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Gundersen Health System

OCT. 16

Daughter to Brianna LaSee and Kyle Iverson, La Crosse

OCT. 17

Daughter to Katlin Hoem and Evan Stephenson, Blair

OCT. 18

Son to Brittany (Pfaff) and Chris Ebert, Holmen

Son to Camey and Shane Brevik, Galesville

Daughter to Jessica (Matzke) and Trevor Pozanc, Winona

Son to Melissa (Ciupik) and Adam Glahn, Holmen

Daughter to Autumn (Frarey) and Chase Donaldson, Norwalk

Son to Anne (Stensvold) and Devin Curley, Trempealeau

Daughter to Teressa (Leahy) and Russell Welscher, Caledonia

OCT. 19

Son to Kayla (Dehning) and Jason Klug, Caledonia

OCT. 20

Daughter to Becky (Ward) Glidden and Jeff Olson, Westby

Son to Jessica (Mathson) and Christopher Collins, Ettrick

Daughter to Jenna (Lange) and Eric Ferries, Ontario

OCT. 21

Daughter to Teresa (Schulze) and Christopher Michaels, La Crosse

Son to Shawnna Gross and Caylan Jacobson, La Crosse

OCT. 22

Son to Brittnie Nevin and Anthony Smith, Wilton

OCT. 23

Twin daughters to Whitney (Brueggen) and Seth Fagan, La Crosse

OCT. 24

Daughter to Elizabeth (Welander) Savoie and Corey Maser, La Crosse

Daughter to Betsy (Jandt) and Jeffrey Parr, Bangor

Son to Juanita Lugo and Juan Ornelas, Sparta

Son to Maria Due and Wayne Maulsby, Wyeville

OCT. 25

Daughter to Jennifer (Miller) and Ryan Peickert, Holmen

Son to Alicia Crocker and Nunzio Sacchetta III, Onalaska

Daughter to Anne (Willkom) and Joel Lathrop, Onalaska

Son to Diana Forrester and Andrew Breitsprecher, Caledonia

OCT. 26

Son to Shannon (Johnson) and Bailey Boardman, La Crosse

Daughter to Kelli (Higgins) and Jerod Rickleff, Onalaska

OCT. 27

Son to Stephanie (Schaub) and Michael Corbin, La Crosse

Daughter to Chalsee (Hockenbery) and Garret Gaul, Bangor

OCT. 28

Daughter to Robyn Moen and Taylor Ferrie, Spring Grove

Son to Cassidy Peterson and Justin Cole, New Albin

OCT. 30

Daughter to Chelsea (Ulm) and Russell Slagle, Holmen

Son to Rebecca (Sebold) and Benny Stutzman, Caledonia

Son to Mirinda Pruksananta and Lamar Bullard, La Crosse

OCT. 31

Son to Tess (Arndt) and Zachariah Zebell, Sparta

Son to Aimee Bisek and Dalton Treanor, Holmen

Daughter to Elaine (McDonah) and Josh Wiegrefe, La Crosse

Daughter to Amber Kummet and Kevin Ralston, Onalaska

Daughter to Dawn (Robson) and Adam Hanson, La Crosse

Son to Brittany Mashak and Matthew Miller, Trempealeau

Tomah Memorial Hospital

OCT. 31

Son to Macey Shabatka and Joshua Baker Young, Tomah

NOV. 3

Daughter to Robert and Kelly Joyce, Tomah

NOV. 4

Son to Danielle and David Davis, Tomah


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