Anquin St. Junious was charged Wednesday with second-degree reckless homicide in a Jan. 2 stabbing death.

Anquin St. Junious mug

St. Junious

During the initial hearing in La Crosse County Circuit Court, St. Junious was also charged with threats to injure or inflict physical pain, strangulation and suffocation, and misdemeanor battery, all repeated offenses. He was previously sentenced to five years in prison for stabbing a bartender in 2011.

According to the criminal complaint, medical staff administered several life-saving procedures but were unable to resuscitate Virgil R. Stewart, 42, who was pronounced dead at 2:49 a.m. Jan. 2.

The autopsy revealed a “single, approximately, two-centimeter-long puncture wound to Stewart’s upper-right collarbone area,” according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint laid out a series of conflicting statements from witnesses.

One witness said she saw Stewart exiting a residence at 607 S. Seventh St. She saw St. Junious and a woman going down the residence steps ahead of Stewart, all of them were speaking and didn’t appear aggressive, according to the criminal complaint.

Then, a physical altercation ensued, according to the complaint, and the witness thought St. Junious punched Stewart until she heard Stewart say, “He stabbed me, he stabbed me, call 911, call 911.”

According to the cab driver’s statement in the complaint, he didn’t witness any physical altercation but heard the woman tell Stewart not to touch St. Junious.

The woman with St. Junious gave investigators two statements, according to the complaint.

The first stated that Stewart swung a bottle at her and she subsequently swung a knife back at him.

The second statement in the criminal complaint, made on Jan. 4., said Stewart followed her and St. Junious out of the residence and said, “[racial slur] you must wanna die, you must wanna die,” to St. Junious and wouldn’t move away from the taxi when St. Junious told him to do so. St. Junious then pulled out a knife and stabbed Stewart, according to the statement.

The woman told police she didn’t know St. Junious had a knife, according to the complaint, and thought the injury inflicted was only a “nick.”

St. Junious physically assaulted the woman, slapping and choking her, and demanded she tell police it was self-defense, according to the criminal complaint.

The woman told police she feared St. Junious would have people hurt her, according to the complaint.

Authorities found a nine-inch knife with St. Junious when they went to his residence before transporting him to the police station, according to the complaint,

St. Junious was intoxicated during the interview and didn’t always recall events chronologically, according to the report.

St. Junious told police that he and the woman ran out of the residence at 607 S. Seventh St. and Stewart came out after them, blocked them from closing the taxi door, and repeatedly said, “I’ll kill y’all.”

He qualifies for a public defender but will need outside counsel due to conflicts.

His preliminary hearing is Jan. 24 and bail is set at $100,000 cash bond. If posted, St. Junious will need a GPS monitor and be confined to house arrest. He also has a no-contact order with the woman involved in the case.

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Tommy Duncan

Is witness intimidation a crime in Wisconsin? --> "St. Junious physically assaulted the woman, slapping and choking her, and demanded she tell police it was self-defense, according to the criminal complaint."

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