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Mike Tighe is the Tribune newsroom's senior citizen. That said, he don't get no respect from the cub reporters as he goes about his duly-appointed rounds on the health, religion and whatever-else-lands-in-his-inbox beats. Call him at 608-791-8446.

Stephen Paddock was the only person with an itchy trigger finger when he massacred 58 people and injured more than 500 from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel Sunday, but a lot of us should holster our twitter fingers instead of firing pot shots at each other.

I opted to control my own twigits after reading about the audacity of the former CBS attorney who had the stupidity to post to her Facebook page that she had no sympathy for those slain and injured at the country music festival because they probably were Republicans.

“I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” wrote Hayley Geftman-Gold, a CBS vice president and business affairs attorney, whom the network summarily fired.

Geftman-Gold also linked the incident to the refusal of GOP members of Congress to consider gun-control legislation after an assailant gunned down 20 children ages 6 and 7 and six adult staff members in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs (that’s her word) will ever do the right thing,” she insisted.

Although Geftman-Gold pulled the comment from her Facebook page and apologized, CBS cut her loose and issued an apology of its own.

Geftman-Gold obviously excelled in the broad-brush bashing course she must have taken — maybe at Trump University? She replicated President Donald Trump’s habit of lumping everyone he considers enemies into the same category and fabricating derogatory labels.

He insists that all journalists are fake newsers — except the real fakes, on Fox — and he creates names such as “Lyin’ Hillary,” “Little Rocket Man,” “Nut Job,” etc., as well as tagging Republicans who disagree with him as traitors, losers, etc.

Then there are the insults he volleyed at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz for pressing for help and his denigrating the extent of Maria’s destruction because it wasn’t a “real catastrophe like Katrina.”

Geftman-Gold laid bare her erroneous belief that only Democrats have consciences. For the record, she also proved herself to be a tone deaf music critic. I’m an independent, and I like country music. My kids like some country music, and some of my friends like that genre. I even know some Democrats who are a little bit country, as well as a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

I confess that I’ve used The Twitter on occasion to question some of The Donald’s actions — and I’ve even been nearly as nasty to him as he is to many folks — but I pledge to refrain from such antics from here on out. I’m not saying that Twitter is the root of people’s inhumanity to peoples — and I’m certainly not ascribing a murderous intent to users.

But many are meaner than a busload of Vikings fans will be when headed home from Green Bay on Dec. 23 — and we all know that such cantankerousness leads to violence. We have become so accustomed to violence in our real and imaginary lives that it often goes hand in hand with hypocrisy.

Examples include:

An MSNBC commercial the other day touted the network as the prime source for news on the Vegas carnage, with a commercial for the movie “The Snowman,” immediately after. The British crime thriller being released this month has a serial killer story line that pivots on the discovery of a woman’s headless body, seemingly being cut off in the trailer.

The Monday night episode of NBC’s “The Brave” followed an advisory warning that some viewers might find the show objectionable “in light of current events.” In fact, the show was relatively mild, in comparison with the mayhem typical on many TV shows — in addition to the rampant rudeness on any city’s “Housewives” and most “Dance Moms” episodes.

Many politicians — largely Republicans but also Democrats beholden to the National Rifle Association — refuse to discuss gun control policies because this isn’t “the right time.” If not now, when?

Let me be clear, lest anyone think I’m using the First Amendment to attack the Second: I don’t question the right to bear arms, responsibly exercised, and I obviously would not deny hunters’ rights to enjoy their sports.

But I can’t fathom why anyone would need semi-automatic weapons, especially when the intent often is to add a device to make it fully automatic.

Brick-and-mortar stores and web sites abound with the semi-automatic weapons costing as little as a few hundred bucks to thousands upon thousands of dollars, with bump-stock and fire-slide kits for as little as 100 bucks to turn them into military-grade weaponry.

Amped up to the ability to fire 500 to 800 rounds a minute, as Paddock apparently did, such weapons can turn a music venue into a killing field — as he did.

Surely, those who retool the rifles are not doing it to hunt any type of animals other than humans. An 800 rpm burst would disintegrate a pheasant, render a deer inedible and be overkill even for big game.

Proponents argue that firing a billion bullets in the blink of an eye is just a lot of gosh-darn fun.

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt or, in this case, more than 500 get hurt and nearly 60 are murdered.

Why can’t we all get along?


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Whatever you do, do not call this incident an act of terrorism. No siree, Mr. Paddock does not fit the profile of a terrorist, so you must call him a "lone wolf". Being that he is not of middle eastern decent or a member of Islam he cannot be a terrorist. Lone wolf almost conjures up sympathy for Mr. Paddock. Perhaps he was acting out of his extreme loneliness and was just trying to get some needed attention. Now who could blame him for that. Things have a much different vernacular when its a home grown nut job that does the killing. Wonder why that is?

The Veteran

Mike you are about as independent as Bernie Sanders,if you can not honestly state your true partisan outlook how can anyone take you seriously.You are a pathetic joke!!!


Thanks for reading, Veteran.

Buggs Raplin

There's a presumption, as erroneous as the flat earth, that the mainstream media is honestly reporting on crucial events like the Vegas slaughter. Therefore anyone asking legitimate questions that conflict with the mainstream media's reporting, or the 'official' version dictated by the FBI is a kook, or a conspiracy theorist. It's an unwarranted faith. The FBI at the highest levels cannot be trusted; and for God's sake anyone believing what they read in the newspapers or see on the network news is seriously in need of critical thinking skills. The mainstream media has lied and lied and lied and lied over and over and over again, yet gullibles still believe in them. It sort of renders 'the boy who called wolf' story a non-lesson, because the believers in the mainstream media's illusions are still embracing them. Oh, my God, it's sooo pathetic to read stuff from 'clarification' or 'kingman10' or 'Cassandra' as they sip from the cup of hemlock provided by the liars in the mainstream media. Well, bottoms up, or wake up to the danger.


What do you expect from the local fruitcakes when #45 wrote Thursday morning, "Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!" We have officially gone nuts in the USA.

Buggs Raplin

This from a victim of the fake news though he hasn't the intelligence to realize it. Keep on digesting those necessary illusions.


I'm sure that Chip DeNure leapt to a conspiracy conclusion within seconds of hearing about the attack. Everything is a conspiracy to him. What a putz.

Buggs Raplin

No, Cassie, I waited to review honest reporting from the alternative media to begin asking questions. There's little or no hope for truth from the fake news mainstream media. More and more people are beginning to realize the networks, and the newspapers cannot be trusted. You are one of their victims.


a contradiction in terms,"honest reporting from alternative media" and buggs calling someone else brainwashed! His world is completely upside down, topsy turvy, inside out, deranged and a nut job.


I'd say Tighe just reached a new low...


I'll hit your level soon. I can see you when I look down. ;-)


Really? 58 are dead, and your first impulse, like the lawyer's, was to go political. You said you waited, yet ultimately leveled, yet again, several cheap shots at President Trump...

So let me summarize. 58 are dead, a lawyer insults "Repugs," Tighe defends her comments by ripping Trump - while 58 are still dead - and I'm the one taking the low road by calling Tighe out? Really? How sad.

You will no doubt continue, and get paid, to denigrate President Trump; I guess that staple is what makes you a "columnist," eh? But spare me your sanctimonious garbage...

Buggs Raplin

Was he the only shooter? Some think someone was firing from the 4th floor. Police audio states that shots were coming from Gate 7 at the concert arena. That's pretty specific. A woman told a concert goer that they were all gonna die. This is 45 minutes before the shooting began. Question: why would a millionaire who owns two homes and two airplanes, and recently sent $100,000 presumably to his girlfriend in the Phillipines commit such a slaughter? And just how did he get his arsenal up to his hotel room without being noticed by security cameras. ISIS claimed responsibility saying he was a convert to Islam and one of their soldiers. Is that true? I believe law enforcement found antifa literature in his hotel room. Lots of questions need to be answered. Was he the actual shooter, or a latter day Lee Harvey Oswald, a patsy set up to take the blame? One thing's for sure, the liberals are using the tragedy for political purposes to get gun control. But no gun control law could have prevented this from happening. I'm thinking the Tribune will take this column down like they did Jerome's yesterday. Hope I'm wrong, but I trust the Tribune about as much as I trust CNN


You forgot the grassy knoll, Chip.

Buggs Raplin

Mike, the kill shot came from the grassy knoll; look at the Zapruder film. Get back to me-Chip DeNure

Buggs Raplin

Still waiting, Mike. You brought up the grassy knoll in a pathetic attempt to discredit the questions I asked on Vegas. The Zapruder film, easily seen, clearly shows the fatal shot coming from the grassy knoll...back and to the left...back and to the left..back and to the left,and the bullet enters his right forehead, and blows his brains out the back spattering blood and gore on the motorcycle cops riding behind the presidential limousine. So, Mike, care to reply?


he is off his meds today, just like every other day.

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