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Google Arts and Culture (Google)

Parents need to know that Google Arts and Culture is the mobile app version of the website of the same name. Because of the selfie feature that compares images of you to great works of art, the app became popular, but it’s much more than a trivial social networking add-on. Users can share art selfies via social media, text and email. The app’s “Nearby” feature gives the app access to your location, for the purposes of compiling lists of nearby cultural venues and events and providing directions to these things. There have been concerns around the collection and storage of users’ images: A disclaimer states photos are not saved by the app and are only used temporarily for artwork comparison. Read the app’s privacy policy to find out about the kinds of information collected and shared.


Google Arts and Culture puts the worlds of art, science, history and travel at your fingertips. In addition to letting you take a selfie and compare your face to images from great works of art, it also lets you find information about artists, museums, historic figures, places and historic events. The app’s easy navigation lets you search by keyword or category, browse featured content, view art collections, and read culture-related editorials. Users can save their favorite items or share them via social media, and the Nearby feature gives users up-to-date information on cultural venues and cultural events in their areas.


Though it may have only just gone viral thanks to the addition of its art-selfie feature, it’s so much more than that. After spending a few minutes laughing at the results of your selfie experiments, you can explore the rest of Google Arts and Culture. If you do, you’ll find it’s truly awesome. There’s so much here: museum information, theater, music, travel, profiles of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and it’s presented in a way that takes full advantage of current technology.

In addition to being able to search artists by timeline and color palette, you can view famous artworks in zoomable high-definition. Visit world heritage sites through 360-degree video recordings or use your favorite VR device to spend the afternoon in a museum halfway around the world. Google’s even partnered with cultural organizations in countries like India, France, the Czech Republic and the UK to tap into their unique cultural offerings. These tech platforms bring all this information to colorful, vibrant life in a way that makes it exciting for kids and parents alike.


Recommended for ages 12 and older

Quality: 5 out of 5

Educational value: 4 out of 5

Ease of play: 5 out of 5

Violence: 1 out of 5

Sex: 1 out of 5

Language: 1 out of 5

Drinking, drugs, and smoking: 1 out of 5

Consumerism: 0 out of 5 (Are products/advertisements embedded? Is the title part of a broader marketing initiative/empire? Is the intent to sell things to kids?)


Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Price: Free

Release date: July 20, 2016

Category: Entertainment

Size: 66.10 MB

Minimum software requirements: iOS 10.0 or later; Android 4.4 and up.

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