Uproar about bonds and criticism of La Crosse County judges by interim Police Chief Rob Abraham sparked discussion Wednesday to better address interdepartmental disagreements.

Several criminal justice departments took part in the discussion during the Criminal Justice Management Council meeting.

The public meeting, held the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at La Crosse County Justice Center on Vine Street, had about 20 people attend, one of which was Sherry Hougom, whose daughter was murdered about seven years ago.

Sherry Hougom.jpg

Sherry Hougom’s daughter was killed at her apartment when a thief went in to steal her purse. "My Sara would still be here today if action would have been taken to hold those individuals accountable for their escalating criminal behavior."

“I am a victim sentenced to a life of heartache and fear,” Hougom said. “My Sara would still be here today if action would have been taken to hold those individuals accountable for their escalating criminal behavior.”

Hougom’s daughter was killed at her apartment at 721 Division St. when a thief went in to steal her purse and shot her twice when she startled him.

When it comes to court proceedings, lawyers and judges are ethically bound from discussing particular cases and decisions and must consider “confidentiality (which) may affect how much information is shared,” said Tim Gruenke, La Crosse County district attorney.

Tim Gruenke


“I put together a little bit of a process just in my mind of thinking how could we talk about the topics of criticism of public officials, whether it be the judges, which has been more recent, or the DA’s office or sheriff,” Gruenke said. He presented the three-step plan called, “Critical Incident Review Process” to facilitate interdepartmental problem solving and end frustrations.

Step one: Raising the issue — race, gender or certain populations — during the monthly meeting and point out how the problem is a pattern and not just an isolated incident.

Step two: Have the Criminal Justice Management Council investigate problems by gathering data, asking for explanations and reviewing responses.

Step three: Discuss the problem, develop a solution and change a policy, as well as determining whether the problem is just a perception lacking in any factual basis.

Many on the council voiced agreement to Gruenke’s proposal.

La Crosse County Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez

La Crosse County Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez

La Crosse interim police chief Rob Abraham


“This process would allow us ... to work as a management team to improve the system, which is really why we get up at 7:30 to be here,” Judge Ramona Gonzalez said. In Gruenke’s most recent example, Ronald Crosby Jr., 18, was arrested in June on charges of second-degree sexual assault of a child, was released on a signature bond and then arrested again after being accused of intimidating the same victim and the person who reported the crime, authorities said.Abraham posted a series of tweets criticizing Judge Gloria Doyle for releasing Crosby.

Gonzalez was also called out by Abraham in December 2018.

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He released a statement headlined “The Revolving Door of La Crosse County” after a shooting suspect was re-arrested for a drug bust just four hours after posting the $2,500 cash bond that Gonzalez had set.

“Judges are elected officials, so criticism comes with the office,” said John Medinger, a citizen member of the council. “That’s part of the democracy we live in.”

No matter the frustration, Gonzalez said, people still need to have a “productive adult conversation.”

Abraham, who also agreed to Gruenke’s plan, said he had no problem with the judges on a personal level, saying “Ramona is a saint,” then agreeing with Medinger.

He went on to say “the true media does not like social media because it’s taken away some of their power and their ability to basically report what they want, when they want and how they want.”

“I agree with having this sort of process, but the fact of the matter is that’s not a process that will be done in public,” Abraham said. The only reason news outlets are covering this meeting is because “someone” used social media to bring this issue to light, Abraham said, referring to himself.

The meeting was concluded after Abraham stated that the issue of bond was something the council needed to discuss.

The next meeting is Aug. 21 and, again, is open to the public.

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(15) comments


Most of you are failing at the "adult conversation"! Frankly, you do not know enough to criticize! The Constitution and Wisconsin law set the standards for determining whether someone should be on bond and not in jail. Do any of you take a look at how many defendants are out on bond and do NOT commit another crime? Learn the facts!

Tommy Duncan

"...Gonzalez said, people still need to have a “productive adult conversation.” ===> That's a pretty condescending comment. I guess people who voice their frustration with Ramona's "catch and release" policy are just children to her. If Ramona did her job no conversation would be needed.


Ramona probably sees all of us as children - her children. She’s made it very clear that she loathes sending convicted criminals to prison, as they would “become sociopaths” there (her words). She cares more about protecting criminals than law-abiding citizens.


Nothing says ‘stay out of trouble’ moron than the harshest punishment possibly. Shooting squads should be instituted, no recidivism that way.


“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” It's in the Constitution.


Well isn’t that special! But allowing a thug to roam the streets out on bond or paroled to murder, rob, and hurt innocent victims is OK, right Cassandra0???? You’d make a great mayor of Chicago, criminal coddling has gotten that city to where it is now.


You made a leap in logic that wasn't there. Cassie quoted the Constitution, she did not make a personal statement.


I’m VERY sure the founding fathers did not want criminals roaming free to maim innocent people. There has to be enough measures in place to protect the citizens from the thugs. Excessive is a subjective term. If it takes a billion dollars in bail to protect your dumb, I guess that’s not excessive then is it? Liberals don’t have a clue!


This part of the Constitution is not being violated. Our irresponsible judges are doing the OPPOSITE of excessive bail and punishment. Their frequent issuing of signature bonds and probation are violating the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution. The People of La Crosse County are not safe, directly because these judges are intentionally putting violent criminals out on the street.

Rick Czeczok

OK , I will see how this plays out. I am just going by what I seen on TV last night. As long as the meeting is public, I'm good with that.

Rick Czeczok

Sounded to me that the DA wants these matters behind closed doors. Not the way to go about this in my mind. Fix the policy's don't hide the problems these policy's cause. The police can't clean the streets up if they don't have the benches behind them.

Rick, the meeting is public. So anyone can go see and hear what's happening.


The judges don't work for the police. They are neutral decision makers.


No they’re not neutral, there is leeway in sentencing. If I were a judge it’d be MAXIMUM punishment at every level, keep these thugs off the streets. But someone like Cassandra0 believes being a lawbreaker is someone else’s fault, so they’d walk.


Agreed! Excellent point!

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