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Here’s How To Make Delicious Apple Pie Moonshine Right At Home

Ah, apple pie moonshine. The perfect combination of that all-American pie flavor and a deliciously good time.

Apple pie moonshine is a dangerously yummy and delightfully easy-to-make drink that’ll have everyone (over the age of 21, of course) asking for another warming sip.

To get this classic dessert flavor in moonshine form, check out this recipe. All you really need is apple cider, apple juice, sugar, some spirits and spices and you’re ready to brew up some party-time moonshine.

Souffle Bombay

For a not-so-strong — yet equally enjoyable — apple pie moonshine, check out blogger Souffle Bombay’s quick recipe, which uses Everclear as the base.

The instructions are pretty foolproof. Simply combine your liquids (the cider and juice) with sugar and spices and bring it to a boil for 10 minutes. After letting it cool off, pour in the liquor and strain the moonshine into your mason jars. Next, seal them and stick them in the fridge. Pop them open when you’re in need of a strong — but not too strong — drink.

Looking for other variations? You’re in luck! You can find sweet moonshine infusion recipes that use a variety of fruits and flavors.

Since it is almost summertime, try out this peach moonshine by blogger Its A Keeper which combines white grape peach juice, sliced peaches, Everclear and peach schnapps with spices to create a potent moonshine.

Its A Keeper

For another sweetly spirited treat, how about cherry pie moonshine? Blogger Wide Open Eats makes a special cherry simple syrup by combining the tart, bold flavor of fresh cherries (pitted and smashed) with vanilla bean pods and brown sugar, and then adds the syrup to the moonshine.

Wide Open Eats

For best results, all moonshines and infusions should sit for some time prior to drinking. Moonshine infusions can keep for up to a year.

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