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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Oct. 25

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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Carlyn and Norman Ellis to Carlyn Ellis, 2106 State St.

Roland and Susan Roehl Joint Trust to Coulee Auto Properties LLC, 1411 Rose St., $225,000.

James Carroll Trust to Coulee Auto Properties LLC, 1411 Rose St., $225,000.

Winona Warehouse Corp. to Coulee Auto Properties LLC, 1411 Rose St., $225,000.

Wilson McShane to Coulee Auto Properties LLC, 1411 Rose St. $225,000.

Marlin and Shirley Huber to Paul Huber, 1645 George St.

Paul Huber to Rublee Investment LLC, 1645 George St., $160,000.

David and Julie Zettler to David and Julie Zettler Revocable Trust, 2030 Winnebago St.

Tammy Haefs to Michael and Rebecca Quam, 4524 Northbrook Road, $215,000.

Firefighters Credit Union to Ryan Rouse, 2730 Ray Place, $140,000.

Michael Erickson to RRJ Holdings LLC, 1605 Rose St., $800,000.

Ardelle Tuxen to Brandon and Julie Olson, 2131 and 2133 S. 29th St., $270,000.

Sunset Court Properties LLC to Hartman Properties LLC, 1382 Sunset Court, $170,000.

Barbara Rodas to Janine Lovekamp and Martin Nachreiner, 2105 S. 30th St., $214,500.

John and Susan Schams Trust, Leo Schams, Paul and Katheryn Schams Revocable Trust to Grand Apartments LLC, 2350 South Ave., $429,500.

John and Susan Schams Trust, Leo Schams, Paul and Katheryn Schams Revocable Trust to Grand Apartments LLC, 2306 South Ave., $500.

William and Frances O’Leary Joint Revocable Trust to Genci and Lorraine Babameto, 4546 Stone Bridge Road, $470,000.

Jamie Beck to Jamie Beck, 2121 S. Losey Blvd.

2nd & Main LLC to Coulee Region Ecoscapes LLC, 1522 Green Bay ST., $100,000.

Katherine Collister to Emerald Investments LLC, 1709 S. 30th St., $95,000.

Rolf Samuels to Kelly and Rolf Samuels, 232 N. 23rd St.

Gerald and Rity Dalzell to Dalzell Family Trust, 6016 River Run Road.

Jason Olson Estate to Susana Rodriguez, 2555 S. 15th St., $120,000.

Leonard Sikora Trust to Moran Revocable Declaration of Trust, 1329 Moorings Drive, $395,000.

David Frommelt to David Frommelt Trust, 2526 Harvey St.

Citizens Building LLC to Citizens State Bank La Crosse, 620 Main St., $2,983,614.

Jacob Michaels to Kelly McCormack, 408 S. 22nd St., $155,000.

Kelly and Travis Lay to Ashly Pappas and Carrie Priebe, 917 S. 26th St., $229,900.

Mark McConnell to Gwen McConnell, 2621 Van Loon Road.

Heather Mask to Mee Chang and Soua Vue, 2700 S. 26th St., $170,000.

Mariana and Robert Vosika to Paul and Sarah Gerrard, 100 N. Sixth St., $360,000.

Deborah Lamoreaux to Kimberly and Timothy Koenig, 1312 George St., $110,000.

Alan Isakson to Landis & Stohr Investments LLC, 3014 State Road, $80,000.

Laufenberg Rentals LLC to 1606 Jackson LLC, 1606 Jackson St., $105,000.


Christopher and Kelli Wojcik to Tyler Blair, 324 S. Ninth Ave., $172,000.

Joey Fredrick to Kaylie Connaughty and Joey Fredrick, 1113 N. Oak Ave.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Michael Doerrler and Jessica Jarosz-Doerrler, 819 Summers Day Lane, $615,000.

Kathryn and Michael Tighe to Linnea and Matthew Larson, 312 Oak Forest Drive, $272,000.

Kimberlie and Steven Zinda to Darrel and Stephanie Schmeling, 1024 Johnson St., $305,000.

Andrew and Ellen Seithamer to John Hoan and Vi-Tuong Thi Pham, 412 N. Oak Ave., $149,900.

Odus and Sheila Ross to Kristen and Patrick Fay, 738 Shelly Lane, $355,000.


Colleen Daines, David, Matthew and Patrick McKenzie, Maureen Stintzi to Lou and Raymond Easton, $228,000.

Mark Smith to Mike Gappa, $290,000.

Maryann and Tanya Kruse to Alana and Jordan Docken, $255,550.

Choice Construction LLC to Scott and Verena Davis, $344,900.

Joseph Upton to Joseph and Buernele Upton Joint Revocable Trust.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Tou Vang and Shoua Yang, $49,900.

MB Real Estate Investment LLC to Debra and Rickey Blankenship, $338,650.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Jason Kleinsasser, $48,900.

Jay Just to Amanda and Joshua Euler, $300,000.

Roger and Sandra Weber to Andrew and Ellen Seithamer, $269,900.

Amanda and Joshua Euler to Jaclyn Schlang and Isaac Standish, $295,000.

Traditional Trades Inc. to Andrew and Kathryn Helgerson, $332,289.


Gary, Glenn and Steven Willinger to Michael and Robin Jarrett, $269,900.

Greenfield Addition LLC to JTK Construction LLC, $76,890.

Greenfield Addition LLC to JTK Construction LLC, $69,850.

Greenfield Addition LLC to JTK Construction LLC, $131,780.

Greenfield Addition LLC to Anna and Daniel Graham, $76,890.

Greenfield Addition LLC to John and Mary Kulig, $65,890.

Jeanne Christiansen Revocable Trust to Jeanne Holmquist Revocable Trust.

Darrel and Dixie Talcott to Stacy Hutchinson and Thomas Talcott.

Tyrone Hoier to Trevor Groth, $162,000.


Debra and Steven Harris to Steven and Debra Harris Revocable Living Trust.

Bonnie and Ralph Jones to Ralph and Bonnie Jones Irrevocable Living Trust.


Betty Mitley Estate to Lucas Westfall, $135,000.


Dale and Sandra Young to Jeffrey Treder.

Jason and Leann Dirks to Tab Gunderson.

Dean and Tab Gunderson to Jason and Leann Dirks.

Don Polivoda to Don and Susan Polivoda.

Beth and Robert Shortner to Anthony and Rebecca Berg, $355,000.


Neale Koenig Revocable Trust to Danielle and Paul Hundt, $114,000.


Gary Gaynor Trust to Carol Dammon.

Amy and Michael Maxwell to Kelly and Travis Lay, $349,900.

Kristen and Patrick Fay to Beth and Robert Shortner, $242,000.


Jeanne Johnson Revocable Living Trust and Alan Wandling to Alyssa and Dustin Hanson, $530,000.


Scott and Verena Davis to Aaron and Amanda Ziegler, $375,000.

Katherine and Matthew Fawcett to Fawcett Rentals LLC.


Allan and Karen Hansen to Amanda and John Mroch, $249,500.

Anthony and Rachel Rausa to Anthony and Rachel Rausa.


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