A Georgia man faces an intentional homicide charge in the Wednesday death of his girlfriend in the Crawford County town of Bridgeport.

Authorities found Linda Kline, 53, dead outside her house on Velvet Lane about 12:20 a.m., according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. Her sister and boyfriend Jimmy McDaniel, 48, also were at the house.

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Police arrested McDaniel Thursday at a Prairie du Chien hotel while he was waiting for a ride to the La Crosse Regional Airport for a flight back to Georgia, according to the department.

Prosecutors are expected to file charges next week.

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(6) comments


White women WHEN are ever going to learn to stop dating loser black guys with no job !! Don't be so hard up for a boyfriend !!


Oh he had a good job. They were team drivers together. She introduced him to a thing called drinking and driving and he lost his job from it. They were both hard up for one thing, and look where it got both of them. One thing that I will hear her say in my head til the day I die is, "If something ever happens to your father, I'm going to get me a black man." Well she went and did it while my father waited for her to get home from her on the road travels with him.


Wait! This was her boyfriend?? I could have sworn she was married to my father. Hmm my bad.


Murder is evil, of course, but it is also stupid. If two people don't like each other, just part ways and be done with it. Problem solved. End of story.

If someone you know wants to part ways, don't stick to the person like a sandburr.. just pack up and move on. Duh!


Oh how simple life is when your view is out Mamma's basement window , eh Michi. Perhaps she was attempting to leave; often than "clinginess" is on the part of the rejected person. Your comment shows a lack of understanding that no insipient quote can begin to shelter, had you wasted both your time and those viewing this discussion.


Perhaps she wasn't planning on leaving. However, you do seem to know all the facts. Enlighten us, oh informed one.

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