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Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse

FEB. 1

Daughter to Kenny Buss and Coral Johnson, Onalaska

FEB. 3

Daughter to Autumn Youngs and Ray Smith, Warrens

FEB. 4

Daughter to Ben and Levenda Ranney, Caledonia

FEB. 6

Daughter to Audrey and Andrew Schlifer, Mindoro

Son to Kristine and Scott Powelson, Sparta

FEB. 8

Son to Lucas Jones and Alexis Kennedy, Ettrick

Son to Erik Litchy and Min Yang, Trempealeau

FEB. 9

Son to Brian and Beth Linenberg, Tomah

Son to Jennifer Chesebro and Alex Lau, Sparta

FEB. 10

Son to Amy Kelly and Jose Luis Alvarez, La Crosse

FEB. 11

Son to Aaron Tyson and Aubrey Davis, Sparta

Daughter to Joe and Vicki Klingbeil, La Crosse

FEB. 12

Son to Sara and Brian Maliszewski, Independence

FEB. 13

Son to Dominick and Danelle Garcia, La Crosse

Tomah Memorial


FEB. 9

Daughter to Jonathan Hernandez and Isavette Torres Ruiz, Tomah

FEB. 10

Daughter to Kyle and Toni Thorson, Tomah

Daughter to Jessica Laube and Erik Kessler, Sparta

FEB. 12

Son to Macey Shelton and Tyler Betthauser, Tomah

FEB. 13

Daughter to Alyssa Mitchell and Andrew Lilja, Black River Falls

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