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Government subsidies, or handouts of taxpayer money really, need to end. I get a kick out of farmers running big operations that couldn’t do it without government checks.


You are correct yet many will still argue with you https://farm.ewg.org/search.php

Barcelona Bob

Tariffs on soy beans is a big part of this.... thx Donny


Oh, so it's because of technology-caused overproduction that farmers are getting screwed and not because of Trump's tariffs. Thanks for the clarification.

Elizabeth Beyer Staff
Elizabeth Beyer

Thanks for your note! This story is a part of an ongoing series that examines all causes of the current dairy and ag crisis. If you take a look near the top of the story, the tariffs are mentioned. Let me know if you have questions.


Zero to do with tariffs........chasing the crop that paid the most instead of diversification is one of the issues much like when cranberries were the cash cow everyone jumped on that train & built more bogs. Don't feel to bad though many of your neighbors who farm are doing just fine if you look deeper at the subsidies many pull in https://farm.ewg.org/search.php

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