Child maltreatment-related problems such as human trafficking, trauma and disruptive behaviors in children will be the focuses for the La Crosse Child Maltreatment Conference, which will include two presentations for the public, May 11-12 at the Radisson Hotel at 200 Harborview Plaza.

Wisconsin authorities receive more than 40,000 reports of abuse each year, with nearly 8,000 substantiated cases annually. In La Crosse County, more than 1,000 reports of child abuse and neglect are made each year, with 350 cases substantiated.

The conference, sponsored by Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare, the Mayo Clinic and the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center, will address strategies to intervene when child maltreatment is reported, collaborate with community and family to protect children and ensure justice for child victims of abuse/neglect, according to a news release.

The evening presentations for the community on May 11 will include:

Traffik 2017 Art Exhibit at 6 p.m. in the Radisson Ballroom and Wisconsin Rooms— The nationally curated art exhibit will be put on in conjunction with Viterbo University. A short program with remarks from a human trafficking survivor will take place at 6:45 pm.

Protecting Your Online Footprint at 6 p.m. at Logan High School at 1500 Ranger Drive — Middle school students and their parents are invited to join Alison Feigh, program manager of the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, to learn about the importance of making healthy choices online. Online risks and dangers will be discussed so youth are aware of behaviors that should trigger warning flags. Risky behaviors, including sexting and cyberbullying, also will be covered. This training will give young teens the tools to make healthy decisions as they gain independence.

Conference topics include

Trauma-informed approaches to respond to sex trafficking of Wisconsin youths

Human trafficking investigations

Children with problematic sexual behavior

Addressing adverse childhood experiences in a community

Helping transform a prostituted child from victim to victory.

Call 608-392-4172 for more information or to register for the two-day event.

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