LLC to Christopher Coit and Kari Peterler, 826 N. Second Ave, 831 West Ave., $305,000.

Nathan Eitsert to Charles Burden, 711 Monroe St., $259,900.

Deborah, Douglas and Mary Rash to Deborah, Douglas and Mary RAsh, 1267 County Road PH.

ACME Commercial Properties LLC to American Towers LLC, 1785 E. Main St., $14,000.

Sheriff La Crosse County and Kay Wehrle to Brian Tonneson, 1130 Schafer Drive, $135,000.

Valley View Associates to Property Logic LLC, 100, 200, 300 and 400 Braund St., 1277, 1279, 1281, 1283, 1285 and 1288 Rudy St., $5,800,000.

Amy and Edward Jaekel to Jennifer and Tyler Hougom, 534 Stonebridge Ave., $452,500.

Bryan and Erin Adams to Mary Offerman, 2210 Franklin St., $215,000.


Michael and Tina Langrehr to Brenda Carrie and John Langrehr, $175,000.

Eugene and Heather Clements to Brandon and Brittany Burnham, $255,000.


Myron Olson to Stephanie and Troy Brindle, $193,000.

JMQ Properties LLC to Moonstone Meadow LLC, $74,900.

Eric and Jessica Weiler to Yer Vue and Hai Yang, $265,000.

Evenson & Co Inc. to Daryl and David Wallenfelsz, $322,896.

Brian Burke to Leandra and Todd Pake Jr., $245,600.

Traditional Trades Inc. to Shirley-Jean and Steven Johnson, $340,041.

Daniel and Laura Dymond to Amy Gregory and Colin Kunz, $232,500.

Integrity Construction of La Crosse LLC to Danielle and Michael Fetcenko, $244,900.

Integrity Construction of La Crosse LLC to East Family Trust, Kathy and Michael Fetcenko, $234,900.

Kablia Her, Sheriff La Crosse County and Qual Vang to Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust.

Adam Olson to Jessica Harper and Adam Olson, $101,150.

McCathie Investments LLC to James and Tanya Verse, $380,000.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Deborah and MC Rosselott, $48,900.


Ikert Family LLC to George Glanzer, $26,000.


Paul and Dawn Gullickson Trust, Scott and Verna Smillie to Jade and Travis Mikshowsky, $250,400.

Greenfield Addition LLC to J Watermen Partners LLC, $375,000.

David and Bernice Halvorson Revocable Trust to Emily Geske, $167,000.

Greenfield Addition LLC to Jennifer and Kent Flock, $69,850.

Greenfield Addition LLC to Adam and Kari Huth, $71,500.


Brian and Deborah Korth to Andrew and Lauren Stoffel, $92,500.


Brent and Kirsten Harris to Linda and Paul Woelper, $155,000.

Donna Cullmann to Chad Cullmann and Carli Meil, $2,500.

Randy Holthaus to Reed Holthaus.

Nancy Collins Estate to Derrick and Jeffrey Collins, Megan Gundlach.


Michael Davis Sr. to Michael Davis Jr.


DAle and Sandra Young to Danna and Vincent Johnson, $100,000.

Anna and Reed Knepper to Gail and Nicklaus Grimslid, $235,000.

Karen and Mark Kohlwey to Franklin and Ursala Rasmussen Joint Revocable Trust, $375,000.


KST LLC to Stephanie Greene Revocable Trust, $82,000.

Schams Family Irrevocable Trust to 5C Revocable Living Trust, $1,360,000.


Heidi and Ray Ebert to Jamey Justin and Emma Madsen, $320,000.


John and Linda Lehrke to Amanda Goebel.

Jean Johnston to David and Jean Johnston.

Michael and Ann Richgels Revocable Trust to Ann and Michael Richgels.

Ann and Michael Richgels to Hidden Prairie LLC.

Daniel Butterfield to Dale and Dennis Butterfield and Diane Johnson.

Douglas and Lori Juenn to Catherine and Travis Koopman, $300,000.


Stonehill Development II LLC to Hart to Hart LLC.

Ker and Xao Yang to Steffi Reinstein and Michael Yang, $65,000.


Julie and Kirt Vonruden to James and Kandi Holt, $430,000.

Patricia and Stephen Froegel to Laura and Peter Coppola, $385,000.

Dean Kulas to Dean and Mary Kulas.

Nordahl and Patricia Haugen to Daniel and Jennifer Waters, $190,000.


Sandra Bakalars to Michael Bakalars, $285,000.

ALT Investments LLC to Dennis and Tamara Zee, $92,000.

D&G Servais Joint Revocable Trust to Scott and Veronica Hansen, $95,000.

Bonita and Robert Jackson to Robert and Bonita Jackson Revocable Trust.

Dennis, John and John Boland Jr., Patricia Solfest to Seth and Tamra Nururdin, $160,000.

Catherine and Travis Koopman to Ryan Pederson, $152,000.


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