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Son to Robyn (Bottcher) and Ryan Schams, La Crosse

Son to Kimberly (Bechtel) and Nicholas Engrav, Waukon

Daughter to Amanda (Mellick) and Ryan Schuttemeier, Eitzen

MAY 10

Daughter to Amanda (Dieltz) and Luke Peterson, La Crosse

Daughter to Amy (Hicks) and Brendan McGovern, La Crosse

Daughter to Mor Yang and Xiong Tou Xiong, Onalaska

MAY 11

Son to Courtney Lokken and Lucas Schwaller, La Crosse

Daughter to Mariah Johnson and Austin Ziel, Onalaska

Daughter to Jessica (White) and Matthew Herrmann, La Crosse

MAY 12

Daughter to Jacqwelyn (Carter) Young and Steve Hilbun, La Crosse

Daughter to Nicole (Kallenbach) and Jamin Ramsay, Brownsville

Daughter to Kristen (Thompson) and Brett Schwanke, West Salem

Son to Tanya (Laub) and Matthew Munkel, Cresco, Iowa

MAY 13

Son to Khyl (Sircy) and Ryan Berndt, Holmen

Daughter to Kendra (Fritz) and Mathew Arneson, La Crosse

Daughter to Haeli (Johnson) and Clay Anderson, Rushford

Son to Zhanna (Turegaliyeva) and Barrett Leez, Westby

Daughter to Sarah (Hocking) and James Haefer, Prairie du Chien

Son to Lisa (Hildebrand) and Scott Roepke, Ettrick

Son to Mai Tong Yang and Joshua Xiong, Holmen

MAY 14

Son to Amy (Nuttelman) and Tracey Olson, Melrose

Daughter to Aleigha (Ahlstrom) and Alexander Burg, Brownsville

Daughter to Nikhila (Deo) and James Schroeder, Onalaska

MAY 15

Daughter to Amanda (Shaw) and Larry Richmond, Tomah

Daughter to Cynthia Sordahl and Cody Wohlhoefer, Sparta

Son to Jill (Hammel) and Joshua Mitchell, New Albin

Daughter to Lindsey Carley and Daniel Rose, Richland Center

MAY 16

Son to Anna (Smerud) and Michael Taylor, La Crosse

Daughter to Alicia Arneson and Paul Craig, La Crosse

Son to Angie (Ciszak) and Josh Bergler, Dakota

MAY 17

Son to Keli (Highland) and Andrew Frigo, La Crosse

Son to Jaclyn (Lee) and Casey Stadler, La Crosse

Son to Amanda (Dowden) and Justin Richard, Sparta

MAY 18

Son to Jessica Brady, Holmen

Son to Julie (Peterson) and Travis Geier, Westby

MAY 19

Daughter to Amber (Strevly) Halverson and Bryant Swiggum, La Crosse

MAY 20

Daughter to Katherine (McWilliams) and Kevin Achenbach, Prairie du Chien

Son to Nicole (Peterson) and Chad Gjere, La Crescent

MAY 21

Son to Dina Johnson and Cody Gilbertson, Cashton

Twin sons to Christina (White) and Douglas Horstman, Holmen

Daughter to Gitana Toven-Caseres and Terrence Mack, La Crosse

Daughter to Alison (Knutson) and Dustin Cunninghamm, Holmen

Son to Sheena (Volden) and Adam Schulze, La Crosse

Son to Emily Fuenger and Trenton Eitland, Sparta

MAY 22

Daughter to Teresa (Klug) and Randy Lange, Caledonia

Son to Brenna (Anderson) and Andrew Sykes, La Crosse

Daughter to Amanda (Elder) and Kevin Hoy, Onalaska

Daughter to Jennifer Maxwell and Cody Morris, La Crosse

Son to Jennifer Laufenberg and Josh Dodge, Winona

MAY 23

Son to Cory (Cooper) and Daniel Mueller, Holmen

Daughter to Rebekka (Mayfield) and Gordon Murphy, La Crosse

Daughter to Natesa (Nagalingam) and Vince Heal, Onalaska

Son to Andrea (Davis) and Trenton McCaskey, Tomah

Daughter to Ana (Miller) and Dustin Hines, Onalaska

MAY 24

Son to April (Nofsinger) and Anthony Greene, Onalaska

Daughter to Lauren and Corey Gregor, La Crescent

Daughter to Mandy (Mickelson) and Benjamin Schreier, Rockland

MAY 25

Daughter to Amanda (Brown) and Scott Brouwer, La Crosse

Son to Danielle (Kessler) and Richard Johnson, Holmen

MAY 27

Son to Marly Xiong and Bee Vang, Onalaska

Son to Elizabeth (Eggman) and Michael Witcik, Onalaska

MAY 28

Son to Emily (Sheehan) and Mathew Goetzinger, Caledonia

MAY 29

Son to Tiana (VonRuden) and Skipper Sykes, Stoddard

MAY 30

Son to Katherine (Schmitt) and Kenneth Floyd, Boscobel

Daughter to Amanda Stage and John Klein, Cresco, Iowa

Daughter to Janelle (Cox) and Dustin Sayles, Houston

Son to Anne and Tou Soua Xiong, La Crosse

MAY 31

Son to Alanna (Modjeski) and Joshua Eggert, Lewiston

Son to Jennifer (Edelman) and Matthew Ryan, Winona


Son to Erick (Nickelotti) and Tyler Theobald, Stoddard

Son to Laura Rislove and Adam VanGundy, Rushford

Daughter to Jennifer (Zeedyk) Beach, La Crosse

Son to Mariah Williamson, Stoddard

Daughter to Anna (Koski) and Joshua Goodman, La Crosse


Daughter to Karin (Jergenson) and Mark Swenson, Houston

Son to Brenda (Wedig) and Matthew Peterson, West Salem

Son to Chelsey Rud and William DeLao, Trempealeau

Daughter to Abby (Carlon) and Jake Merrill, Onalaska


Daughter to Lotiji Thompson and Timothy Thomas, La Crosse

Son to Patricia (Meoska) and Brandon Stoughtenger, Mindoro

Son to Katie (Borchardt) and John Sheppard, Onalaska


Son to Lindsay (Barkeim) and Mathew Schober, La Crosse

Daughter to Krystal (Smith) and Mike Suntken, La Crosse

Son to Tina and Matt Evenson, La Crosse


Son to Elizabeth (Vanderwoude) and Charles Anderas, Viroqua

Daughter to Jessica Eitland and Tevin Johnson, Onalaska

Daughter to Danielle (Olson) and Dustin Wehrs, West Salem


Son to Elizabeth (Vanderwoude) and Charles Anderas, Viroqua

Daughter to Ashley (Mueller) and Chase Schmalenberg, Winona

Daughter to Allyce (Brekke) and Kelly Kozlowski, Holmen


Son to Heather (Nehls) and John Alexander, Soldiers Grove

Daughter to Kristen (Olson) and Brad Collins, Eitzen


Daughter to Kellie (Goddard) and Loren Sletten, Ferryville

Son to Jennifer (Shaw) and Timothy Olson, La Crosse


Son to Angela (Glotfelty) and Jonathan Gelatt, La Crosse

Son to Elizabeth (Schill) and Adam Binsfeld, La Crosse

Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse


Son to Holly and Christopher Matuska, Onalaska

Daughter to Bradey and Sophie Schleis, Holmen


Son to Sacre and Julya Kalume, La Crosse

Daughter to Jenny and Nathen Brandt, Fountain City

Son to Jessica Norgard and Jeffery Peterson, Houston


Daughter to Melissa and Bryant Lejeune, Bangor

Daughter to Mariah Fuchsel, Onalaska

Daughter to Brian and Amanda Swenson, Waukon


Son to Adam and Kathleen Ausen, Ettick

Daughter to Megan Fowler and Richard Clark, Holmen

Son to Ellen Stankey and Patrick Keller, La Crosse

Daughter to Jackie Lehrke, Trempealeau


Son to Seth and Jennifer Howard, Independence


Daughter to Justin and JoAnn Adams, Onalaska


Son to Thomas and Abby Mlsna, Onalaska


Son to Cody and Rose Caulum, Melrose

June 15

Daughter to Matthew and Amber Jackels, Winona

June 16

Son to Emily and Tony Meyer, La Crosse

June 17

Daughter to Ashley McClurg and Marchun Holeyfield, Coon Valley

Son to Craig and Danielle Keenan, Sparta

Son to Jeremy and Melissa Lobner, La Crosse

June 18

Son to Karissa McGuire, Onalaska

June 19

Son to Matt and Janet Tepper, Holmen

Son to Jessica Dekan, Sparta

June 20

Son to Devin and Erin Becker, Caledonia

June 21

Daughter to John and Beth Metellso, La Crosse

Saint Clare’s

Hospital in Weston,



Daughter to Monica and Erik Borreson, Stevens Point

Tomah Memorial


June 12

Son to Nicole and Kyle Coenen, Tomah

June 13

Son to Katelyn Kvistad and Martin Trujillo, Tomah

June 17

Son to Jennifer and Dylan Thill, New Lisbon

June 19

Daughter to Josh and Mollie Wisdorf, Tomah

Winona Health

Family Birth Center

June 21

Son to Matthew and Laura Trautlein, Onalaska


General assignment reporter

Emily Pyrek covers human interest stories, local events and anything involving dogs for the La Crosse Tribune. She is always interested in story ideas and can be contacted at