No one wants to get up early, go outside in the dark, and battle with icy sidewalks and windshields. De-icing is one winter chore we’d all rather avoid. Fortunately, these products make the job a little easier, so you can spend a few extra minutes cozy in your bed.

Safer Sidewalks

Icy sidewalks can lead to slip-and-falls and serious injuries, especially in older populations. Sometimes traditional rock salt just isn’t up to the job, but this ice melt from Natural Alternative ice melt lowers the freezing point of the ground to minimize snow and ice accumulation. It’s also biodegradable, and safe for pets, wildlife, and fish.

Natural Alternative Ice Melt 9-Pound Shaker Jug available from Amazon

Clear Windshields and Handles

Save yourself some elbow grease and skip the difficult scraping with this Ice-Off windshield spray. The spray is harmless to car finishes and windshields, and helps you quickly de-ice mirrors, windows, and frozen car locks.

CRC Ice-Off Windshield Spray De-Icer available from Amazon

A Better Ice Scraper

If you’re tired of flimsy plastic ice scrapers, turn to this deluxe extendable scraper from BirdRock Home. The scraper extends up to 55 inches, making it perfect for large vehicles and hard to reach places. The foam grip is easy to handle with gloves, and the foam head prevents scratches.

BirdRock Home 55” Extendable Snow and Ice Scraper available from Amazon