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French Island tea party protest

Protests like this one last year on the pedestrian overpass above Interstate 90 in the town of Campbell are at the root of a dispute between Campbell Police Chief Tim Kelemen and anonymous website commenters, emailers and callers who have criticized Campbell police -- in sometime vulgar and threatening ways -- for enforcing a town ordinance forbidding such displays on the walkway.

The town of Campbell police chief is under investigation over accusations that he created online accounts on pornographic, dating and insurance websites for a tea party activist who sued him in federal court.

Chief Tim Kelemen — from the town and his personal computer — used Greg Luce’s email to establish profiles on and to generate harassing solicitations, according to police investigation reports.

The same Internet addresses used to access those sites also visited sexually explicit pages. A computer user on the town’s computer and from Kelemen’s home also posted negative comments about Luce on the Tribune’s website using the handle “Bill O’Reilly,” according to investigation reports.

The chief admitted to using Luce’s email on websites, but Kelemen said he didn’t realize the conduct was illegal, the reports said. He said it was done after Luce filed suit in February against the town of Campbell, Kelemen and an officer over an ordinance that prohibits signs on a pedestrian bridge across Interstate 90.

Kelemen contends he and his department were the victims of abusive emails and death threats.

Monroe County investigators recommended Kelemen face a criminal charge. Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger, brought in to ensure impartiality, said he will make a charging decision after he receives investigation reports in the ongoing case.

“There is no basis for any type of allegation for felony criminal activity. None,” said Kelemen’s attorney, Jim Birnbaum. “We will vigorously defend against any such suggestion.”

Campbell Chairman Scott Johnson said Kelemen continues to work while town board members await a charging decision. He said he did not know what sanction the chief would face if prosecutors file charges.

“I think on the surface it sounds worse than what actually happened,” Johnson said.

La Crosse police launched an investigation in January when Luce discovered someone had used his name and email address to register him on pornography and dating websites and on

Investigators through subpoenas found the internet address used to register Luce on belonged to the town of Campbell, and the address for the insurance website matched Kelemen’s home computer. Of the sites visited from those two computers, only representatives from and responded to police.

La Crosse police sent the investigation to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department to avoid a conflict of interest.

Kelemen during a May 27 interview with investigators initially said he didn’t know anything about Internet solicitations made for Luce. He later admitted that he signed Luce up for the websites because Luce had been harassing the department. Kelemen told investigators “he felt it was the only way to get back at him.”

“We’re very concerned about what the chief of police has allegedly done,” said Luce’s attorney, Richard Thompson.

Campbell police on Oct. 24 threatened Luce with a ticket after a demonstration in which protesters wore T-shirts that together spelled “IMPEACH” on one side and “OBAMA” on the other while standing on the interstate overpass.

A town ordinance prohibits “signs, flags, banners, pennants, streamers, balloons” within 100 feet of the bridge. Luce argues in his federal suit that the law violates his rights to free speech and assembly.

Ever since, Kelemen and the police department have been inundated with Internet harassment, including online death threats, and attempts to access the department’s computer system and the chief’s personal bank account, Birnbaum said. Kelemen reported the activity to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

“I call it cyber terrorism,” Birnbaum said.

Birnbaum believes tea party members — a group he called “irresponsible and dangerous with zero credibility” — are responsible for the harassment but authorities have not identified suspects.

A video posted online of a Dec. 7 rally on the interstate overpass generated hundreds of abusive emails, including death threats, toward Campbell officers, according to a statement from Kelemen.

“Town board members are now considering rescinding the overpass safety ordinance,” Kelemen wrote. “This is not because the traffic safety concerns do not and will not continue to exist, but because personal safety of our town employees is a growing concern due to the extreme nature of the people (we) are now encountering.”

But it’s concerning that a police chief used department resources to retaliate after the federal suit, said Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center.

“I have never experienced when a police chief or a police department, even though they were being harassed, turned around and violated the law themselves,” Thompson said. “This impacts our federal suit. It is intimidating to Luce that the chief of police is taking these kinds of bizarre actions because he doesn’t like the fact that Luce filed a lawsuit.”

“There is no basis for any type of allegation for felony criminal activity. None.” Jim Birnbaum, Kelemen’s attorney

Police and courts reporter

Anne Jungen covers law enforcement and the criminal justice system in La Crosse County. She joined the Tribune reporting staff in December 2005. You can contact her directly at or 608-791-8224.

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The "chief" of police admitted that he committed several acts which constitute a felony under the law. That should cause EVERY official of the city to place him on unpaid leave until the criminal case is resolved.

Kelemen's attorney is just a paid liar, who is blatantly lying to deceive the uninformed and unintelligent. Kelemen has admitted he engaged in identity theft and cyber harassment. There is NO defense available to Kelemen now, other than to retract his confession.

Kelemen has to be fired, and he has to be prosecuted.

Anything else is a denial of the rights of ALL of the residents of Campbell to be treated lawfully by their police department and city government.

Sal Yodada

Luce' s e-mail address is in the public domain so it would not constitute identity theft even though it was not appropriate. It is cyber harassment, but that is usually charged as disorderly conduct which is a misdemeanor. His attorney is probably correct, there were no felonies committed, or at least nothing that would be chargeable as such by any district attorney's office.

Kelemen is about as guilty as Scott Walker is under campaign law violations.We know both are guilty as h* ll and both will walk due to technicalities. Don't worry though, I'm sure Kelemen will lose his job...unlike another Islander that got away with his misappropriation of funds. It's alright as long as he put the money back, right?

Poor Lucey is just getting a taste of his own cyber harassment. Too bad.


The Police Chief initially lied to investigators. That is a felony. By doing so, he obstructed justice, that is also a felony. Seeking retribution against a citizen? Pretty sure that violates several laws as well.

He has also committed Identity theft, defamation, harassment, and probably violated other laws as well, not to mention ethical violations, broken the public trust, and violated every standard of professional police conduct.

He needs to be immediately fired, and clearly prosecuted for violating several laws as well.


Oh, and any fraudulent registrations of anyone under Obamacare is not only a felony but a federal crime.

This police chief is mentally unbalanced, criminal, a threat to citizens and their rights, and he needs to be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


The Police Chief has to go......his creepy actions and behavior bring dishonor to his Profession, to cops all across America who try to do the right thing all the time. I'm no fan of Luce and nor any antics on InterState overpasses.....but the Chief crossed the line with extreme prejudice.


one thing that i learned is that if u are a cop u can get away with everything u wont sit in jail nor will anything happen to u. It is sick how can cops get away with everything? i wish i was the judge just for one day

Sal Yodada

Would be appalling if we're actually true.

One former cop is in jail right now for stealing drugs. Another lost his job for threatening his wife and kids but never laid a hand on her. He spent a week in jail on $100,000 cash bond when other people with criminal histories of domestic abuse get signature bonds.

You don't need to be judge for one day to do the same lousy job the judges are already doing.

Not saying those cops didn't get what they deserve, but there are worse people that get treated even more leniently.


The Lt on drugs was charged with what? One count of opening a pepsi under pressure?

Any citizen would have had multiple charges - the Lt. didn't.

Sal Yodada

Maybe...until their plea deals.

I just checked Who's in Jail...and guess who's still in jail. LOL!

Sal Yodada

Multiple charges, but drug court and a whole bunch of probation with prison held over their head, several chances at a 're-do on the drug court, and more new charges before going to prison. But hey, who's counting?

Sal Yodada

You'll slam the cops and make excuses for career criminals.

You're a real beaute...

Jane Michigan

Fire Keleman, who was obsessed with Luce and used his office and dept. property to harass him, no matter if you like his politics or not. The Chief lies several times ("no, I don't know anything about it," and "if I did it...") The Chief did something incredibly unprofessional and infantile as well. He never admits the depth of what he did - it's so childish, he won't fess up even though he is gigged - "I signed him up for e-mail, newsletters." Why don't you say exactly what you did, Chief? You certainly understand that you can (and should be) fired for this. Can you imagine the Chief and his Sergeant "yukking it up" while doing this? The Chief is a major hypocrite, doing exactly what he accuses Luce of. Hold him to the appropriate high standard and terminate him. Sad, sad story, but Keleman made an incredibly stupid mistake.


"The same Internet addresses used to access those sites also visited sexually explicit pages."

We've had many, many professionals fired for this. But police are "held to a higher standard".


1st, fire Keleman. 2nd, all members of the town board should resign. 3rd, the Town of Campbell's attorney should be fired. He could have "deep 6'd" this ordinance when it 1st was proposed, thereby saving everyone all this grief. Better yet, this attorney should have his law license yanked. The guy obviously doesn't know the COTUS, now does he?

As a sidebar to all of this… Where was "chief" Keleman and his officers, a few years back, when fellow Town-of-Campbell resident & at-the-time Senator Dan Kapanke, and his family, were being picketed & harassed by the nutball "Unionistas?"

Again, dereliction of duty by the "Chief" & his co-horts in anarchy.

BTW...I've always considered "Tea Party" individuals as people who are a part of the "Silent Majority" who finally decided, like Howard Beal, in the movie "Network," to stand up and say loudly, "We're mad as Hell & we're not going to take it anymore!"

David Lee

Nice letter, except Kapanke lied about the alledge vandalism and threats. As for Howard Beal, where did his ranting get him? Oh ya. DEAD.

Sal Yodada

If Luce is behind the death threats maybe he can request to be cellies with Kelemen in the hoosegow!

David Lee


Sal Yodada

Can't say that I remotely sympathize with Luce....his "behavior" is not all that exemplary to say the least. While it doesn't excuse Kelemen' s behavior, I find it rich irony that Luce stands behind the First Amendment as an excuse to say whatever he wants wherever he wants to.



I just came here to read the comments. Very amusing.


Trying to post all the "Bill O'rielly posts - heck, look 'em up. It appears the chief has more opinions than just Luce!


Signing a person up for pornography? And the police warn us all the time about identity theft?




Officer "I don't know anything about that"
(Referring to Mr. Luce's information being used illegally by the Police Chief)


Yes, there were at most 15 people there and sometimes 6 or 7. Where was out outrage? Non existent. It was mild annoyance, certainly not enough to storm the campbell town hall. It was enough for myself and at least two like minded neighbors to call and complain. I know it happened as we coordinated and gave our names and addresses as well as the reason we called.

As i stated clearly previously, the noise didnt bother me none it bothered me too much save their politics and arrogance. "Impeach Obama"? How can these folks be taken seriously. It was laughably stupid for a couple minutes and then it became annoying so i used the "signs" on the catwalk as the basis for my complaint.

Id do it again only this time (should it happen again) some friends and i will show up with "roll tide" "god hates tea baggers" and "no blood for unobtainium" signs. I figure one stupid message deserves a few others.

Sam Adams

You are calling someone "stupid"? After that rambling, incoherent comment I think we know who is stupid.

Start by reading the Bill of Rights, then the federalist papers.

Buggs Raplin

I once supervised a woman on probation for the crime of Obstruction. She told a cop during a traffic stop a false name. Here we have the police chief of Campbell lying to police about his involvement in this incident. Seems he's guilty of Obstruction. The politics of Greg Luce and the Tea Party are a TOTAL irrelevancy to the issue.-Chip DeNure aka Buggs Raplin


My neighbors and I live near the catwalk on French Island and we routinely called the CPD. I know I called the police 2 or 3 times each time these TP buffoons staged their protest as did my next door neighbor. His problem was the honking noise from the interstate. My issue is they blocked and crammed the walk way and I hate their message. So, as per the signs ob the catwalk "no loitering" which has been there for the whole 10 years ive lived here i called the police. From what I was told many other residents did as well. They had loitering complaints, blocking the pathway complaints, intimidation complaints, and noise complaints. Yet for the first few "protests" the town couldnt do anything as the "no loitering" was a mere suggest, a paper tiger meant to dissuade and the town didnt actually have an ordinance. The town and its residents (especially those of us near the catwalk) do not like these clowns or really any political party "protesting" on the catwalk. End of story.


Except there is more to the story…Nowhere, nowhere, does any law enforcement charter, mission statement, or regulated authoritarian document does it say the the police have any hand in punishment.

The chief used his work computer - used it as a police chief to punish a citizen of the United States. Nothing justifies it.

He can claim frustration, but the police are hired to deal with many frustrating events and as chief, his job is to see that things are accomplished ethically and with integrity no matter how frustrating.

He told his Sgt. what he did. It would be a miracle if the Sgt. didn't tell the patrol officers. He is making it possible for his officers to step outside the bounds of their jobs.

You have a fool for a chief and he doesn't understand his leadership position. He is probably not going to step down…which also shows his misunderstanding of his position.

Nothing justifies his action.


you are not being very honest with your post. all complaints to the police when protestors were up there were documnented and collected for evidence supporting the lack of calls except for an obvious political hack (you?). if this was so big of a deal to you or your neighbors, where was the outrage? where were these people at the town hall expresing their displeasure? heck all you had to do was walk over the overpass to attend their meetings once a month.

there was never too many people up there to block any path. when over 100 showed up in zero degree weather, they stepped aside and one individual was politely escorted through (an obvious setup claiming blocking pathway or intimidation, as the protestors were monitoring the police calls and recording video of event).

jet aircraft fly right next to this walkkway at tree top level. are you going to ban the airport? no you won't unless it is politically motivated. end of story.

Sam Adams

Exactly. There were open records requests after each of the 5 rallies. The first 3 rallies there were a total of 4 calls. One rally generated no calls.

Germanic doesn't seem to understand the principle of liberty this country was founded upon.

Sam Adams

This sounds like Terry Schaller.


Neighbor- The Washington Times? As I said the news was only news to alternative media outside of this area. The Washington Times has a circulation of an 8th that of the Post and known for its conservative bias. Nice try!


I watched those videos of the police chief's confessions. Why didn't DCI do anything about the threats he and his officers reported? Perhaps J.B. Van Hollen or the person at DCI who took the chief's call need to be subpoenaed.

Sam Adams

Or perhaps it was Bravo Sierra that Kelemen just made up because he knows he screwed up?

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Everyone including the media, is invited to the town hall in Campbell for the monthly town hall meeting . There will be an open session where attendees can express their displeasure with Police Chief Kelemen's misconduct and how poorly Chairman Johnson has handled this event.

WHEN: Tuesday June 10, at 6 PM

WHERE: Town of Campbell town hall, 2219 Bainbridge Street

"This is gonna cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show!" - Foghorn Leghorn


This just sounds like a mess that has gotten way out of hand. If a bunch of people want to stand on an overpass and protest (not doing other illegal activities) then who are they really bothering? As mentioned in an earlier post, this is no more distracting to motorists than billboards or anything else people get distracted by while driving.
My initial thought was if there are any weight restrictions on the over pass as there were quite a few people standing on it.


While state media covered this story, it was only a story beyond Wisconsin in "media" that is the inflammatory voice of the wacky right designed to inflame those with less than average intellect. Luce fed these idiots--appeared on right-wing nut-job radio shows that encouraged people to call Town of Campbell officials and tell them what they think. Those limited-capacity individuals called and responded to stories like this:
"Pompous, self-important cadres of the Campbell, Wisconsin Town Board pass ordinances repealing the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights for Impeach Obama Overpass Protests" (Western Journalism 10/12/13). “IMPEACH OBAMA” T-SHIRTS DEEMED ILLEGAL BY WISCONSIN TOWN" (Watchdog Wire 2/4/14). Yes the chief's response to a group of immature and bad people was a career-ending one.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Only Wisconsin media? Washington Times:

Using your twisted logic, Senator Johnson must have been burning up the phones in Campbell.


He should have asked our governor how to go about setting up a secret computer network before engaging in such stupid, unethical activities. Then it would have been OK with everyone.


If you watch the entire video you will see that Kelemen blamed the local tea party for harassment that occurred on a national level. The harassment the Campbell police dept received was because of the national press of the overpass story. Chief Kelemen attributed this harassment to the sole responsibility of Mr. Luce, which cannot be further from the reality. The harassment the CPD has received has been traced back to sources in Arizona and other out of state localities, and not local sources. The local tea parties efforts have been confined to the lawsuit in federal court, and all energies have been directed to such efforts. Mr. Luce and the local tea party are not responsible for any harassment that the Campbell police dept may have endured.

It is extremely unfortunate that Chief Kelemen has blamed Mr. Luce and the local tea party for the response of the random people on the internet.


if you watch the interview --towards the end, bad cop kelemen suggests that scott walker was possibly to blame for his problems--really?????

fire bad cop kelemen immediately and chairman johnson needs to resign--campbell deserves better

Tim Russell

Nestor claimed that Tommy Thompson was behind his being audited by the Wisconsin Dept. of Work Development because of his vocal opposition the Logistic Health's TIFs.


Who's to say that he wasn't?

Tim Russell

True capedcrusader. Likewise, who is to say that Scott Walker wasn't the one behind the investigation of Keleman?

Sam Adams

For those that haven't seen Kelemen's interview and confession, it is absolutely riveting!

4 minute highlight:
Complete Interview Part 1:
Complete Interview Part 2:

The "chief" is an ignoramous, a liar, and just plain a bad guy.


skimmed it yep he is

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

"That boy's so dumb, he thinks a Mexican boarder pays rent." - Foghorn Leghorn


"That boy's as thick as a whale sandwich. " -Foghorn Leghorn

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

"I say that boy has a mind like a steel trap ... full of mice" - Foghorn Leghorn


The officers interviewing him are just as UNPROFESSIONAL and very clearly treating him far differently than they would if it were just some random guy off the streets.

It's no wonder why the public's distrust for the police is only grown bigger and bigger.

There wasn't a professional officer in the room.


Very unfortunate of the police chief to stoop to the level of maturity and behavior of the T P folks. He obviously is not the job.


[quote]"He obviously is not the job?"[/quote]

It's very unfortunate that you can't make 2 coherent sentences in one comment.

God Bless the Tea Party!


This further supports my theory that police are bullies.




I wasn't gong to comment on this as I really don't care. However, this is too delicious to not to.
So we have a tea party clown who himself uses multiply nom de guerres to make it look like the world is all teabagger and a chief sworn to uphold the law using much the same computer usage to fight back against death threats and harassment. No matter what you think of these two morons you have to admit there is a lot humor and irony in the story.

Buggs Raplin

No, tower, ol' buddy..I see no humor nor irony in this sad, sad story. That you do, tells the tale on you.


So, we have this wild commentary about how bad the "tea party" is. Could you at least define what you consider to be the "tea party?" Didn't think so....


Tea party or not, the idea that small town cops can investigate or retaliate against those that think differently and make waves is all too prevalent in America.

It is the citizen's job to stand up for what they believe in, and critizing your government is a unique right of Americans…even if it is the police.

The police are not indispensable and there are many more ways to police than the "written in stone" attitude brought to you by police.

I do not agree with the Tea party, but what this Chief did, whether criminal or not, is incredibly Un-American. His actions would fit many third world nations, and he should be fired.


Well-put. It doesn't matter if it's protests calling for Obama's impeachment or recalling Walker. The police shouldn't be able to hide behind a badge while they harass citizens because of a personal grudge. It sets a very dangerous precedent.

Sgt Schultz

The Police Chief needs to be terminated for this conduct. No excuses!!!!!!! He must be held accountable

Mi scusi

Really? This is the police chief? He is wasting time doing this? He acts as if this is not a problem. C'mon Town of Campbell you can do better than this. Unprofessional conduct.


The only thing that needs to be said is__Since the tea party came into view, there's been nothing but trouble in this country. Often causing our country to stop dead in it's tracks, by the things that are said. WE need a people party, working for the people only, please leave the tea out of it.

Buggs Raplin

Excuse me, but you're avoiding the central issue here. You're blaming a political movement instead of the chief's actions.


My other post sure does talk about what the cop did, you read it, you posted about it. I didn't avoid the central issue, don't say I didn't say something about that cop, Bugg you read it.

Buggs Raplin

I was responding to your above post, which is nonsense meant to distract from the central issue-the abhorrent behavior of the Campbell police chief.


Chief was 100% wrong and deserves to be punished. That said, I agree with you 100% lookout. Tea Party has been one of the worst cancers in this country's history. Sane/moderate Republicans have been voted out in favor of crazy people like Ted Cruz, who think food assistance is a waste while costing the taxpayers $24b during that ridiculous gov't shutdown that had zero chance of success. When Republicans lose a 3rd straight white house due to their crazy antics, I hope they finally start voting back in moderates.


WE have Tea Party members threatening cops, and the community, because they want to stand over a busy interstate Highway holding signs. These signs are being flashed around by a group of people, who are bouncing around for the sole purpose of distracting drivers who should be concentrating on driving. Just so they read signs. Then these tea party people threaten everyone involved, because they aren't allowed to distract drivers on a freeway. The cop was wrong if this happened, and the tea party is wrong to think it's ok to distract drivers on a 70 mph freeway. The town of Campbell is wrong to bend to the will of these few people, because they threaten people in the town of Campbell. Making an ordinance which protects drivers, and the town of Campbell from lawsuits, if these tea party people distract a driver enough to cause an accident was the right thing to do. We all do stupid things under pressure, but bowing to threats isn't one of them, town of Campbell

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

"WE have Tea Party members threatening cops, and the community"

Please provide proof of this statement. Nobody from the local group was involved with this. The only local "threats" were threat of lawsuit - which happened. The alleged "threats" came from all over the United States as this is a national story - how can you prove those people are tea party?

Lookout, can you show us or prove threats to the community? I have never heard this one before.

Do billboards distract people at 70 mph? What is the difference? Do you favor commercial speech over individual free speech? The Wisconsin DOT has no problem with the protestors.

Making an "ordinance to protect Campbell from lawsuits"? The ordinance caused Campbell to be sued! Campbell can not be sued just because they don't have an ordinance!


well when your message is 'impeach Obama', no one can be expected to take you seriously. Where were all you crazy idiots when Bush and Cheney were committing war crimes? I mean have some consistency

you think you know

You mean that were approved by congress right, and were done legally and constitutionally?

Buggs Raplin

Oops, I hadn't read your comments on billboards when I posted. Didn't mean to steal your thunder. excellent comment, beast.


@you think you know, with fabricated intelligence that Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice knew to be fabricated. Either way, Congress could approve the US nuking France to hell, wouldn't change the fact that it is in violation/contradiction of int'l law. Hitler had the full support of the german people, doesn't change the fact that he and his top party officials were war criminals.

you think you know

Quit taking Michael Moore movies as fact. The information turned out to be not accurate, it does not mean it was fabricated to be used maliciously.


@you think you know, Lol.. I was a registered Republican until 2008. I definitely don't give much credence to Michael Moore. Still, it is 100% FACT (based on FACTS released by officials) that Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice went on Sunday news shows with information they knew to be false, leading up to the vote in Congress. All 3 are war criminals and should be referred to US Attorney for criminal charges. Funny that Fox 'News' constantly carries 'news' articles referencing Obama being a criminal, hell they even bring Dirty Dick Cheney on to lambaste the President. Ironic, since Cheney is the only war criminal out of the two.

Buggs Raplin

The political signs, in terms of danger to the public, are no different than billboards.


We don't have human beings standing on bridges with billboards waving around. A stationary sign never distracts a motorists like people with signs does.

you think you know

Based on you being a researcher for the DOT? How did you comment on the electronic billboard debate?

Buggs Raplin

On second thought, billboards are more dangerous because they're off to the side of the road/highway where as the political signs in Campbell are right in front of the drivers.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

The only thing I could find amusing about this you tube interview was Kelemens stupidity.

When he claims someone was hacking into his computer and one of his officers witnessed someone moving a mouse cursor remotely, going through his emails and opening files, did he not realize that it was the Department of Criminal Investigations? And that is why they were not helping him with the "hacker"?

"That boys as sharp as a bowling ball." - Foghorn Leghorn


"That boy's got more nerve than a bum tooth" - FL


I agree with wbryhn if these crazy tea partiers and conservatives would tone it down a notch maybe they'd win an election once in a while!


After watching the videos posted by Clyde and 668, I would say that the Chief looks like an immature jerk who should not be in his position. Criminal charges to seem quite a stretch however.


There are no words to describe your ignorance, hope the chief gets your email address and other personal data, :)

No wait, but there are 2 words which are criminal: cyber bullying :)


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The "law" the county board passed was illegal in the first place. The Bill of Rights is LAW. It trumps everything that happens in any county board room, within this country. The demise of our country will be by the people who were, "Just doing their job." If you are an officer of the law, you should know the Bill of Rights, fight for it, and protect it, and most of all, stand up and fight these 'illegal laws' passed by people who didn't educate themselves on the law of the land.


If people didn't abuse the use of the overpass, there would be no need for this "law" to begin with. I somewhat agree with these people's message, but it's an eyesore to witness these protesters and probably makes those using the overpass for it's intended purposes uncomfortable.
Maybe these protesters were well-behaved, but this only opens the floodgates to others who may not be. I know that I would not want to use this overpass if it were occupied by hostile protesters.


SCOTUS has ruled several times that authorities may ban certain gatherings on bridges before. sorry bub

you think you know

That impeded traffic, and would therefore be a safety issue! This was a foot bridge, no traffic was being impacted by them being there, and the safety issue is a stretch. How is that anymore distracting than a billboard or even a decorated house near the roadway? Should Christmas lights be outlawed if you're within 100 yards of a freeway?


I dont want to see crazy delusional tea party signs. Keep that crazy manure to yourselves, you bat manure crazy buffoons.

you think you know

I don't want to hear crazy loons singing during lunch either, but it happens. By the way I'm hardly a tea party member.


I do not know whether it was legal or not, but it was certainly unprofessional and unethical and at the very least, worthy of disciplinary action. Stupid!


Burning the candle at both ends - have your cake and eat it.

OK, cops are just people - then take away preferential treatment. Don't be surprised when they break the law…and when they do, prosecute them and give them jail time. Stack charges against them like they do against the people. No plea bargaining down just because they are a cops….they are just like everyone else, remember?

Everyone seems to claim that police are "held to a higher standard" yet we have goofballs on here defending a Chief that fell to a low low level.


@Jobaba, to be fair even regular 1st offenders get plea bargaining. But I do agree that the DA should charge him with as much as possible, but then allow him to plead down with a diversion agreement. Just like everyone else.


That makes sense.


Whats this bashing our police officers, there all good people, iam pretty sure if somethings bad happens , you will surely call them, all you people with bad comments, do something else with your life, or get a new one, Iam for our Township Campbell police.
Major Ron

you think you know

Just because a person is Calling the police to do their job when you're in danger does bit give the cops the right to break the law and harass other people.

It's funny how the whole country is on this anti-bullying kick and here the local lefties seem to give this guy a pass because of who the target was.

lookout is up to his usual best, so Lookout is it ok to bully and break the law as long as your victim started it? Sounds like a pretty childish argument.


Good for you. I hope he loses his job and along with his retirement when he is sued into oblivion.

I don't know how ANYONE could watch the video of his confession posted and actually believe he is even an intelligent person. In the way he presents himself, it appears he has a barely room temperature IQ.


Lol@ tea party goons trolling the comment section. This chief obviously has no business wearing a badge, but the tea party 'activists' in the area are proving themselves to be nothing more than hoodlums. Shame


there are no words to describe your ignorance, hope the chief gets your email address and other personal data, :)


Yes he did something wrong, but with the circumstances stated I believe anyone in their right mind would react in someway. Police officers are no different than you and I, they get treated as if they are some high and mighty thing but they are people, they have lives outside of this job, they have families, and it is horrible to put his job on the line just because he sent some harassing emails. If people start cracking down on something as dumb as this, then you might as well look into everyone in this town. I can beat that 99.9% of the people here have committed some type of "crime" that was ridiculous and stupid and had gotten away with it. I get spam emails all the time, you don't see me running to the cops, but a filter on your email and move on. I am so dumbfounded that they are actually looking into something so ridiculous...


Yes, since no one could cast the first stone, and the chief's harassment by internet should be ignored, then the chief should have ignored the sign holders after the ordinance was passed as well.

Pat Riot

You know little of what you speak. Kelemen created profiles on gay dating sites with his phone number and picture. It's identity theft and harassment.


The big heads in Law enforcement believe that only they can think good thoughts because they fight on the side of right.

It is time to get rid of the "us and them" mentality the po-po have…if you aren't a cop, you're a bad guy and that means we can be treated as they see fit.

It is a close knit club, and it needs to be changed.

Comment deleted.
Pat Riot

Psychological studies have shown that there is a fine line between cops and criminals. Clearly this guy is on the wrong side of that line.


Who will watch the watchers?

There are SO many examples of bad cops in this area Junkie LT, duck hunters Galesville, Reedsburg. etc etc on and on.

Won't someone in Wisconsin finally realize that the state has given too much power to these people in a mistaken hero worship idea that we can solve crime?


The actions by the chief were clearly a breach of professional ethics and the town board should put him on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. What he did was slimy, childish and unprofessional.

Sure, I can see how one might get so "PO'd" at someone like Luce who is abrasive and has demonstrated at many public meeting that he is loose-cannon and frankly a jerk. But no one has the right to harass another individual as the chief did.

Pat Riot

It's not a personality contest. Right is right, period.


chairman johnson should make kelemen put up greeting signs when you enter the town of campbell -- "Welcome to town of campbell - where two wrongs make a right"


The "Chief " knew he was enforcing an Unconstitutional law and did it anyways. The new law was made at his suggestion. I wonder why he didn't suggest the law in 2012 when the Obama supporters were on the overpass. Weren't they just as much a safety danger as the Impeach Obama people were? Sorry, but this "Chief's " integrity was in question the 1st time I met him. He's a yes man and being a law enforcement officer is the last place this man should be in charge of. I would think there are plenty of opening in the fast food services industry for him.


I'm not commenting on what the police chief is being accused of... but your comments that he, or anyone in a public servant position, shouldn't uphold a law that may or may not be unconstitutional depending on a person's believes is completely ignorant! It is their JOB so in your mind police should only have to enforce the laws THEY agree with are constitutional. So lets apply this theory to other scenarios... a police chief believes that gay marriages are unconstitutional so he's doesn't have to allow a gay couple to enter the court house to complete their vows... or a police chief believes that not being able to carry a semi-automatic gun into a school is unconstitutional so he allows someone to enter a school with this type of gun.

You see LastCrusader, even though you're trying to make a point there is no (or shouldn't be) a gray area of what laws should be enforced or not... it's a law or it isn't. If you don't like the law there are steps that need to be taken to change it

you think you know

This is what happened on the national level and the country's left cheered. Obama and Holder refused to enforce DOMA because they didn't personally agree with it. At the time it was law and was not deemed unconstitutional, so by your statement above Obama and Holder were completely ignorant, not all that surprising.

They also did this with mandatory minimums on drug charges and not allowing federal prosecutors to use the amount of drugs as a basis in prosecuting. They personally felt that the law was unfair, hardly a proper way to run the country as the top cop.

What about at the state capital with the worthless rotunda singers? They were breaking the law, and the capital police were doing their jobs.

The left can't have it both ways, if they demand Campbell defend the overpass law, they can't bash capital police for not allowing the rotunda singers.


Agreed,you think you know... exactly the point I was trying to make, even though GPS took it a whole different direction (punt intended).


Mommy you are obviously not married, you can recite vows anywhere, you get the license at the courthouse and the chief has no say in granting the license the clerk does.

Now let me ask you this, do you have to be gay in order to get a same sex license? Would you stop two non-gay guys from signing a marriage license just so they can get benefits?

See now are you going to require they have sex before they get the benefits?


Honestly GPS, did you not even read my whole post??? It wasn't about same sex marriages or licenses (but just to clarify I have been married for a very long time and when we did get married we went to the courthouse for our license). In any case, please re-read if you care to and address the comment as it was stated around the fact that police or anyone else in a public servant position, should not uphold the law whether they THINK it is constitutional or not. THAT WAS THE POINT.


Mo'2, I read your post 3 times.............which laws do you want changed?
Cyber bullying, the 2nd amendment, same sex issued marriage license must prove to be gay, if you are just getting married to get the benefits, do you have to have sex to prove you are gay, what about bi-sexuals who find the need to marry both a man and a woman or trans-sexuals can they marry only someone who also is a trans-gender or could they marry a bi-sexual and a lesbian, police must personally believe the law is right to enforce it or police should enforce laws only they think can not be constitutionally challenged? Are you for gray area laws or are you against them. Is it legal to recite vows in a courthouse, separation of church and state, since the vows are a religious ceremony and the license is the legal contract which any lawyer could draw up probably cheaper than cost of the license?
There are a lot of questions that do have to be cleared up. How long have you held animus towards the TEA Party?


OK, let me repeat very slowly what I was commenting on from the original post, you said, "The "Chief " knew he was enforcing an Unconstitutional law and did it anyways." I was "trying" to make a point that the police cannot choose which law they should and shouldn't uphold because of their beliefs. GET IT NOW??? It has absolutely nothing to do with what I believe and what I support! Honestly, get a clue! Get over the example I provided and move on! I'm done feeding the trolls.

Sam Adams

Mommyof2, you are woefully ignorant. The police chief has executive discretion and most certainly CAN refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.


Yeah, I wondered too, why was there no human outcry from the Dem's using the foot bridge overpass several times during '08 and '12 campaigns. Let me think, oh, visceral dislike by liberals for the common people like the 700 - 1000 who showed up for the 1st TEA Party at Riverside Park on April 15, 2009 and Copeland Park July 4th, 2009 and 2010?
It could have nothing to do with trying to intimidate and shut up any who disagree with Dem's, could it?

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Here is the detective interview and confessions of Keleman on you tube (warning, graphic language by Kelemen).

Part 1:

Part 2:

After watching this, the Kelemen guy needs to be fired and the town board chairman needs to resign.


Someone from work emailed this to me. I can't believe anyone would want a police chief this dumb, and this bad of a guy?

Watch the video and it's pretty clear.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

So Kelemen used government resources on government time to harass a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit and Chairman Johnson thinks it just sounds worse than what it actually is?????

What's wrong with that well water on the island????


Well that is that he is A Goon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire Him


Was it wrong? Yes. But I can imagine when the frustration level when dealing with these kinds of activists that play dirty tricks and threaten the lives of others become too much- more than one person might retaliate in the same way. Those acitivists made the lives of the officers AND their families h*ll for MONTHS! And why? The officers were doing their jobs! Following laws created BY THE BOARD! Not their own thoughts and agendas, but loaws created by a committee!

Sorry that the chief felt so angry and frustrated that he created websites in this other man's name, but what I dont feel it is a crime. If he is charged then I surely hope the death threats and other online actions the activists created will be investigated and prosecuted for too!


All the chief had to do in the 1st place was not enforce an unconstitutional law and non of this would have happened. Instead he played Gestapo and felt compelled to go against the Constitution and the Wisconsin Constitution. Its called lawlessness and he is supposed to represent the law, not make it up as he goes on and certainly not break the law in retaliating.


"All the chief had to do in the 1st place was not enforce an unconstitutional law and non of this would have happened"

WRONG! He was following a law created by the city board. THATS HIS JOB! He most likely doesnt agree with the law, but he is still in a position where he must follow the demands placed by the city. If the activists wanted to fight it, they should take it up with the CITY BOARD, not make death threats against the men and women who are forced to hold up the laws that even THEY feel is unconstitutional!

Pat Riot

The law was not created by the board, it was created by Kelemen and Peder Arnesen. Kelemen sold it to the board like he was on commission. It was his baby, the board did vote for it though.


So what you are missing is that the chief of police used his resources as a police officer to gather Mr. Luce's personal information and then used that information to carry out retribution for a private grudge. That is a highly illegal abuse of power. He also used the information to sign up Mr. Luce to "Obamacare" on the federally run website, which is identity theft, and in this case it is also a felony. The police chief also lied to the DCI investigator, which he quickly confessed to, which is also obstruction of justice, which, depending on the jurisdiction, is either a serious misdemeanor or felony. It doesn't matter if the chief was angry or not, he committed at least three serious crimes and ought to be held to account.


“There is no basis for any type of allegation for felony criminal activity. None.” -Jim Birnbaum, Kelemen’s attorney

Really? Then this attorney would have no objection if he were registered on such accounts. Now that this police chief has admitted to cyber thuggery, why does he still have a job? At least Chief Kelemen has done his part to help Obamacare reach its enrollment goals. He could always get a job as a navigator.

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