Audrey Kader

Audrey Kader, La Crosse Common Council President

The recall effort against La Crosse council president Audrey Kader will proceed after the city clerk Friday certified  that enough signatures had been submitted to force an election in 2013.

City Clerk Teri Lehrke said five petition circulators filed affidavits correcting enough residential addresses to have 169 valid signatures, exceeding the 158 needed to order a District 11 recall vote.

Kader, who could not be reached for comment Friday, has the option of appealing to the Government Accountability Board, Lehrke said.

Lehrke had rejected the recall petitions a week ago, ruling only 104 of the 252 signatures were valid.

More than 60 percent of the signatures listed 702 Franciscan Way, the Viterbo University student union, as a mailing address. Kader challenged those signatures on the grounds a residential address is required.

Lehrke agreed, adding she was able to certify only 36 of those Viterbo addresses through the Statewide Voter Registration System.

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The five petitioners — Greg Luce, Erich Rathke, Michael Tellier, Carl Wiggert and Gage Maurer — submitted their affidavits with corrected addresses and dates Wednesday, Lehrke said.

The clerk said Friday she had consulted GAB staff in Madison before accepting the corrected Viterbo addresses Luce, who heads the Restore La Crosse Committee leading the recall, also could not be reached for comment Friday.

The group issued a short press release noting the clerk’s decision.

The Common Council now will have to meet to set a date for the recall election. State statutes indicate the election should be on the sixth Tuesday after certification.

Candidates can begin circulating nomination papers once the date is set. Kader automatically would be listed on the ballot unless she resigns by Jan. 2.

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(30) comments


Go to www.recallkader.com and become part of the solution.


Hey pheasant. Who is going to run against Kader and are you on your medication??

Who's not running. He is on 1st Base.

Kaders opponent? I Don't Care?



Celtic is exactly right...the inconsistent teabag saying someone has taken over the city and needs to be recalled...maybe nut Luce job should go over to Michigan and take Rick out (probably on a date)


What? You are drunk.


They cannot stand it when they're not in control?


Corrupt? Now that's a very serious charge. Prove it. Prove corruption!


This recall is a pathetic waste of time.


Waste of time? Not even if we lost. LOL!!!!


While I was perhaps the most Constitutionally conservative City Councillor in La Crosse, I am not a supporter of Recalls.

In all fairness to Ms Kader -- I do think in her heart, she desires to attempt to maintain La Crosse as a city of excellence.

“Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.”

― Winston S. Churchill


Nestor will be on to attack you in a little while Lorraine. You know that whole "stood mute" thingy.


It's her opinion of how a city should be run that is offensive and corrupt. She and Larry Kirch WENT TO Kwik Trip and asked them to become part of TIF district 13 to bolster it's viability. When private industry and government go into business together, it's the taxpayer that loses.

If you believe the constitutional role of government you should be enraged by Kader's actions! She pushed to get rid of the public's right to speak by killing the Committee of the Whole! For crying out loud, she violated your 1st amendment right! What does she have to do violate your 2nd amendment right also? Oh yeah she did that too! Under her leadership the council stripped you of your constitutional right to carry while doing city business by posting all city building against weapons.


I went to the website.

1. The Hitler thing has been used quite a bit in the past, for a Packer thing, etc. Also, it seems like the roles are confused...

2. In the video about Kader supposedly making some horrendous statement, she basically says that the voters today are less patient than in the past. You really think that is somehow incorrect or an awful thing to say? We are less patient! It seems that the people running this circus are proof of that.

3. If you really want the truth on the TIFs and everything else, find someone who really understands the process and ask that person. These guys have an ax to grind.


In your number 2 the context is important. She said that is why they can't be trusted to elect their officials. She favored a dictator unaccountable to the voters.

Of course we have an axe to grind! We don't like being treated as serfs. If you do like being treated that way by an old hotel clerk with a bad accent and a vindictive attitude, then you must be really happy with your city government.


"a dictator unaccountable to the voters" -- yikes, seems a bit hyperbolic to me. The problem with the current mayor system, frankly, is that we can get someone who does not know squat about how to run a city. Zielke was quite successful, back in his day, but might be completely out of his depth now. As it is, to be elected mayor one doesn't really need much for qualifications, as our current choice shows.

I get the problem with having a City Administrator, in terms of not being elected, but having someone who knows what he/she is doing is important, isn't it? And, the administrator can be fired by the council members, who are elected.

And, on a different note, how do you feel about what is going on in Michigan? There, the governor can actually fire (depose) any governmental body that he feels is failing. This would include school boards, town councils, etc. He can replace them with his chosen appointee. He has done this 6-7 times now in the last 2 years.

Why recall Kader?

Find out more about Audrey Kader and her blatant disregard for the citizens of La Crosse at:





Tim Russell

Wait a couple of years and you will be old enough to vote little guy.


Kader is history!


Not likely.


I knocked on doors, I distributed signs to homes, I read/heard her comments about students, I can build and print her quotes on a BIG trailer, and I have the time to show that trailer in her District the week before her Election. Time will tell Shameless, time will tell?

It is a matter of Eduation.

Tim Russell


That's ok Timmy. We understand how you are losing sleep over taxpayers saying enough is enough by recalling Kader.

How about a bedtime story?

T'was the night before the recall,
And all thru' the town,
Tempers were flaring
Emotions ran up and down.

I, in my bathrobe
With a cat in my lap,
Had shut off the TV,
tired of political c r a p.

When all of a sudden,
There arose such a noise,
I peered out my window,
Saw Kader and her “Get Money Boys”

They had come for my wallet,
They wanted my pay
To hand out to others
Who had not worked a day!

She snatched up my money,
And quick as a wink,
Jumped back on her bandwagon
Insulting Viterbo students ability to think.

She then rallied her henchmen
Who were pulling her cart.
I could tell they were out
To tear my city apart!

'On Happel, on Olson,
On Swantz and Becker!
On Johnson, on Richmond'
She screamed at the pairs!

They took off for her cause,
And as they flew out of sight,
I heard her laugh at the newspaper
Who wouldn't stand up and fight!

So I leave you to think on this one final note...


Tim Russell

Who is running against her?

That is correct.



Who's not running. He is on 1st Base. Maybe Why will run.


OK, let's all come together and remove this divisive, corrupt woman from the city government. This is step 1.



Luce can't be reached for comment because he was too busy waiting for the Tribune article so he can make comments.


:-) No one from the Fibune even tried to contact me. I guess they knew better. I'm not giving them squat.

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