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Home organization and cleaning experts explain that there are many ways to make your cleaning products stretch further and last longer. The trick is adopting these strategies the next time you do a deep clean.

Lawmakers in several conservative states are continuing to target transgender children with bills that prohibit gender affirming care for young people. Bills that prohibit such medical care for young people were passed Wednesday by GOP-controlled committees in Oklahoma and South Dakota, and are expected to be approved in Nebraska. The states are among more than two dozen considering similar bans, including Utah, where the Republican governor just signed that state's bill into law. A judge is reviewing whether to strike down Arkansas' law after temporarily blocking it last year. Such treatments, including the use of puberty-blocking drugs and hormones, have been available in the United States for more than a decade and are endorsed by major medical associations.

A devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has raised questions about how long people can survive in the rubble. Experts say up to a week or more, though it depends on their injuries, how they are trapped and weather conditions. Search teams from around the world have joined local emergency personnel to continue to look for victims from this week's deadly earthquake. Most rescues occur in the first 24 hours after a disaster. Experts say after that, survival chances drop as each day passes. Wintry conditions in Turkey and Syria have hampered rescue efforts and temperatures have dipped well below freezing.

Facing blowback, the director of Florida’s high school sports governing body is backing away from using an eligibility form that requires female athletes to disclose their menstrual history. Instead, the executive director of the Florida High School Athletic Association is recommending that medical histories stay at the doctor’s office and not be stored at school. The association’s board is meeting Thursday to vote on whether to adopt the four-page form that would require student-athletes to submit to their schools only the last page of the form, stating their eligibility to participate in sports.


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