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Sewer agreements highlight tortuous path to local government cooperation in La Crosse area

La Crosse County municipalities have been talking regionalization for decades, saying it’s a way to be more efficient, avoid duplication of services and, most importantly, save taxpayers money.

A closer look: Videos explore iconic places in La Crosse area

The La Crosse Tribune is taking a closer look, through a video camera lens, behind the scenes of iconic sites, organizations, people and places.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Tribune editorial board: Investments at La Crosse airport paying off

Things are looking up for La Crosse Regional Airport — but not without years of focus and investment.

Dave Skoloda: Aldo Leopold's legacy still guides land use

Bipartisan approval of a major land conservation bill recently cast a ray of of light bright as a prairie sunrise into the gridlock gloom of the U.S. Senate.

Tim Culpan: New York dodged an Amazon bullet; Wisconsin still faces bazooka Inc.’s decision to ditch its plans for a New York headquarters doesn’t augur well for governments and corporations intent on using taxpayer money to fund job-creation schemes.

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