Nearly 19 years ago, we launched our first website.

To put things into perspective, at that time cellphones still had long antennas and tiny, or nonexistent, displays. The Apple iPhone was still 11 years away. That first website would look quaint today.

But it’s illustrative of how fast technology has improved over the last 20 years and how quickly we need to change to continue delivering vital news and information to our readers.

That’s the main reason behind a major redesign of our website that was unveiled earlier this week. We hope you’ve noticed the changes and like them. As always, we’re interested to hear your comments.

There are plenty of aesthetic reasons for changing the look of our website. The former site was heavily oriented toward text and over the years had gotten cluttered with lots of information, links and navigation bars. That’s understandable to a large degree. Delivering news and information digitally is still in its formative years and discovering what readers want and how they use the website is often a matter of trial and error.

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The neat thing about websites and other digital products, however, is that we have access to information about how the site gets used. There are a lot of analytics that allow us to know how readers access online information. A lot of that knowledge went into our website redesign.

There are also some gee-whiz technological aspects to the redesign. In the past, the desktop website and the one viewed on a phone or tablet were similar, but different. Now, due to a flex technology, our website automatically adjusts to fit the size of the phone or tablet screen you are using.

While we’re talking about digital products, please take a moment to activate your digital account. It’s part of your subscription package and entitles you to all of our digital products and services, the daily e-edition and unlimited stories, galleries and videos on our website. It’s easy to do, just click on the "Activate" button under “Special Deals and Offers,” on the website. Even if you love the printed product, the website and other digital products can be used to keep in touch with the news while you’re out of town or to keep relatives and former residents in touch with local news.

We hope you like the look and technology behind the new website and appreciate the hard work that went into making a better product for our readers. Most importantly, we’re interested in your feedback. As always, feel free to contact me with comments or questions. We also accept compliments.

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